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Found 11 results

  1. I am curious if there are any students that are in PA school currently who are married with children? Any advice, encouragement, etc? I apologize if there is already a thread on this topic. I could not find one. Wife has been extremely supportive through this whole journey.
  2. Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of advice regarding how to plan out the next 6 years. In an ideal world, I would attend PA school and get pregnant during the clinical year, take the PANCE, have my first kid, and start looking for my first job when he/she is a couple months old. However, that would put me at having him/her in about 4 years (I would be applying 10 months from now for a June 2019-June 2021 academic cycle), and my fiancé is not willing to wait that long (he is much older than I am), especially because we would like to have 3 kids. The other options include having one
  3. Any advice is appreciated. Has anyone attended CEP EM PA fellowship while having kids? I have a 2yo and will need to move to the fellowship without my husband and would like to take my daughter with me because my husband's job is not transferrable. I can afford a sitter, but I would like to know what the schedule is typically like (hrs per day, days per week, etc) . I haven't applied yet, but I'm just trying to figure out if it is logistically possible.
  4. I am starting a PA program in January. I have 2 kids, who will be 2 yrs old and 6 months old, at that point. My husband and I are deciding whether he should work or stay at home while I'm in the program. In his current job (for an organ procurement org) he works evenings. So that means we will need part time child care, but that he and I will virtually never see each other. The other option is for him to stay at home with the kids, not need childcare, get to actually see him some, but obviously that means living off of loans (i.e. more debt). Ive googled this topic and i've mostly seen p
  5. I'm a 42 y/o woman with two kids, ages 10 and 6, currently doing pre-req's for PA School. I can only do one at a time as I also have to work full-time and it will take a few more years. It's a grind, but I've been wanting to do this for years and am happy to finally be on the path. I have been in private practice doing manual therapy for the last 18 years, and very much want to shift to a career in medicine. I have a very supportive partner, however her job makes it impossible to handle the before and after school hours, and I wind up with very little time to study. Despite that I'm pulling A'
  6. Hello! Well, I've been in search of advice and experience and am finding a little here and there on this subject but was hoping to get a little bit deeper and hopefully provide an easy search for someone in the future. A little bit of quick information from me; I am starting PA school in June of 2013 and have a young family (my wife and I have 3 kids - 5, almost 3, and about 8 months old). This was my second application cycle and I was accepted to several schools after not even getting an interview my first go around. What my hope for this thread is that people would post their ex
  7. recent NEJM article briefly dissected by Mel Herbert, one of the deities in EM education: http://blog.hippoem.com/?utm_source=EM%3ARAP+Newsletter&utm_campaign=978b1d849b-2014-03-18_weekly&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_de71b4780c-978b1d849b-288759933 honestly, I kind of figured this as well. does it really matter if you get 3 liters of IV fluid through a central or peripheral line? apparently not. what really matters is early recognition, fluids, abx, and pressors if needed. fancy monitors are no better than common sense. score 1 for the rural ICUs with save to d/c rates similar
  8. For any able to help out- I'm looking to shadow a PA to see if this is truly what I want to do. I'm a chicago public school teacher looking to switch careers. I enjoy working with kids, speak Spanish And am very interested in learning more about the PA field first hand. I'm in the process of completing my prerequisites. Please PM anyone who's able to give me a chance to check it out. Thanks much. Jen
  9. Hey everyone! I am getting ready to start a PA program in June, but I have some major concerns about it, because I have a 3 month old baby and am so heartbroken/worried that I will be so involved in school that I will basically end up missing the first 2 years of her life! What I am wondering is what I can expect my life to look like on a daily basis once I start school. I know that I will be in classes from 8-5 each day.. how much do you all study/spend time in labs etc. outside of class. Do you think it is possible to still have a life outside of school and be able to spend time an
  10. Hello all, I am getting ready to start PA school in June, and I have some concerns, because I have a 3 month old baby and do not want to become so involved in a career that I end up having very little time for her. My question for you all is this.. How many options are there for finding part-time PA work? My plan when I finish school is to be able to work part-time until my kids are older and in school. I just want to know how practical and reasonable it is to assume that I will be able to find work easily for part-time. How often do you come across this and what exactly does life
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