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Found 9 results

  1. I just found out I passed the PANCE and now am a PA-C. I have updated my recruiter and send an update email to my detailer. Right now it is just a waiting game. I was told my name was on the Program Managers list for October ODS class pending commissioning. I should be getting commissioned pretty soon. Until then I don't really have anything to do but to get back into a better shape for ODS. Any tips and advice before I head into ODS and my first duty station? Thank you. Ashish.
  2. I just got my packed completed for the HSCP. Very excited and hoping to get selected. It took some time but it is finally done. My recruiter will be submitting the package on Monday. How many here are applying or are in the process of submitting their HSCP packet this year?
  3. So, you have been accepted to HSCP. Yay! Congrats! Go celebrate (reasonably of course). Then what to do, Here is what I have been learning over the course of 3 months of not getting paid. I fixed most of the issues now, so hoping to start getting paid the next pay period. Step 1. Get your Military ID made, ASAP. Step 2. Set up mypay account. It's a pain, however once you have your military ID, do yourself a favor and invest in a CAC card reader. You will be able to set up you mypay yourself. Step 3. Update Bank info on mypay. Very Important. (For some reason PSD still hasn't gotten
  4. Hello everyone! Not sure if this is the right thread, so sorry in advance if it is not. I am applying to physician assistant school this cycle and am speaking with a recruiter on Monday for some information about the Navy. I have been interested in joining for awhile and especially to their HSCP. Am I too late to be meeting with a recruiter? I hear some applicants send out their packet when they apply to PA school? Or am I on the right track? For those who have applied, how do you think the process was? Were there minimum qualifications for you to be considered? Look forward to hear
  5. FYI for my prior service colleagues: I’m in the process of finalizing, but it appears you can use 100% Institution of Higher Learning GI Bill benefits (not the “apprenticeship” 80% and tapering pay) during residency. I’m choosing to use the Montgomery GI Bill since it gives more money than the BAH of post 9/11 for my area, and with no tuition it’s all money in my pocket. Really going to help make up for that income loss. Note: HPSP and those who direct commission with loan repayment cannot use the Montogomery GI Bill, only HSCP recipients who paid in. Another reason HSCP is better, in my
  6. Hey everyone, I'm about to submit my CASPA application in a few weeks for the 2016-17 cycle while also trying to get a head start on the Navy HSCP application. I was wondering if anyone could tell me a checklist of things I will have to have to complete my application (letters of rec?, personal statement?,etc.). I'm currently filling out my dd 2807 form and request for physical for MEPS. I know there are two interviews with navy officers (not quite sure if they are medical or not or what to expect from the interview for that matter). To those that have gone through the process what else is the
  7. Hey guys, Prior Service Army medic (68W) looking into the HSCP for the fiscal year of 2017. I was in the Army from 2007-2011, 2 tours to Iraq, and honorably discharged. I recently got accepted to a PA program and I would definitely like to go back into the military. I looked into the Army but apparently they don't offer anything like the Navy does. I've met with a recruiter and he explained the process, going through a background check (SF 86), going to MEPS for medical, conducting phone and personal interview, references, personal statement.. etc... My question would be toward those w
  8. For those of you who have experience writing this personal statement - how long was your essay? My statement is about 420 words and I'm concerned that this may not be sufficiently long enough since it only takes up about half of the allocated space on the application. Any tips? Thank you!
  9. PAS2014

    Naval HSCP

    I was given information from my financial aid office about applying for the Navy HSCP. For those of you who applied and/or were accepted into this program, are you glad that you did it? Are there any pros and cons you can report from your time in active duty? Pros and cons of practicing as a PA in the Navy, being an officer, or of your respective duty stations? I've read some posts about the salary, the acceptance rates, the fact that recruiters are hard to get in touch with, etc. etc. I'm actually surprised by the lack of communication from the recruiters - I am prior-enlisted in the
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