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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone! So I'm trying to decide if I should have my longtime family friend write a letter of recommendation for me. He would be able to attest to my clinical abilities because he is a fire chief in the city I worked in as an EMT. He saw firsthand how I worked in a healthcare setting as we ran a decent amount of calls together. However, since he is a family friend, I'm a little worried it might seem like he is biased. With that said, he has known me for 15 years (1 year in a work setting), and knows me very well and I know he would write a rock solid letter for me. He has actually already agreed to write a letter, but I'm having second thoughts about it. Either way, though, I don't have many other solid options so I thought that this might be worth the risk. I was wondering what you all thought about this. Thank you in advance for any help!!
  2. So I’m applying to around 15 schools this next cycle (April 30th), and I’m stressing out a little bit about getting my letters of evaluation. I have had three people agree to do them already and I feel very confident about them (2 recent science professors and a firefighter chief I worked with on calls as an EMT). I also might ask my supervisor at my job I’ve been at for 1.5 years as an EMT. My problem is I don’t have any connections with any PAs, doctors, NPs, etc., and It seems like a lot of schools want a LOR from one of these professions, but as an EMT, I don’t really work directly with these professions a lot. The only time I do work with them is when I give them a quick patient report, but I rarely ever see them again because there are so many hospitals where I work (LA). Plus, my company mostly just does dialysis transports. I also haven’t been able to shadow anyone aside from an ER doctor for one shift 2 years ago. Has anyone been in a similar situation and have a suggestion on what to do? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello. Below I have posted a letter I am considering sending to a PA for a potential shadow opportunity. IParts have been taken from other letters I found on the forum. I am just looking to see if this letter is appropriate. Any editing would be appreciated. This will be my first shadow experience for a PA and like others i have concerns about how much time i should be looking to spend with them. It is also close to holiday time and what wondering if i should wait till after the new year to send the letter? Thanks for the help. Dear Ms. Z I am a recent graduate of the Emergency Medicine degree program at the University of Pittsburgh (2014). I am currently working as a Telemetry Technician at [Hospital 1]and an Emergency Room Technician at [Hospital 2] I'm working towards applying to the 2018 cycle of physician assistant programs and am looking for an opportunity to learn more about the PA profession. I found your information through the TJUH and Philadelphia PA program website, where I discovered you have experience at [Hospital 1] as well. I am writing you in hopes of requesting a chance to shadow you. I recognize that you are busy and your time is valuable. If you are willing, I would welcome the opportunity to come in and observe you at work for a day or two. I would be very grateful for the chance to gain more insight into a profession I have increasing wanted to partake in over the last few years. I will be contacting your office next week to further discuss this with you. Feel free to contact me beforehand at (xxx)-xxx-xxxx or email me at shadowing@email.com. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Sincerely, X
  4. Hi all! So I am shadowing a PA again tomorrow that I shadowed earlier this month. She reached out to me after I sent her a letter at her practice expressing my desire to shadow. She was eager to answer my questions and go into detail explaining each patient case to me. I was wondering what questions would be good to ask her tomorrow. Would it be appropriate to ask her if she would be willing to write a letter of recommendation? To shadow her again? If she would be willing to serve as sort of a mentor to me over email? I don't want to be too forward, but I do eventually need a letter of rec from a PA and it can be hard to find PAs to shadow! Thanks!
  5. Hello friends, In my this post, I am sharing my experience on How to write an letter for admission. I would love to take an advice from you also. There are two main types of admission letter that are commonly written. The first is usually sent to a recipient confirming that they have been admitted to a specific event, course, academic institution, or club. This is a cordial letter that explains why the recipient has been admitted and politely prompts them to accept the offer. The second type of admission letter is sent by students to prospective universities or colleges, such as nursing school or graduate school. The student must convey why they want to attend and what makes them suitable for admission. It is important for them to sell themselves not just by listing their qualifications and grades, but by passionately sharing their long-term goals, and efforts so far to achieve them. For example somebody hoping to enter journalism school may have a history of good English grades and SATs, but will have a better chance of admission if they worked on a high school newspaper, write a popular blog, and have already had some work published locally. Letters of admission are the main way university students find out if they have been admitted to universities where they have applied.
