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Found 3 results

  1. I have ~5 years of experience. This offer is from a big hospital with a well integrated PA practice, in a moderate cost-of-living area. - Salary 125K. - 12 hour shifts with 1:3 weekends and 1:4 nights. Required to work 2 federal holidays per year. Shift differential amounts to ~5K per year by my calculation. - 403b with 2% match. - Pension (!) vested at 3 years of service. - Health insurance 80/20 until out of pocket max. Vision and dental through reimbursement account that is pretty generously funded, IMO. FSA and dependent care accounts available. - 22 days PTO, includes sick time. - 4K dedicated CME funds, plus 5 days CME time separate from PTO. Unclear about malpractice coverage. I'm pretty pleased with the offer since it's a step up from my current salary and the benefits seem good but I would welcome outside perspectives. This is the first time I've ever come across someplace still offering a pension, so I don't know how to look at that. The way the nights and weekends are structured seems like a lot of work but I don't know if it's worth arguing about with the salary being what it is. I was also told that a lot of the PAs in the group prefer weekends and nights and are often wanting to trade for them (no guarantees, of course).
  2. Hello, I'm a new PA on my first job as a hospital PA. I have been working for approx 4 months and recently went through a work performance evaluation. In summary, I received a poor evaluation and was marked as "unsatisfactory/neds improvement" in a few key areas about 2 weeks ago. A few to mention: procedural skills, clinical knowledge, and relaying pt history to next shift PA's (also known as signout). I am so distraught and surprised at this evaluation (I performed well in PA school, on my boards, and did well on my rotations) and would like some advice on how to rectify these inadequacies. I did not go through a hospital rotation, and do feel like my lack in expertise may be partially related to this drawback. I work for a good and fair hospital, although the training was inadequate in my opinion (particularly in mgmt of acute issues which was also highlighted as a weakness on my eval). Of note, I have been praised by others for my efficiency and hard working nature, but was too distraught to vocalize these examples. Is it worth it to do so? I'm afraid of the worst, but still have strong hope I can reverse these issues. I am due for another meeting in approx 2-3 months, I was told. Again, looking for some guidance on how I can professionally show my team that I am working to improve while also showing positive outcomes? I have no experience or knowledge in mgmt of being in such a predicament. So far, I'm trying to be more proactive about doing some procedures (mainly blood draws), taking ample to review pt chart to ensure that relaying pt info to day team is precise (apparently someone complained that I was giving incorrect, and vague details), and I met with one senior team member once to review a clinical scenario that was troubling for me. Regularly taking time to review subject material... Anyone? Thanks. Please feel free to send a PM if you'd like.
  3. WOW! The University of Missouri PA Fellowship Programs are exploding! We just got the ok to double the number of Hospitalist Fellows. This means we will have a total of 4 PA Fellows and will allow us to stagger the start dates. We have filled one position and have one opening remaining that will begin ASAP. Two more positions to begin in January! http://medicine.missouri.edu/imed/pa-hospitalist-fellowship.html
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