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Found 1 result

  1. Looking for opinions on how you handle certain job application issues... For a little background, I am an experienced PA - worked in my first job for 2.5 years and am currently in my second job for 1.5 years so far. Both are highly specialized - first was pediatric interventional cardiology (i.e. cath lab/EP) and second is pediatric cardiac ICU. I am on the job hunt as my husband and I would like to move back to Philadelphia (location of job#1), and I miss being in a procedural environment. Ok, now onto my questions: 1. When applying to a position, do you typically use a resume or CV? I realize in the physician world it is exclusively CVs but I'm not sure if that translates to the APP world as sometimes I've dealt with nurse recruiters. I don't have much in the way of research, but I did present a poster at a conference, and I worked as a lab assistant before PA school so while my name isn't published on any of that research, I can include the papers in which I helped in the lab/gathering data. 2. In the past, I have always kept positions in chronological order since each subsequent position has been more relevant than the last; however now I am in the situation where I am applying to a position where job #1 is more relevant. Would you still keep it chronological or put the more relevant info first? (I suppose your answer to question 1 might influence this one.) 3. I am applying to a job in a state where I previously held a license but it is no longer active. Do I put my inactive license info on my resume/CV? Do I renew it now, not knowing if I'll get the job just to show I am serious about it? Or do I leave it off completely and just list my current, out-of-state license? 4. This one is a little more specific... When I worked in interventional cardiology (job #1), our hospital was building and interventional radiology program. Adult IR physicians from a neighboring hospital were contracted to come and do cases, utilizing our lab and our staff. While I was not credentialed to work with these physicians, I got a lot of exposure to the field through helping with coordination of cases, helping the physicians with the fluoro equipment, suggested supplies they could utilize during cases, helping with the ultrasound machine, etc. After helping with these sorts of activities for several months, I was told by a new director of APPs that this was not something I should legally be doing, even though I was not involved directly with patient care, so I stopped. About 6 months later, I left for job #2. Now, I am applying for a peds IR job and would like to put this exposure on my resume/CV - should I? Was this director being overly cautious or will it look bad that I am referencing experience in a field in which I was not credentialed? Any and all advice or experience would be greatly appreciated! :]
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