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Found 6 results

  1. Fellow PAs: Really looking for any help from a colleague that has worked Locums in CA. It would also be helpful to talk to another PA and get your input, that as filled a surgery assignment in another state, but definitely if you have worked CA that would be great. Second, I am looking for PAs that have worked with Barton in the last 1-2 yrs. What was your experience? Good, bad, and ugly? What things were surprises? What did you wish you knew before you started working? If you could do anything different before starting or on assignment, what would it be? (could be anything from working with the client, the recruiter, time sheets, reimbursements, lodging, flights, parking, etc etc.) Lastly, if anyone is a PA and has a home base OUTSIDE of CA, but worked in CA, could you please list the specific courses/licenses/etc that you have to obtain. Ie: PAB CA state lic, DEA change, Controlled substance, CURES??? etc. Hoping this PA community can really shed some light on the subject and these questions, because this has really been a rocky road. THANKS!
  2. I’m a PA in general surgery and my SP will be soon be leaving for his annual two week medical missions trip. We will have a locums in to cover him for the duration he’s gone... Would this locums need to sign as a sort of temp SP for me to scrub with him? Is there some kind of exception with locums that allows PAs to work without all the signatures?
  3. Can anyone tell me hourly rates for ER locums work, particularly for an experienced PA? I have been ER PA for 21 years, negotiating locums 1099 agreement. Current W2 rate is $80/hr Thx in advance for your reply
  4. I am currently in Anchorage but due to a huge variety of factors me and my wife have decided to move back to the lower 48 and are planning on spending a year or two on the road to get a feel for various areas to consider settling long term and to have some adventures in general. My experience in is primarily FM/UC and honestly prefer to stay out of UC though I would do it in a pinch. I have browsed a number of the old locums threads but have walked away with the following questions: 1. I see people mentioning hourly pay the are getting eg.60-80$/hr in fm/uc. Is that would I generally should be expecting as base play PLUS house/travel/perdiem/etc or do those numbers look more like total comp? 2. From what I can tell the system in place with these companies sets them up to try to screw you as much as possible as they take whatever they don't give you. Any tips for not getting taken advantage of? Questions to ask? 3. What is the etiquette as far as working with more than 1 company? 4. Any suggestions for "Good" companies to approach? I have talk to Barton and while the guy seemed fine I could tell it was gonna be a hard sell kind of thing. (I suspect that is the norm)
  5. Hi all, I'm graduating PA school tomorrow and taking my PANCE in a week (wooooo!). I'm highly motivated to pursue a career in emergency medicine, particularly rural EM, and interviewed at multiple programs this summer. Unfortunately, I did not get into a program that felt like the right fit for my goals, so I've decided to reapply to more of the quality programs with open applications this fall. Most of these residencies don't start until late next spring or summer. Here's the issue: that would leave me with a minimum 7 month gap in employment, and up to 10 or 11 months, before starting a residency. That's terrifying! As far as I can tell, here are my only options, none feeling all that great: 1. Find a non-clinical job to fill the time/money gap. I have a job offer with an EMR implementation & consulting company that is OK with my timeline, but I fear I would lose so much knowledge if I'm not actually practicing what I've learned these last two years. Also, this might reflect poorly on my applications this fall. 2. Locum tenens work, ideally in urgent care or EM, but may have to do family med for a bit. I'm not really comfortable with this, as I've read on here that locums might be a pretty terrible idea for a new grad. The last thing I want to do is be in an unsafe environment, but somehow this feels like the better option. 3. Take an urgent care or EM job, not disclosing my plans to leave (who would hire me otherwise?). This feels dishonest and I'm least comfortable with this idea. I think it'd be terribly rude to leave any clinic/ED in such a short period when they've put in the effort to train a new grad. Am I off base with that? I could also work somewhere for a few years then reapply, but we all know how life goes; I'd rather do the hard work now before family/house payment/etc are deterrents. I'm really stuck on this and hoping that the experienced crowd here could impart some wisdom in my process. I'd really appreciate any advice!
  6. When applying for agency or locums work, PROTECT YOURSELF!! I got burned by a PA-owned agency and I know many other PAs who suffered the same fate... negotiations that break down, hospitals that drag their feet with credentialing and/or decide to hire someone who applied directly and wiggle out of the agency contract.... The list goes on. Then the practitioner is left without a new job after they gave notice at, or already left, their previous job. Here is my advise for anyone who is thinking about agency work. DO NOT give notice with your current employer until ALL THREE criteria are met: 1) You have a signed offer/ work agreement from the agency (this is obvious). 2) The signed agreement has a start date that is “31 days after privileges are approved”. 3) You have written proof that your privileges have been OFFICIALLY APPROVED. #2 is not standard, but I would INSIST on it. The agency will give you a calendar start date (that only protects them), but will not tie it to your privileges except that “privilege approval is a requirement for employment”. Again, that only gives the agency and the hospital/clinic a way out of the agreement. Insisting on #2 will PROTECT YOU! That gives you time to give a 30 day notice to your current employer so you can leave on good terms and have a solid future job commitment. The hospital or clinic can weasel-out if the agreement at the last minute by not giving you privileges if they decide to hire someone else (ie., a direct applicant who is cheaper) or they decide not to fill the position for any reason. If you tell the agency that you won’t start until 31 days AFTER your privileges are approved, you will protect yourself against a last-minute change that can leave you without a job. It happened to me after 32 years of solid work experience, so don’t think you are special to them in any way. I welcome your responses.
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