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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I'm graduating PA school tomorrow and taking my PANCE in a week (wooooo!). I'm highly motivated to pursue a career in emergency medicine, particularly rural EM, and interviewed at multiple programs this summer. Unfortunately, I did not get into a program that felt like the right fit for my goals, so I've decided to reapply to more of the quality programs with open applications this fall. Most of these residencies don't start until late next spring or summer. Here's the issue: that would leave me with a minimum 7 month gap in employment, and up to 10 or 11 months, before starting
  2. I currently work locum tenens with CompHealth. I am a W2 employee and receive benefits, including health insurance, through them. I would like to branch out and work with other companies as an independent contractor, but I am absolutely bewildered by obtaining health insurance on my own. From what I've researched, 'Obamacare' is linked to the states. I am a resident of Texas, so I can't imagine how it does me any good to only be able to see providers in Texas when I'm on assignment in Arizona! Do people who take this option count on just seeing their PCP when they are home and otherwise us
  3. I worked for a practice on a locum tenens basis for a while, and the doc has offered me a full time position. In the initial unofficial contract offer (he gave me a sheet of paper with some figures on it) he said the practice would pay the temp agency buy-out, and also verbally said he would take care of it. Now, the official contract says the clinic will pay it, but I would repay the clinic for it on a quarterly basis. It's $12,000! Base salary: $78,000 (with bonus up to 103K) I will pay my all my own benefits. I know it's not great, but my background situation hasn't provided me wi
  4. I'd like to find out what I might expect for hourly rate for locums work in the San Francisco/Bay Area. I have 10 years of experience in surgery (cardiac 2 yrs, vascular 2yrs, general surgery 5 yrs +8 yrs per diem also covering urology consults/inpatients and some thoracic), anesthesia 1.5 yrs (ran pre-admission testing clinic until practice dissolved), and now emergency medicine x1 year and counting. Willing to do surgery or emergency medicine, possibly urgent care. I've been told by a recruiter $80/hr is a reasonable expectation, but $85 or higher is a rather tall order. Recruiter has also t
  5. Hello all, I was recently accepted into PA school :):) and I am already thinking of possible paths to take once I finish school. I really like the idea of traveling all over the country as a practicing PA and gaining experience in a variety of settings. I've heard of a travel nurse and all of the benefits, but is there a such thing as a "travel PA"? I've done some research on this topic and I seem to come across "locum tenens" positions a lot, but is this similar to what a travel nurse does, in terms of working with traveling companies, having a lot of options and negotiation in t
  6. Do any of you who work Locum Tenens under a 1099 position have an LLC or do you work only as a Sole Proprietor? The tax requirements are the same but I am considering forming an LLC for my protection against any malpractice liability to protect my personal assets. Of course, any Locum job I get I will ensure that the company provides malpractice coverage. But I am concerned about extra protection in case the malpractice insurance doesn't fully cover everything in the event of a catastrophic lawsuit. I've had an LLC before with a previous 1099 position and doing the taxes (I used T
  7. Hey everyone- So I've been in the locum tenens recruiting space for awhile now, and have heard all kinds of stories regarding interactions between PA's and recruiters. For those who do locums, or even permanent positions, what have been your experiences with them? What do you expect out of your recruiters? Are they more friends to you, or just a part of the business? What tips do you have for recruiters to better understand you, and the industry as a whole?
  8. Good afternoon all. I'm in my final few months of PA school and starting the job search and application process. I'm interested in moving to Boston. I was wondering if you guys could give me some insight into locum tenens positions. Pros and cons, would they consider a new grad, would it be a decent way to relocate to a new area, that sort of thing. Thanks!
  9. Current & Future Physician Assistants! My name is Scott Aronian and I want to take a moment to tell you a little about Locum Tenens. Locum Tenens is best defined as Choice. You have the power and ability to choose the best path. Your able to pick your assignment, your schedule, your location, your housing most importantly your career! My job is to show all providers what’s out there in the physician assistants market and provide options for their careers below I have put some pointers about locum tenens for everyone to check out. If you have any questions feel free to give me a
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