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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I was curious if anyone knew specific rules or regulations regarding a PA owning their own clinic in New York; or what website has this detailed information? If anyone has gone through this as well, that would be great. I know PA owned cosmetic medi-spa's; but not so much medical clinics offering cosmetics. Thanks
  2. I just accepted a new position as a 1099 independent contractor for a home-visit practice where I earn about $50/visit. I will be mostly mobile, traveling to private residences, ALF's, nursing homes, etc. My question is what are some of the things I need to keep track of for the 2018 year? I have researched online and found many things that independent contractors can use for tax deductions, but nothing specific for medical providers and physician assistants, in particular. Some of the obvious ones to me are: 1. Car Mileage - I plan on keeping record of every route I take at work 2. Supplies - things that the practice may not provide for that I would need for work 3. CME - i'm assuming any type of conferences I plan on doing this year I have a credit card designated for these purchases. Things I am unsure about: A. Gas for car - I plan on keeping track of when I fill up; does this count? B. Car payment - one of my cars is paid off, my other one (which I won't be using majority of the time) still has payments on it but my wife drives it. Can I write these payments off as an expense? C. Meals at work - there will be times where I will be eating on the go; I will have a Medical Assistant and I'm assuming we will be discussing [some] work at our lunch. Can I deduct this as an expense? D. Licensing/Professional Organizations - Do these payments count towards deductions? What about a DEA license? Any other things that I have not thought of? I'm new to the 1099 game but I kind of like the idea. Also, my wife is a W2 employee, does that complicate things?
  3. I called an accountant referred from a friend (who does not work in the medical field) and the CPA quoted me at ~700/month!! Wayy too much for my blood. Is this the going rate for having a good CPA on board? I've been working as a 1099 independent contractor over the past year and would like to have an accountant on board to help maximize my deductions. Anyone with tips to find someone/something more affordable?
  4. Anyone know of a good place to get a part-time (not locum tenens) job? My current employer is willing to switch me from full-time to part-time if I do find another job, just to break it up and prevent burn-out. I've always wanted to do something like this but i feel like part-time jobs are few and far between.
  5. I currently work locum tenens with CompHealth. I am a W2 employee and receive benefits, including health insurance, through them. I would like to branch out and work with other companies as an independent contractor, but I am absolutely bewildered by obtaining health insurance on my own. From what I've researched, 'Obamacare' is linked to the states. I am a resident of Texas, so I can't imagine how it does me any good to only be able to see providers in Texas when I'm on assignment in Arizona! Do people who take this option count on just seeing their PCP when they are home and otherwise use their health insurance for emergency only while they are on assignment? Are there plans that aren't state-linked? Cobra is outrageous, don't suggest it. I am not married, so spouse insurance is not an option. What are others doing to tackle this problem? What other companies offer a health insurance option?
  6. Hi Fellow PA's! I'm licensed in NY/NJ and own an aesthetic medicine practice with another PA partner. We are in collaboration with a medical director. This is a newish venture that is legally vetted and set up in a corporate structure that is going quite well. A few months ago, I was asked by a colleague (Plastic Surgeon on the ASPS Board) to speak at the American Society of Plastic Surgery Conference. He asked me to speak on behalf of midlevels regarding "practice ownership," as much as our profession(s) permit. It's a seemingly controversial topic, and I was surprised at the Plastic surgery community's interest. Perhaps, they see where the future is headed for us all and the need to embrace change! Anyways, back to the subject. I am thoroughly aware of the laws surrounding my practice in NY/NJ, however, I'm not up-to-date on our profession as a whole. I know we can prescribe in all 50 states (some restrictions on levels, signatures etc.), however, I'm uncertain as to if there are any states left that require onsite physician presence for a PA to practice? I know that some states require written documentation when a PA is practicing at their own site. Can anyone help? Thanks in Advance, Lisa P.S. He reached out to the AAPA regarding this with no response. Where's the support of our profession?! :-(
  7. I am a new-grad, have started a full-time job at an ER where I receive in-depth training, benefits, CME hours. I am also accepting two per diem jobs on the side, both which have suggested the IC route. Anyone familiar with this and can tell me about their experience, good reference material to read, and whether or not this is a worthwhile endeavor for job(s) where I will spend approximately 32-45 hours per month? Take note that one if not both will pay signficantly more and are a significant distance from my primary job, so I can see how travel-time would be worth having as a tax-deduction. Many thanks!
  8. I am currently an employee in the ED in southern CA, but there is a new management group coming in as of 1/1/12. All midlevels will at that point become 'independent contractors' (ie no longer receiving benefits, disability, 401K match, etc). Have to admit I am a little worried, but I have heard there are/ can be some positives.; So I just want to see what you all think. FYI- they are keeping my hourly rate the same. The docs claim that instead of bringing home say $6000 net pay (out of a gross of $10000, you would bring home the $10000, then have to file your own taxes quarterly, but also be able to deduct clothes, car, gas, computer, phone, etc)....which according to them will be a higher amount of money that stays "in your pocket" at the end of the year. Not sure if I am buying that because you have to factor in the cost of benefits- medical, dental, visual, long term disability, short term disability, accidental death, 401K with match, etc....which I would then have to pay out of pocket AND manage. What are your thoughts???
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