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Found 12 results

  1. Hi fellow PA's I am looking to move to NC around June this year- i have family just east of Charlotte figured i can work up to an hour away and live within 30 min of each. I would prefer to find a job that qualifies for the National Health Service Corps loan repayment. I have almost 4 years in internal med/hospitalist and cardiology. Was also open to urgent care also if i cant find a primary care position... Any information on potential jobs would be great. Any website advice you used to find a job would help also... Or if you have found places that qualify how did u find them? an
  2. Hi everyone! I’m a new grad PA who just graduated a couple months ago and I’m primarily interested in GI, Family, or Hospital Medicine. A PA who I used to shadow in Thoracic Surgery reached out to me and asked for my resume and I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a shot and see what this job is about. I just had an interview for this Thoracic surgery job and the team is willing to give me great training as a new grad. It seems great, but I’m not crazy about surgery and don’t have much procedure experience. They haven’t given me an offer yet, but I’m concerned that I won’t know what to do if
  3. Hi - I am a new graduate who passed the PANCE June 5th. I am looking for jobs in the NY/NJ area and spend each day looking at the job boards. Are there any other suggestions for where to search out jobs? I am interested in many fields- excluding surgery. I just want to be able to get a job and get some experience so I can become more competitive. With COVID19 hitting this area so hard, I know why it is difficult at this time but would like any advice I can get (as well as any possible leads!). Thank you for your time.
  4. I am starting to put together my resume so I can be prepared to start the job search well before graduation day. However, if I start applying to jobs prior to graduation, what do I list as my 'title' after my name? Do I list 'physician assistant' or 'physician assistant student'? The first seems disingenuous (given that I haven't yet graduated), but then listing my title as 'student' in big bold letters seems like a recipe for getting ignored... given that I am not listing PA-C (certified) is it appropriate to use the title 'PA' without the 'certified' qualifier? Thanks for the insight.
  5. Hi all, I am moving to Boston this summer, and I am on the job hunt. My significant other matched into residency, and we're so excited! However, I don't have a job lined up yet, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for places to look/contacts? There are so many opportunities, but I have not heard back from a single employer. I am more interested in Medicine subspecialties (I have 1.5 years experience as a Hospitalist PA). I am also open to Dermatology, Urgent Care, and some surgical specialties (plastics, maybe). We will be living in South End, but I am willing to commute. Hop
  6. Hello- I will be moving to Boston, MA with my SO who will be a fellow at Brigham & Womens Hospital next June. I am currently practicing in Urgent Care in Pennsylvania. I have a little over 1 year experience with a company I love, this was my first job out after graduation. At the time of the official move in June 2017 I will have 2 year of UC experience. This being my first PA job, I have no experience with relocation (new state license, when to start searching for a job, headhunters, etc). I had planned to start looking in October - is this too soon? When should I get my MA state lic
  7. I love about 90% of my job, don't hate coming into work everyday, and really like the people I work with. A few days ago a colleague of mine (classmate from PA school) who works in a suburb of the city where I live and work, called and basically asked if I wanted to come work for their practice who is expanding and adding new MD partners, subsequently looking to add another PA. It's sort of my dream job in terms of type of practice (general ortho/sports medicine with coverage of local athletic teams, lots of opportunity for OR time and different procedures, seemingly more autonomy than th
  8. Hi all, I am hoping to pick your brains for some information and resources. My class is getting to the point where job searching is on the horizon. I realize that some of this post will have crossover with the contracts/negotiation section of the forum but this is a bit broader topic and I wanted some more eyes on it. 1. What are the best resources to use for job searching in your opinion? 2. I have read on this forum that many new grads take lower offers than they should which ends up hurting the growth of the profession overall and I don't want this to happen to my class. Wh
  9. Hello, So I am casually looking for a new job (not completely happy where I am so just waiting for a job opening to pop out at me). There are so many different listings from recruiters online and I made the mistake of applying to one and now I have various recruiters contacting me. My question is whether recruiters can actually be helpful and worth it. I'm worried about being taken advantage of someone who is only interested in their commission, but I've also read on here that there are areas where job openings are really only through recruiters in their area. Nothing I've seen so far
  10. Hello Fellow PAs! I am currently looking for part time employment due to the fact I have small children and this type of schedule would work best for my family. However, I would be fully committed to my job and it wouldn't prevent me from being 100% dedicated and hard working. With that said, I have noticed there are little to no part time positions being advertised in my area, geographically or the area I wish to practice. Is it considered a professional "no-no" to apply for full time positions and then indicate that I am actually seeking part time employment? Does anyone have any ad
  11. I've spent the past couple of hours combing the forums to find advice on this topic, but I wasn't able to find answers to some simple (and probably naive) questions. So I am in PA school and approaching graduation in August. My fiance and I have decided to move back to Buffalo, NY (we are currently in Philly for school) so I am limiting my job search to that area specifically. I am absolutely interested in pediatrics and will consider both inpatient and outpatient experiences, and I am torn about peds sub-specialties as I haven't had any exposure to them through rotations. Anyway, I haven'
  12. I am a PA in the Detroit area, currently practicing for the past 3 years in family practice. My husband recently took a position in Memphis, so I am looking for positions in the area. I have been searching for about a month now with little luck. I have been contacted by a few recruiters, but nothing in the Memphis area. I don't see many job postings at all, and there seem to be a plethora of NP positions. Can anyone comment on the climate for PAs in the Memphis area and how I may be able to give my search a boost? Your comments and any helpful information is appreciated!! Thanks!!
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