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Found 6 results

  1. Please don't make this left or right, Dem vs Rep. My only question is this, Why don't we curtail the huge fees insurance companies pay out to physicians and mega hospitals? Put a cap on procedure and office visits, etc. Again please don't play a political card for this but just an answer to the question. We all know of some fees that are paid that are ridiculously high.
  2. I'm a new graduate and have been seeking Family Medicine positions in California. 2 weeks ago, I interviewed at an amazing place in SF bay area. It offers 100K and is a 7 minute commute from home! The interviewer said I shouldn't have to worry, that they liked me and thought I'd fit in well. He even gave me his personal phone number in case I needed to call. At the time, I felt really good about the interview. I emailed him a thank you letter 5 days ago and he replied back he enjoyed my visit and that I "should hear back soon". However, I still haven't heard anything and am starting to get 2nd thoughts.If they gave you their number, do they expect us to call/text them? I don't really want to bother him again if he already told me he said I'd hear back "soon". I recently did another interview in a very remote area in CA and received a job offer immediately afterward. It offers 95K, good benefits and loan repayment. They are willing to wait another 2 weeks for me to make a final decision, but did warn me that the position may be filled by then- so the earlier the better. So my dilemma is, how long should I wait to hear back from the bay area clinic? I am scared to sign the contract and then find out that the bay area place will offer me the position later on. But then again, maybe they found someone else. Any advice?
  3. Hi everyone! Check out this new tool for Pre-PA students! You can search by entering a combination of Classes, Credit Hours, CASPA, GRE, GPA. Enter in all the criteria you plant to fulfill or have fulfilled, and a list will populate of schools you are eligible to apply to! Very easy to use and will save you hundreds of hours trying to find what schools you should apply to. Please click the link to try it out! http://physicianassistantrequirementspa.com/pa-programs-search/
  4. Hey Guys, I have an interview coming up with this program. However, I cant find any information on their curriculum. It is very vague on the website. Are there any current students out there that can shed some light on the subject? Do they have cadavers? Where are rotation sites? What are the options for elective rotations? etc. I want to do primary care, but I also have a strong affinity for sugery as well. I would like the confidence by being able to dissect cadavers before cutting into live patients.
  5. Hey everyone! I was looking through the list of equipment we need and I was wondering if you could shed light on how much you use it/how necessary it is to get the super expensive oto/optha scope combo kits? Many of my mentors have told me not to buy anything but a stethoscope until I get to school, but I do not want to be the person coming to class unprepared! Any advice would be appreciated!
  6. Could really use some assistance from you guys! My girlfriend was studying communication sciences and disorders, with the intention of then going on to audiology school for the next four years. She is a rising senior in the program and will graduate next April. Just recently, she has been thinking she'd rather go to PA school. How complicated would you guys think this transition would be? Her plan would be to take a year off after graduation to work at a hospital and accrue the 500 hours most schools require. However, she has only taken one semester of biology, one semester of chemistry, and all of her anatomy/physiology courses are specific to speech and hearing. Would really appreciate any thoughts on this, as well as the competitiveness of PA school compared to other graduate programs such as SLP and Audiology!
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