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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I have been considering the military after I graduate PA school because I have a significant amount of debt and I think it would be a great experience. Can someone explain the process of joining the National Guard as a PA with no previous military experience? Also, what is the commitment and role of a PA in the guard? Are there significant benefits for loan repayment? I would rather hear this first from someone who has been in this situation rather than a recruiter. Thanks!
  2. Any one have any experience with hospital loan repayment? I started a job in a rural area three years ago at a hospital that offers $20,000 per year towards loan repayment. That money is then forgiven after 3 years of service on the back end. So long story short I have been at my job now for just shy of three years and have taken out a total of 60,000 from them for loan repayment. I had full intention of staying at this position indefinitely but circumstances at the hospital make that no longer an option, and I'm looking for a new position with a more stable environment. My impression is that if I leave my job at this time, the hospital could ask back for approx 40,000$.. which is far too large of a sum for me to just write a check for... Anyone have any experience with hospitals that offer promissory notes for loan repayment? Trying to figure out if there is anyway to navigate this situation that won't bankrupt me.
  3. I'm considering doing a 2 year commitment to the Indian Health Service once I graduate (May 2018) to get some help paying back my loans. Does anyone have any experience as a PA with the IHS or what it's like working on a reservation? I've heard mixed reviews but it seems like a great way to help an underserved population while getting help paying back my pile of student loan debt.
  4. Hi everyone, I will soon be starting PA school in the fall. I am currently looking at several routes of paying off my future student debt and thought about jobs that help with loan repayment. How rare is it to come across jobs that will help pay off student debt? If so, how much do they typically help out with? Thanks so much!
  5. Maverick87


    Hey all. Figured I'd post this since there are so many people messaging me and creating threads on the military HPSP (which appears to be no longer available to PAs). It appears that the VA is also creating an HPSP program that will be available to PAs and will begin to receive applications in January of 2016. Here's an excerpt from the VA website: In all honesty, I would say that this scholarship program is actually better than the military scholarship program for most people, especially if you have a family and are not prior enlisted, due to the lack of deployments and decreased obligation (minimum for this scholarship is 1 year, as opposed to the military, which is 3 years). Of course, it is the federal government so it may not come to fruition, but it's definitely an interesting concept.
  6. Hello, I'm graduating in August and am planning to take the PANCE in mid September and start work at an ED on a Native American reservation in the fall. I'm interested in finding out if/how EM providers manage to take advantage of IHS loan repayment programs. It seems to me that the work requirements by the loan repayment program (LRP) are quite restrictive and wouldn't work very well for clustered blocks of shifts like I plan to do (I plan to commute for my shifts from my home 3 hours away and stay on the rez while I'm working). If anyone has any experience making their EM shifts work within the requirements of the IHS LRP, I'd love to know how you do that. Or, if there's some other, less restrictive, loan repayment options available, please let me know. Thank you!
  7. Hey current PA students/ practicing PAs - I'm entering a PA program in January and, as you all probably did as well, I'm starting to see how these student loans are really going to add up! What do you wish you would have known about (student loans, repayments, programs, etc) when you were starting out? Please - impart some sagely advice to us newbies to help us make the wisest decisions possible regarding all things student loan-ey. Thanks!
