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Found 11 results

  1. Hi my name is Ahmed Rehman and Im a college student that attends Suffolk Community College. Im here to ask if there is any Physician Assistants around my area that are willing to allow me to shadow them. I was really interested in this career path since at a young age and I would love to shadow during the summer. I live around in East Patchogue and Brookhaven. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am a student doing my bachelor's and was wondering if there are any PA in Long Island -preferably in Northwell or Winthrop hospital - that are willing to take a shadow on. I am trying to get my shadowing hours complete before starting CASPA. Thank You!
  3. Hello! I need some help looking for a preceptor in the Long Island, NY area. Any field works! If anyone has any tips on how to find a possible preceptor, that would be great too! Thank you in advance!
  4. http://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/columnists/gordon-keith/20140710-gordon-keith-winspears-are-slow-dancing-in-their-dreams.ece A very nicely written piece by one of our sports talk radio guys. It helps to remember that these conditions we treat are always attached to people with stories, if we ever have the time to inquire. Ironically, the chymopapain that I referenced in another thread was removed from the market in the 80's due to inappropriate usage and the development of this same condition.
  5. Howdy folks Wanted to tap all of your brains and inquire about current practice, warnings, precautions and general issues with concussion and head injury. The ERs in my locale have shown a perpetual trend to give hydrocodone, flexeril, robaxin, fioricet, zofran, phenergan and other interesting drugs to folks RIGHT after being seen for concussion or head injury. The diagnoses in the ED chart include concussion, assault, contusion to face, head, neck strain, etc ad nauseum. Imaging is hit and miss. Still way too many head CTs being done - probably for the lawyers or just to get the p
  6. So, I came down with some GI bug (I think food-borne) crud in the middle of the night. I still felt awful this morning so instead of going for my Saturday morning run, I laid in bed for two hours watching a broadcast of a a seminar being held in Seattle by the Harvard Business and Medical schools plus Mayo Clinic. It was about innovations in healthcare and if they are good or bad for the future. My summary, it was a freaken pep-rally for NPs . . . by MDs. Spotlighted was the tele-stroke program run by Mayo and Swedish where a NP is on the other end diagnosing acute strokes and recommen
  7. I'm a 3rd semester PA student taking adult primary care medicine. Would it be helpful for me to start Kaplan pance q bank? Are there any other sources (preferably cheaper) that provide practice questions by topic/system? How about usmle step 2 questions? Our first exam for the class is coming up and as you can probably tell I'm having a bit of anxiety. Any advice welcome.
  8. Hi all, I am looking for PAs who have completed a residency or are currently in one and are currently located in the nyc / LI area. I would like to put together an informal info session for my PA program to give current PA students some insight into what the residency entails and your experiences. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, and of course we will work around your busy schedules. Thank you, Kat
  9. Do MDs have to take a general test before they can get their speciality credentials? I mean is their one test that all MDs take like our PANCE?
  10. I have been looking for someone to shadow for over 2 years and all i get is the same thing. That due to privacy they can't help me, or that they don't need help or are unable to do so. I have called local hospitals, volunteer offices and even private offices. Is there anyone who has actually got someone in this area or any advice or help for me? I would greatly appreciate it!!
  11. My name is Jami Treutlein and I am currently looking to shadow a Physician Assistant to prepare for admission to PA school. I currently work as a Medical Assistant for a pediatric group in Woodbury, NY. Any practicing PAs willing to let me shadow them a few hours a week please contact me at jamirtreutlein@gmail.com or by replying here. Also, if anyone knows a PA in the Long Island area that I can contact please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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