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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have 3 different opportunities and was wondering which one would look best and count for clinical hours for PA school. There is a position as a volunteer at a hospice, working as a medical scribe and working as a caregiver. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Are you ones of those few PAs that seem to be able to handle it? Death is very difficult to deal with and the amount of grief and anger that comes from having a terminal illness can be insurmountable. What have you done to help yourself in times like these with your own pts and/or their family members? I know when I was working with people who had ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease taught me a lot about the medical industry as a whole, and has taught me about my capacity to care as well. Palliative medicine offers treatment not only to the patie
  3. Hi guys! I've been a hospice volunteer for a little over a year now and am wondering if those hours count as direct patient care in CASPA. I am touching and holding and doing basic care for the people, much like I did in my CNA work. Does this count as direct patient care or does it go under volunteering hours, or both? Please help! Mricca1
  4. My SP of record (I work in a group practice with 9 MDs and 3 other PAs) is gone this week, and today I was designated to handle his incoming requests--FAX, emails, the works. No biggie, do it all the time, and we all cover for each other, PAs for MDs and vice versa. But today, I got two requests: 1) Hospice initiation orders for Ms. X., a very elderly lady who was seen two days ago and was discharged home to comfort care. in big bold letters, "MUST BE SIGNED BY AN MD--NO COVERING PROVIDERS" or some such language is all over the FAX cover sheet. Wasn't the first time I'd seen such langua
  5. I just got a job as an anesthesia tech but I'm not sure that what I'm doing is very applicable to the PA profession and I'm worried its not preparing me enough. What health care job is best?
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