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Found 4 results

  1. I've been genuinely curious about this, what's the latest time an applicant has received an interview invite? I feel a little crazy refreshing my emails so late at night but I don't want to miss any. Also, has anyone received an invite over the weekend before? My anxiety has me checking all day every day.
  2. Hello! My name is John and I applied to LSU Shreveport (LSUS), and have gotten the email saying that they are reviewing my application. It's been over a week since they have emailed me that and I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to hear back from them. I have been given an interview at Christian Brothers, in Memphis, and they only took two days to get back to me after reviewing my file. Any thoughts on this would be great. Thanks! Good luck to all!
  3. Hello everyone - I was recently accepted into school and will be starting next year. I know FAFSA is open come January and I am going to be assessing living arrangments as well. How do you know what you will be able to afford being that we will not be working? Aside from aid that the government is giving you...do you simply apply for a certain dollar amount from gradplus or private loans to cover whatever your living expenses are? If my living expenses are $1200 a month and I ask for that amount is it guaranteed? I am trying to figure out what I can afford and what kind of lease I can sign soon. Loans are all new to me and google research I have found to be convoluted. Advice straight from current students would be most helpful. Thank you.
  4. Received a letter stating I was in the "second tier" of applicants to interview and would receive word soon about it. So essentially a waiting list to interview- Better than a rejection....;) Anybody else hear word of interviewing?
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