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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Pre-PA here. I was wondering if anyone has insight into the current and likely future job market in the DFW area, or into saturated markets for PA's in general. I would intend to live in the DFW area after graduation. I gather that due to the presence of two PA schools and 3 NP schools in the area that we are pretty saturated. I'm trying to understand what this means in terms of current and future benefits and salary. I am a non-traditional applicant working a job with a good salary currently. I'm trying to justify foregoing 30 months of salary at my current job for schoo
  2. Hi all, I am hoping to pick your brains for some information and resources. My class is getting to the point where job searching is on the horizon. I realize that some of this post will have crossover with the contracts/negotiation section of the forum but this is a bit broader topic and I wanted some more eyes on it. 1. What are the best resources to use for job searching in your opinion? 2. I have read on this forum that many new grads take lower offers than they should which ends up hurting the growth of the profession overall and I don't want this to happen to my class. Wh
  3. Good luck to everyone who applied. Just turned in all my things yesterday. Random question: do they do rolling admissions? I couldn't find anything that stated whether they do or not specifically.
  4. Hi guys! Who else has applied? Still waiting to hear back about my app being received!
  5. Hey all, I won't be graduating for a good six months or so and have several extremely interested potential employers (all of which are speciality practices, particularly neurosurgery with the exception of one). My wife and I are being flown out to several different places and will have a lot of deciding to do. However, I do have several questions, as this would be my first job out of school: 1. Are there any legal implications I need to be aware of going into this? Can I legally sign a contract or agree to employment prior to my commencement? 2. Do I tell the potential employers about
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