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Found 4 results

  1. Getting some advice from my state APA that legally it sounds more kosher to refer to my House Calls business as a "Service" rather than "practice". Any thoughts about this? I am hatching a business: providing a " service to Doctors" So, marketing to them. Huge interest so far whom ever i approach. =
  2. Hello! I am looking into starting a House Calls Service in Maryland/DC metro area - I would like to be an independent contractor to extend the services of existing private internal/geriatric medicine practices and see only their Medicare home-bound patients. I currently have been working 3 years as a House Calls PA seeing Medicare pts. But recently our very cool private practice was sold to a large company and i was forced to go W2 and the whole place is a corporate mess. I want to return to my independent 1099 status which works out very well for me. I am in love with what i do! I fervently believe this is the future of health care and the right thing to do. Just getting started in discovering its feasibility/ in the R&D phase. Is what i want to do feasible?? Have a lot of info from attending the recent AAHCM conference but still much, much more to do... Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. In starting out with my house calls practice... i want to propose retaining my patients if i move on from the service contract with the DOC I'm in a service contract with...good idea? Is this a routine thing? House Calls still feels like the wild west ! What are the rules? So, I was about to send this to a potential service partner: "I have just left a contract that rendered me to having to say, “No, I cannot care for you any longer”. These patients are reporting to me now, that they are not being follow-up with and this makes me very uncomfortable. In preventing this from happening in the future, I want to be able to have my own service. With this service, I would carry the patients who choose to follow me and attach to whom my next Physician/partner will be. So, in going forward, I will need to be able to know that those patients whom I care for have “patient choice” to follow me if they so choose; if I ever leave our partnership." but felt i should run this past the experts...you guys who are already successful PAs in business! Thanks tons
  4. Anybody working with a fee-for service opt-out concierge like House Calls practice? Im talking with a doc to partner as an IC who has a fee-for service only practice but is considering medicare now as a part of a Direct Home Primary Care service. Question - what if the pt is a medicare eligible but not enrolled and wants to do fee-for service with me with this practice? AAPA confirmed that I CANNOT see any medicare patient as a fee-for-service patient - even if they want to pay fee-for-service….So if I work for a concierge service as an IC they must bill Medicare under my NPI...or i must opt out and no way Jose I'm doing that! (I'm not doing a 2-yr commit) Too scarey...though i see how it is tempting So, i guess I can see the under 65 year olds and charge fee for service, too? I'm confused... Ahhh! the wonderful world of Medicare!
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