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Found 6 results

  1. I am a new grad PA practicing for about 4 months. I work in occ med/urgent care. Without getting into specifics. A patient had and intraarticular finger fracture. I treated/ splinted conservatively and referred the patient stat to a hand specialist on the date of injury, who did not get seen until 2 months after her date of injury, due to WC insurance. The patient was unable to have surgery due to the timing of being seen by the surgeon. The patient will have permanent and stationary deficits and need future medical care for possible joint fusion. The patient is currently undergoing PT. Not on
  2. I'm a pre-pa student and i'm preparing for any possible interviews in the upcoming months. Part of that is preparing for the question "Why do you want to attend our PA program?" After browsing through several program's Program descriptions, I've noticed that some schools state that they perform "Case presentation and case based learning", while others do not. For those who have attended PA school, what did this mean in terms of how you were taught? Don't all PA programs promote case based learning and critical thinking?
  3. Hello, I am a pre-PA student in my junior year of my undergraduate studies. I chose Psychology as a major because I was initially attempting to get into an RN program, finished most of the PA school prerequisites in my first 2 years, and wanted to study something I found interesting and applicable to being a PA when I transferred to a University. As I am taking my time on the way to PA school and chiseling away at my required HCE I won't be applying for at least another 2 years. I have a lot of free time and find the lack of medicine, Anatomy, and physiology specific studies getting a bit bori
  4. Evidence Based Learning at www.PABoardReview.org I have spoken to a large number of student and practicing PAs who are preparing to take the PANCE or PANRE. I noticed those who have an aptitude for studying and scoring well on exams don't know necessarily how they do it. The most common response I hear is: "I just do". By the way I used to be in the, "Not so good at taking tests" category. I had a lot of anxiety in preparing for and taking exams because of my lack of skills. Taking examinations and scoring well is not an intelligence issue but a skill that can be mastered. I have inve
  5. Did anyone had to work together to take group tests, and create projects? I read a former PA student's experience off of Buzzfeed. http://www.buzzfeed.com/xochrissyjayy/12-struggles-every-physician-assistant-student-can-vpc3
  6. Just wondering if anyone out there knows of (or uses) specific techniques or mental frameworks for putting medical knowledge into long-term memory (as opposed to just rote memorization). For example, one of my professors (a really awesome, extremely knowledgeable EM PA) apparently uses a mental system that involves visualizing filing cabinets for different areas/topics in medicine, then pulling out the file folder that relates to the information she's trying to recall, and then looking at the papers in that file folder. I've also read about techniques such as "memory palaces"/Roman roo
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