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Found 5 results

  1. Looking for opinions on how you handle certain job application issues... For a little background, I am an experienced PA - worked in my first job for 2.5 years and am currently in my second job for 1.5 years so far. Both are highly specialized - first was pediatric interventional cardiology (i.e. cath lab/EP) and second is pediatric cardiac ICU. I am on the job hunt as my husband and I would like to move back to Philadelphia (location of job#1), and I miss being in a procedural environment. Ok, now onto my questions: 1. When applying to a position, do you typically use a resum
  2. Hi all! Looking for some insight into a very specific situation... prepare yourselves, it's a little complicated haha. Just a little background on my career so far: My first job as a PA was a procedural sub-specialty (pediatric interventional cardiology, i.e. cath lab) I launched into after rotating there as a student. I fell in love with it and didn't want to waste any time getting experience in something more general if I knew what I wanted. I worked there for almost 3 years and for the most part, loved my job. What made me decide to leave was a combination of a few things: my husband an
  3. Very saddened to say I was denied to all 6 schools I applied to this cycle so, I've started the process in improving every aspect of my application for the next cycle. Below is my personal statement I submitted so if anyone could please offer any suggestions/editing, I would greatly appreciate it!! At the young age of 19, I could not fathom the life-long journey I was about to begin. As I sat in the hospital bed, staring at my daughter’s rosy cheeks and big brown eyes, overwhelmed with joy and happiness, an unsettling fear started to overshadow my dreams and future aspirations. At that mom
  4. I was wondering if I could get some advice on my resume/CV... I am just about to finish PA school and since my rotations are really the most relevant thing for the jobs I'll be applying for, that's what I focused on. It's 2 pages right now and I could probably cut out the skills section to cut it down, but I'd like to know what everyone thinks about it as-is. I was also told that it's better NOT to put GPAs on my resume because no one cares about it, so I'd like to hear people's opinions on that. I'm also a member of AAPA and PSPA so I can add that if people think it would help. Anyway, le
  5. I have been filling out job applications online and most never ask about social security numbers. But recently it seems like some of these hospitals are asking for them. These tend to be the longer, more involved applications, as opposed to just filling in your name, address and uploading your resume. Would any of you trust this? I know several people having their numbers/identity stolen so I am very apprehensive about this. I'm thinking of just making a blanket statement to myself and saying I won't apply anywhere that asks about it.
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