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Found 13 results

  1. My name is Talia and I plan to be a PA. Right now I am a sophomore in HS and I have great grades and will be looking for programs next year. I'd like to have my first shaowing experience, so I am open to specialty. I just need a break. I am available all hours over the summer and after school in the fall. Thanks!
  2. I’m graduating high school soon, and I am really interested in the health field. I always like helping people and I’m leaning towards PA over MD,Nurse Practioner, Physical Therapist, or a Optometrist. I would love to get to work with patients fast and be done with schooling fast also. The amount of schooling required to become a doctor doesn’t attract me. I want to start a family early and get a job early also. I also want to spend more time with my family. PA’s make a good amount of money to live a comfortable life. Is it financially secure? Will being a PA fulfill me? Or should I just go the MD route? I’m not a big fan of more schooling, too much responsibility and stress. Do PA’s do same thing as doctors ,work even longer hours than doctors and get paid less?
  3. Before I begin, yes I am still just a senior in high school, and yes I know that my goals can change. However, this is what I want as of now, and because it's extremely important to prepare for what I want my future to be, even though it may change, I need to make plans. So PLEASE don't advise me on going to med school or doing something else, it's not what I'm asking for. Now, I've been doing my own research, but I would also love different personal perspectives. As of now, I plan to stay within five hours (maybe more if necessary) away from southern-ish New York because I don't have the money to fly myself and my belongings every time I have to go home and because my parents have very busy work schedules. Ideally, to save money, I would love to go to a more inexpensive school to save money because financial aid is iffy for me. However, if you come from a similar background and you got financial aid, please tell me because I'm not too sure how the financial aid process works yet lol. So, my dad makes 125K+ a year, but due to the very high taxes, a high mortgage, and other expenses that my family has to pay, money is becoming more and more of a worry now that college applications are coming up fast. Additionally, my dad works for Verizon and they went on strike for about 6 weeks last year, and I know it doesn't sound like a long time, but this really set us back because my mom doesn't make much. I will also be taking 5 AP exams in May ($470), there will be yearbook and senior picture fees to take care of, etc., and my family has only saved up a little over $10,000 dollars in my college fund. So my question is, other than financial aid, do you know of any scholarships/organizations/etc. that I could look into to help out with this? Or more importantly, good inexpensive/moderately expensive schools? Btw my mom was born in Dominican Republic so I'm 50% hispanic (my father is white), so that could be relevant information regarding scholarships. To get to the main point, what schools would be good for me knowing this, that I want to become a PA, and that I need to build a strong foundation in what I'll need to know by that time? I will probably major in a biological science - if not biology - unless someone recommends something else. Feel free to input any other relevant information. Thank you to all who respond!
  4. I'm in my senior year of high school and I will soon be applying to colleges/universities, but I have a lot of questions: I know (or at least I've been told, so correct me if I'm wrong) that if someone is planning to become a physician and go to medical school, that medical schools essentially view their undergrad years in a similar manner as colleges/universities view high school years. Is this the same for those on track to become a PA? To confirm, my question is: Does where I go for undergrad matter to physician assistant master's programs/PA schools as long as I have a good GPA? Is it better to enter a physician assistant program right out of high school, or does it not really matter too much? I ask this because I worry about competitiveness in the future when trying to find a job, and I want to be able to get a good job when I graduate and not be scared that I won't. So, the bottomline of what I'm asking is: What do employers specifically look for when selecting employees in this field and how could I make myself stand out? Financial aid is iffy for my family's financial situation because my dad makes 125K+ a year. However, due to the very high taxes, a high mortgage, and other expenses that my family has to pay, money is becoming more and more of a worry now that college applications are coming up fast. Additionally, I will be taking 5 AP exams in May ($470), there will be yearbook and senior picture fees to take care of, etc., and my family has only saved up a little over $10,000 dollars in my college fund. So do any of you know a way to save money in college and on physician assistant programs? This kind of adds onto #1 because if I can go to a less expensive undergrad to save money that would be really great. Other than GPA what are the requirements (or anything else that they look for but don't necessarily require) for applying to a physician assistant master's program after getting my bachelor's? Do you know of any specific schools that are good for this field? What should I major in? Those are really all the questions I can think of for now. Thank you to anybody that takes out the time to help me with this, because it really is a nerve-wracking time right now and I need to figure out my plans. Any other related information is gladly appreciated as well!!!
  5. Hi, I'm currently a senior in high school and I'm interested in entering the medical field and becoming a future PA. Before I start applying for colleges, I would like to know all of the necessary requirements, classes, prerequisites, etc. that I would need before applying for PA school. What should I major in? Would I be at an advantage if I was an RN for a few years and then go on to PA school? Any advice you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi! I am hoping someone can help us! My daughter is trying to figure out what science class to take in her senior year that would be beneficial to her when applying to a PA program. Her options are AP Biology, Molecular Biology or Organic Bio Chem. What are your thoughts? Thank you!
