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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all! So in an interview I was asked "Tell me about a time when your decisions or actions had a negative impact on someone else." Now obviously I understand what was asked but in the moment I was stuck. With another interview coming up I'm still wondering how I would answer that question. I would like to be more prepared if asked again or something similar. Of course I know that this event has happened sometime in my life but for some reason I can't think of any answer. Has anyone else been asked this question, and if so do you mind telling me how you answered it? I have no intention of t
  2. I wanted to begin a thread discussing various ethical interview questions and how individuals would answer them. I have looked at a couple sample interview question lists and wanted to sharpen my knowledge of ethical debates and perspectives. What potential questions have you seen/had to answer in previous interviews? What personal experiences have you had with ethical decisions?
  3. Hello, I will be interviewing at The U of I in September, 2013 and was wondering if anyone had any tips? I am excited and nervous for the interview and looking for advice for what to expect and the type of questions they ask. Iowa is my first of multiple interviews, but Iowa is my top choice. Thanks
  4. when you earn an interview, is everyone that's granted an interview on the same playing field? or do they consider stats + interview when deciding admission? thanks!
  5. Hi all, How long should an applicant take to answer a typical interview question (such as: why do you want to be a PA, what have you dont to prepare yourself for PA school)? I think I have good answers, but I timed myself, and my answers are generally 2-3 mins long. I have a unique background with many diverse experiences which I would like to tie in, however I am reading that answers should be brief ... 4-6 lines at most. What are everyone else's thoughts on this? Thanks
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