  6. Hello! I'm getting ready to apply to PA school for the first time this cycle, I've pretty much completed everything besides some edits on my personal statement and my recommendation letters. I've already asked my professor/mentor from undergrad to write me a letter but I'm trying to figure out who to ask for the others and also how to ask. I worked as a scribe in the ER while I was completed my undergrad degree for about 1 year, I worked with several different doctors and multiple doctors told me that they would write me a letter of recommendation if I ever needed one. I have emails for a couple of the doctors and I'm friends with another on social media. I'm just wondering if I should email them prior to sending the evaluation request, I haven't worked there in a couple months and just wanted to make sure that I was being appropriate when asking for the letter via email. I also am currently working as a scribe in another ED (in another state) and have been there for about 3 months. I've worked with some great doctors but I'm just not sure if I've been working there long enough to have a strong recommendation letter from any of the doctors or if they would be comfortable writing me one. Also, is there anything that I should include when I ask for the letter of recommendation? (personal statement, CV/resume etc). My biggest thing is I'm just not sure how to phrase everything and what needs to be included in the request for the letter. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  7. I shadowed a surgeon for many hours and got to know him well, but I also spent many hours with his surgical assistant (not tech). I was wondering what someone thought about asking both of them for a recommendation letter? Would it be redundant since they both know me in the same setting/conditions or would it be extra cushion for my app? They both would be able to write strong letters for me so quality would not be an issue for either of them.
  8. Hi all, As a sole practitioner for the past 20 years, I have not had any recent supervisors or school experience to look to for a LOR. I have a solid reference from a PA who is a department head at a major hospital. I have several current and past patients who have work in a professional capacity (medical doctors, lawyers, nurse practitioners, etc). I also have a long time family friend who is a priest who works for the local diocese. The PA school I am looking to apply requires 3 letters of reference and only one needs to be from a PA. I am looking for someone who knows me in a professional capacity. I prefer not to ask a patient but I will if need be. Any suggestions?
  9. I am a pre-PA student trying to plan ahead for the 2016-2017 application cycle, although I need help deciding which work-related letter of recommendation to use, as I have multiple options. All three of my options are described below, I'd appreciate any advice on making this decision. 1) I am currently employed as a Patient Care Technician at a hospital and could ask my nurse manager, who is my highest direct supervisor and who hired me for the position. The situation is that I have only been in my position for about six months and she has recently switched to a different position in the same department - so we still work together, she's just no longer my direct supervisor. Additionally, I primarily work weekends, as that's what fits easiest around being a full-time student, while she mostly works week days, so we don't work side-by-side frequently. However, she does monitor my work indirectly and has always given me very flattering feedback on my performance reviews. 2) Another option is that I could ask my head charge nurse for a letter of recommendation. Him and I have worked side-by-side more frequently and have bonded with over having similar hobbies. My concern is that a letter of recommendation from someone in a higher position could be more beneficial. 3) Yet another option is that I could ask the head of the nursing department at the nursing home I work at about 2 years ago as a CNA. Her and I always had a good work relationship and she always gave me positive feedback. My concern is that it was a while ago.
  10. I'm a recent grad and am looking for my first job. One place called and asked me if I had my letters of recommendations ready. She said "Just for future, you should have these on hand." This caught me off guard. Should I have these done before even applying for any jobs? Should the letters of recommendation be generalized or specific to the job I am applying for? Does this mean I have to ask my references for new letters of recommendations for every job I apply for? Any input is appreciated! Thank you!
  11. hthp

    Reapplying LoR?

    Was just curious, could you ask the same people that wrote your rec letters to write you another one when you reapply? Or would it be better to ask different people for references?
  12. I would like to write a letter that would ask providers if they would be willing to be preceptors and allow me to complete a clinical rotation with them. Anybody have any recommendations on a basic template to use or what to say in the letter? Thank you!
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