  7. Hi I am currently attending High School as a Senior as this will be my last year. I would like to know where to start with the Physicians Assistant programs. I had three options: 1. I was going to go straight to a four year and get my bachelor and at the same time I was going to get my hours needed through things offered at the local hospital where ever I would end up going. 2. I was just going to go to my local Junior College and I would take the EMT course this summer so that is how I would get my hours done. Then i would apply straight to the PA program after I got my associates. 3. I was going to take prerequisites for Respiratory Therapy and become a Respiratory Therapist at SJVC a private school which is not too far from me. After becoming an RT it would cover my hours needed and it would be a great hands on experience with the patients. I would then go back to school to become a PA after about two years. In my option 1 I would love to go to a major university and as a kid I feel like it would be hard to study and be serious with all these major parties and other distractions with things that major universities have.(Personally) I was also wondering is it really necessary for me to get my Bachelors? Option 2 I was wondering if an Associates Degree was enough to become a PA? Will my application be looked at as weak when applying? Option 3 it would be really expensive but I would make that money back but it would just be hard for me to go back to school after working for about 2 years. These are all great options for me and options that I have only thought of. If you have any better or other alternatives please respond and help me out. I want to be on the right path after high school and be working towards my goal of becoming a PA. For shadowing hours I have a family member who is a PA that I could shadow and I have other alternatives to shadow for. This is getting long sorry but thanks for reading please help any tips that you would do right after high school that you wish you did when you were my age. Thank you once again and please help with my journey to become A PA.
  8. I am a high school senior who is interested in studying to be a PA in college. I definitely want to pursue this career. I consider myself a good high school student. I have a 95 GPA and I am in the top 5% of my class. I am good at math and science. All these factors considered, I still have self doubt and feel extremely intimidated. Honestly, half of me thinks I will do fine and the other half thinks I will fail in college. I understand nothing worth while is easy in life. But is PA school really the grueling, hell on earth major some people make it out to be. Do you have to be a valedictorian genius to make it through the coursework. I am very nervous and do not want to fail. Can anyone talk about the overall difficulty of PA school? I know it is intense but I am questioning whether normal hard working person can make it or must you be a medical prodigy. Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi, Who typically covers the cost of the malpractice insurance for a PT temp-to-hire or contract position for a Physician Assistant? Is it the facility or is it the PA? I have worked with both scenarios, but not sure which is more common. Thanks! Nan
  10. I am a junior in HS. I'm trying to plan out my future and a PA looks like the career i want to pursue. I want the experience of being in the military while doing something i love. Just curious, how can i become a PA in the Army or Navy? What steps did you take? Do you first have to get your education at a college then enlist or are there other options/routes? The only problem, for me, if i were to go to college first, is paying back loans/debt.(Yes i know their are scholarships and financial aid) Any other advice or tips is much appreciated P.S. I know that ROTC will pay for college in exchange for service, but the aspect of being a fresh faced officer with little experience in the military doesn't appeal to me. It seems that one would not have the same level of respect from his/her subordinates, especially Tops who have several years on their belts compared to a 23 yr old butter bar. Not to say it a bad thing, it just not for me...
  11. Hi, I know these forums are filled with PAs, and college students but I really can't find one for high school students. Sorry if this is the wrong site (i'll be happy if you were to direct me to the proper site) to be using but i have some few questions for an aspiring PA whose still a junior. What steps did you take to become a PA student/PA? Is getting a bachelors then enrolling in a PA program the only option? Do I have to do the pre-reqs at the university level, or can i do them at a community college then transfer? What classes did you enroll in? What was your major(s) and minor(s)? Any "advisable" classes to take outside of the sciences e.g. higher math classes, foreign languages? Just looking for some advice... Thank You, Mark V.
  12. Hi everyone. I am a high school senior who is stressing about where I want to go to school, as well as figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. The idea that the decisions I make these next few months could be life altering one's scare me. Crazy right? I am currently an intern at a local hospital. When people ask me what I do, I like to say, "I'm a CNA......under supervision." So yes, I clean up poop. My internship is great being that I get to rotate through various departments of the hospital. All throughout high school, my career goals have constantly changed. It's been a roller coaster. When I got into my internship, I knew the medical field was for me, but now what? As bad as this sounds, I wanted to be a doctor for the title and sadly, the money. So, I applied to all of my universities as a Biology/Pre-med student with the hopes I do well in my prerequisites and get past the 4%-8% admission rates to medical school. But, the doctors at my hospital, granted this only a few, are not very social. The nurses on the other hand are friendly and more people oriented in my opinion. So, after being accepted as a pre-med student, I changed my major to pre-nursing to ultimately get my BSN. I respect nurses but I hope to further my education and go to PA school. So, what do I do? If I understand this correctly, would this be the correct route? First, get my BSN and work as an RN gaining clinical experience. Second, apply to a post-baccalaureate program and fulfill the prerequisites for PA school. Lastly, apply/get accepted to an accredited PA program. Is this correct? I am so sorry if this topic has already come up. Words cannot describe how passionate I am about the healthcare field I don't want to mess it up! Hope you all have a good day!
  13. Hello everyone, New to the forum. What an asset! I'm reducing clutter and including two unrelated questions into one post. Anyone have experience with counting high school coursework? 1) AP Credit - Where to put it? Count it? My college granted me credit for AP coursework which opted me out of some general requirements. For example I took Accelerated General Chem in one semester because of an AP Chem 5, but many schools require 2 semesters of general chemistry. So I would include this AP course under my undergrad college? The transcript would be from where? I took a Project Advance course in English senior year of high school which was credited through Syracuse University. I will include Syracuse University then, BUT the transcript would come from ... the high school I attended? 2)As a neuroscience major, many of my courses straddled the line between psychology and biology such as cognitive neuroscience, the biological basis of psychopathology, and the Human Brain. They included labwork. Either way they should be included in the science GPA but I would like to have the courses credited as biology. They were listed under the PSYC department through the registrar in the absence of an official NEURO department. Similar stories to share... Thanks
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