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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone! So I'm trying to decide if I should have my longtime family friend write a letter of recommendation for me. He would be able to attest to my clinical abilities because he is a fire chief in the city I worked in as an EMT. He saw firsthand how I worked in a healthcare setting as we ran a decent amount of calls together. However, since he is a family friend, I'm a little worried it might seem like he is biased. With that said, he has known me for 15 years (1 year in a work setting), and knows me very well and I know he would write a rock solid letter for me. He has actually
  2. Hello! I have posted here occasionally for advice about who to approach for LoRs (I didn't feel that my shadowing MDs,PAs knew me well enough to write a quality letter). I thought I would run through my current choices and hopefully get some peace of mind from you folks! Here are my current 3 LoR choices (I am aware that some schools require letters from an MD/PA but I believe I can work around that.) 1. Academic letter written by my Anatomy series professor. I got a 4.0 in this class and I know I'll get a solid letter here so no worries. 2. Letter from my upper level manager in the radi
  3. Clinical Research Internship Opportunity Attention all prospective PA students. Are you looking to satisfy the patient care experience requirement, receive a letter of recommendation and earn scholarships to help with PA school tuition? Our clinical research team at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center has four positions open for paid, direct patient care experience in OB/GYN and pediatrics. Actively recruiting trial indications: pre-term labor tocolytic, HPV-related cervical dysplasia treatment vaccine and RSV prophylactic vaccine in pregnancy. These spots are reserved for people that have com
  4. Hi guys! My app is ready to be submitted. For some reason a PA I shadowed extensively and who agreed to write a LOR is not submitting it! It has been 2 months since I have been asking. There is another PA I shadowed for just one day. Should I just have the second PA write me a letter? Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, I know this may seem silly to ask, but does CASPA's application ensure that the reference complete everything (grid ratings, open LOR, and contact info) before he or she can submit the whole evaluation? In other words, is there a mechanism that locks the submit option to a reference if he or she did not complete everything for the applicant? I am asking this because I gave everything my professor requested for (including the request to be sent from CASPA to complete the evaluation) in writing me a LOR the night before he submitted it. I have no idea how the evaluation looks li
  6. Hello, I am applying to PA schools this cycle and the doctor that I have been shadowing has agreed to write me a letter of recommendation. I wanted to give him a draft to make the process easier for him. However, I am having trouble about writing it from his point of view. We did talk in between him seeing patients about things like different conditions and treatments, the healthcare system, and study tips. I want to make this letter more personal. can you give me some ideas on what to write about? Thanks!
  7. ...or How can I tweak it to get a better deal? Base Salary: $85,000/yr (w/ pay for performance: Avg 18pts/day: 90K; Avg 19pts/day: 95K; Avg 20pts/day: 100K) 2 yrs contract (employer or employee may terminate with written notice 90 days prior) M-F, 45hrs/week + 2 weekend days/month (combination of Saturday: 7 hrs ...and/or... Sunday: 5hrs) 10 paid vacation days (5day/5days) + 6 paid national holidays (no roll-overs) Paid Malpractice w/o Tail Individual Medical benefit (without dental and vision) No Paid Sick days and Time Off (if they fall outside of the "16 p
  8. I submitted my CASPA application last night with letters of recommendation from two doctors and a nurse practitioner. I'm getting very nervous because I am rethinking everything, kicking myself, and in general doubting that I'll even get an interview. I have a final application for a school that doesn't accept a CASPA app and I am rethinking my letters of recommendation. I know, in general, it isn't the best to get a letter of recommendation from a Chiropractor--however I have worked in the clinic for 2 1/2 years as a Chiropractic assistant, front desk staff, insurance biller. I have grow
  9. Hi guys, I feel that I'm in a pickle and need some advice soon before I turn in my application for this cycle. I'm currently trying to decide who should write my third recommendation letter and I keep going back and forth about my options. Some background: I did research in undergrad (3.94 Biology and Psychology GPA) and also have my Master's in Education and was a high school health science teacher for 2 years in a low-income urban area. Recently I left that job and am working full time as a patient care technician w/ my CNA license at a hospital (1,300 hours accrued as of today).
  10. Can any alumni or students chime in on this? I'm curious to the degree of freedom students have with picking their rotation sites during PAS-2. Would I be able to rotate through the Texas Medical Center or in Austin?
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