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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm graduating PA school tomorrow and taking my PANCE in a week (wooooo!). I'm highly motivated to pursue a career in emergency medicine, particularly rural EM, and interviewed at multiple programs this summer. Unfortunately, I did not get into a program that felt like the right fit for my goals, so I've decided to reapply to more of the quality programs with open applications this fall. Most of these residencies don't start until late next spring or summer. Here's the issue: that would leave me with a minimum 7 month gap in employment, and up to 10 or 11 months, before starting a residency. That's terrifying! As far as I can tell, here are my only options, none feeling all that great: 1. Find a non-clinical job to fill the time/money gap. I have a job offer with an EMR implementation & consulting company that is OK with my timeline, but I fear I would lose so much knowledge if I'm not actually practicing what I've learned these last two years. Also, this might reflect poorly on my applications this fall. 2. Locum tenens work, ideally in urgent care or EM, but may have to do family med for a bit. I'm not really comfortable with this, as I've read on here that locums might be a pretty terrible idea for a new grad. The last thing I want to do is be in an unsafe environment, but somehow this feels like the better option. 3. Take an urgent care or EM job, not disclosing my plans to leave (who would hire me otherwise?). This feels dishonest and I'm least comfortable with this idea. I think it'd be terribly rude to leave any clinic/ED in such a short period when they've put in the effort to train a new grad. Am I off base with that? I could also work somewhere for a few years then reapply, but we all know how life goes; I'd rather do the hard work now before family/house payment/etc are deterrents. I'm really stuck on this and hoping that the experienced crowd here could impart some wisdom in my process. I'd really appreciate any advice!
  2. I currently work locum tenens with CompHealth. I am a W2 employee and receive benefits, including health insurance, through them. I would like to branch out and work with other companies as an independent contractor, but I am absolutely bewildered by obtaining health insurance on my own. From what I've researched, 'Obamacare' is linked to the states. I am a resident of Texas, so I can't imagine how it does me any good to only be able to see providers in Texas when I'm on assignment in Arizona! Do people who take this option count on just seeing their PCP when they are home and otherwise use their health insurance for emergency only while they are on assignment? Are there plans that aren't state-linked? Cobra is outrageous, don't suggest it. I am not married, so spouse insurance is not an option. What are others doing to tackle this problem? What other companies offer a health insurance option?
  3. I worked for a practice on a locum tenens basis for a while, and the doc has offered me a full time position. In the initial unofficial contract offer (he gave me a sheet of paper with some figures on it) he said the practice would pay the temp agency buy-out, and also verbally said he would take care of it. Now, the official contract says the clinic will pay it, but I would repay the clinic for it on a quarterly basis. It's $12,000! Base salary: $78,000 (with bonus up to 103K) I will pay my all my own benefits. I know it's not great, but my background situation hasn't provided me with many options (i'll leave out the details), so I really don't want to lose this opportunity. But the contract seems to stink. My main question is about the buy-out. Anybody have a similar experience?
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