  8. Well since this thread hasn't been started for this cycle yet, I'll be the one to kick it off.
  9. Hello Everyone, I was recently accepted into PA school in California. I am from Connecticut and I am still currently residing in CT with plans to move to California in August. I will be completing my didactic year in Cali and then I will complete all my Clinical rotations in Hawaii. I desire to work in primary care upon completion of my schooling in the state of Hawaii. I am trying to find scholarships to help me cover the costs of school, moving and cost of living in general. I will be unable to work while in the program and do not have much savings. I want to take out minimal loans (don't we all) so I have less to pay back when I am done. I have a lot of international experience, tons of community service, leadership positions, I am openly gay, grew up on government subsidies and like I said before desire to work in primary care. If anyone knows of any scholarships, no matter how big or small, please let me know! I know of the obvious Nation Health Service Corps scholarship, but I am looking for more. Thank you, Jacob
  10. LA Area PA students applying for HPEF scholarships and Loan repayment this workshop can help with completing your application. HPEF will be hosting two workshops in LA next Monday, November 24th! All workshops will be held at CalState LA and are open to the public as well as students! Information is below. Staff will be available in person to help you complete your application. They look forward to assisting you! 11/24: 3:15-4-:15 pm SH C358A (Salazar Hall) 11/24: 4:20-5:20 pm SH C358A (Salazar Hall) Address of the University: California State University, Los Angeles 5151 State University Drive Los Angeles, CA 90032 A map of the campus is posted here. Salazar Hall is 15A on the map. http://www.calstatela.edu/sites/default/files/univ/ppa/campus_map.pdf
  11. Hi fellow PA's I am looking to move to NC around June this year- i have family just east of Charlotte figured i can work up to an hour away and live within 30 min of each. I would prefer to find a job that qualifies for the National Health Service Corps loan repayment. I have almost 4 years in internal med/hospitalist and cardiology. Was also open to urgent care also if i cant find a primary care position... Any information on potential jobs would be great. Any website advice you used to find a job would help also... Or if you have found places that qualify how did u find them? any advice about the process would be great. Also was considering living in Monroe, or Concord-- any advice there would be appreicated as well. Thought about Gastonia too. I have been in the general area a few times but advice from locals would be greatly appreciated. I hear lots of good things about ashville and raleigh-durham area however its too far away from family and thats my main motivation to move to begin with-- lived far away for far too long! Basically I dont have much to go on just using indeed.com, the Carolina's healthcare website, and I have been to the North Carolina PA website also and hoping something pops out at me. So far mostly just recruiters and they scare me... Lastly and i swear im done picking ya'alls brain ... advice on moving cross state. I think i ll need to pay someone to pack me and move me... any company recommendations with reasonable prices?? THANK YOU SO MUCH for any help or advice in this process.... its much harder when im almost 9 hours away! Lindsey
  12. Curious about NHSC Loan Repayment or the NHSC Scholarship? In this blog posting, I've included the former as well as many other loan repayment options and scholarship options you might not know about. Take advantage of this information! You might be a current PA student, a practicing PA, or a pre-PA student considering repayment options for your loans. Make sure you know other resources out there before you make a decision! This information is just to get you started and is by no means all inclusive. I realize there may be many more options out there, but I did the best I could to get your mind thinking. Good luck fellow PA-S and PA-C! http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/03/physician-assistant-school-scholarships.html
  13. Hi Fellow PA's Question to the general population , have any of you created a site for loan repayment from NHSC? How does that process work? I know its been done but its hard to find information on how and what steps to take? How difficult is the process? Does anyone know if Urgent Care jobs count? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi all, I've been looking into loan repayment programs in Colorado, and the Colorado Health Service Corps program seems like a great opportunity. Does anyone have this scholarship? How competitive is it to receive the loan repayment aid? Thanks!
  15. So I applied this year for the loan repayment program with NHSC. I waited patiently yesterday, which was the deadline, but never got any notification whether or not I got my award. Anyone else in this situation? It looks like online that they didn't even look at my application. What's up with these people?
  16. Hello all, I would like some feedback from Athletic Trainers that are in PA school or are currently PAs. I have been a certified athletic trainer for the last 6 six working in the professional sports setting but recently I have been intrigued by the PA profession for various reasons. Any information would be helpful.. thanks!
  17. The COA at my school is $135k. My financial aid package includes both subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Stafford loans, but together those only cover $20k, so I need to cover another $115k. My school's package covered the rest with a Federal Grad Plus loan... which, frankly, seems like a pretty lousy loan as far as fees and interest rates go: Federal Grad Plus: fixed 7.9%, 4% fees. Best private loans, fixed: 3.4%, NO fees. Best private loan, variable: 1M LIBOR + 2% (currently that equals 2.25%), NO fees. The private loans I've found seem to offer comparable perks to the Fed Grad Plus: deferment, grace periods, no prepayment penalties, etc. Am I missing something, here? My wife and I both have excellent credit, so does the Grad + loan offer us ANY advantages? I've gotten a vibe of, "Private loans are risky and for desperate people, you're taking your financial future into your own hands if you do them." But based on my research, they seem like the far better option... ??? Do loan repayment programs work for private loans in the same way they do for federal loans?
