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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I have recently been accepted to WesternU and Midwestern University in Glendale, and I am torn. If anyone has advice on which school would provide a better education, please let me know! I've heard one of Western's teachers is pretty bad but I haven't heard anything about Midwestern. I know that US World News and Report has ranked Midwestern substantially higher, but I would appreciate more insight if anyone can help. Thanks!
  2. I have read throughout this forum that many schools look down upon science courses taken at a CC where I've taken most of my pre-requisites... So this may be a silly question but how will I go upon taking courses at a 4 year university? Would I need to apply to a post bac program or some sort? Or are there any schools/4 year universities (specifically in Socal) that I don't know about that offer upper level science courses and does not require admission into the school? I already have my bachelor's from a 4 year but retook some classes at a CC because of poor grades in undergrad.
  3. Is anyone else interviewing Jan 9? Or if anybody has already interviewed, what is the process like? I attempted to call and ask, but I am awaiting their response. Any tips or tricks you've learned about such a new program? Thanks!
  4. How much do you save for PA school? How long did this take you? What was your original savings goal, and did you achieve it? I know folks talk about saving money, but with the numbers of pre-PA out there who are CNAs, etc, I'm wondering how much people are starting PA school with. I've managed to save 10k, but I am in the pre-reqs phase so I'm not sure how much of that will survive till graduation. Are people talking about going in with 20 or $30,000 in the bank, or a couple thousand? Thanks!
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