  18. Hello out there I need advice and expertise from the community!! I am a PA in Maryland who is looking to move to the Sacramento area around may-june and I have some questions about switching from inpatient cardiology medicine into family or internal medicine outpatient as well as help with ideas regarding NHSC jobs. I am on the NHSC website frequently and currently it is listing only 10 jobs for california- most outdated with starting dates in the beginning of 2011. I have been on indeed.com and advance practice but dont see much for office medicine or jobs that are NHSC qualified... 1) Has anyone on here had experience getting NHSC jobs without using the website? In other words, did you find an office job that might qualify and how did you go about applying?? How difficult is that process? is there any hospital jobs that qualify (i see no hospital listings)?? Or is there NHSC jobs out there that somehow you cant see on the website- I have been looking on it since Nov 2011 and it seems outdated there are very few new posts and few details?? I have also browsed the full list of NHSC sites but it seems overwhelming to blindly send resumes to all of them... Any other ideas about loan repayment (I have ~170,000 to pay off by myself sadly my husband is unemployed)... Currently I work for a not-for-profit hoping to do the government repayment 10yr program but i am afraid that by the time it comes for repayment that program wont exist anymore! I am looking to stay in northern ca to be close to family as well as my parents are not in good health. I can work anywhere from Sacramento to as far south as San Jose. IF anyone knows of any available jobs or contacts or ideas for how to get me there- - i am just afraid the website is not showing much....THANKS 2) I work inpatient cardiology/hospitalist medicine for the last 2 years and have never done office work. Is there tips/books or other recommendations you have for how to transition? Looking for responses from people that have done something similar and have experience with what worked for you. I know it ll be a steep learning curve but any reference material or tips you have that i can start on now i would greatly appreciate!! ps Anyone got advice on moving cross country cheaply (have a 2 bedroom apartment 2 cats and dog and one SUV)... When i moved out here for PA school everything i owned fit in my car now im married and want to know how to keep costs reasonable... looking for what to expect and how many extra shifts to work to save for it! I ve heard pods, there is uhaul... i just want to know briefly what you moved (house apt in general) how and what it cost approx. THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this very long post any answers will be greatly appreciated! CardioPA =)
  19. Hey folks: I intend to work in a federally-qualified clinic when I graduate (I've lined up my last rotation in a clinic I hope will hire me), and I would like to apply to the NHSC to get my loans paid back. The deadlines for the application cycle look like they are made for traditional students, rather than PA students (who can graduate at any time). I graduate at the end of July next year. The application cycle for NHSC runs from November till May. From what I read, the earlier you get the application in, the better. I wanted to apply next year before I graduate, so that I can get the loan repayment when I start work; however, they say you are required to start work 60 days after you submit your application. It looks like I'll have to wait another year to apply, since even if I wait till the last day of the application cycle, there is still no way I could start working before I even graduate. Anyone else run into this problem? The only "exception" I've seen is geared toward doctors finishing their residency.... Suggestions?
  20. I am seriously considering applying to the NHSC but have a few questions/reservations. I'm hoping someone can give me a few answers. 1. Overall, how has the experience been working with the NHSC? Are there any strings attached or sketchy things that came up that weren't apparent when initially signing up? 2. Is there a possibility that I may end up working somewhere and NEVER receive the loan repayment? 3. What must a site score be to more likely receive repayment? i.e. is 10-20 good enough? 4. Are salary and benefits provided by the site itself or the federal government? I'm assuming the site itself and thus these things vary? (I understand that if the site is say a federal prison, then the salary/benes are provided by the feds) Thanks for any answers/insight you can give me! I really just would like some extra info from those who have gone through the process!
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