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Found 6 results

  1. I have written a blog post that may be of use to you. It describes, in detail, the steps I took to get credentialed/ready to work after graduating from PA school. Steps to Take After Graduating from PA School
  2. Just wondering how many other schools do a Summative Week before graduation and how similar or different it is to ours at Penn State. I wrote a blog post describing my experience with Summative Week. Please feel free to share yours below.
  3. Anyone had trouble qualifying to take the PANCE because proof of 'program completion' wasn't yet available? Does this hold things up? Here is the situation: I'll be completing my program requirements on December 18th (assuming all goes well!) and was told by the NCCPA people that I could take my exam as early as January 2nd. However, my program is telling me that I need to have documentation of said completion, and therefore the earliest I could schedule the PANCE would be mid-January. Why am I in a hurry to take this test? - baby on the way, due early January, hoping (if I'm lucky) to take the test before life with a newborn.
  4. Hi there! I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me about this matter. I am about to be a senior in college and by my calculations I don't think I can reach the general 3.0 cumulative GPA minimum. I really have my heart set on PA school but my grades just aren't high enough. I go to a competitive 4-year university and am getting a BS in Biological Science w/ a Physiology emphasis. I have one year left and by my estimations I will only be able to reach a 2.85 cumulative GPA and a 2.56 science GPA if I were to be realistic about what I think I could get. My biggest issue with grades in college was with chemistry. I had a very weak base in chemistry and any class that built off of it just ended up...bad. Unfortunately I cannot retake classes that I got a C in at my university so I would really like rebuild my basics after I graduate. I understand that taking more classes will have a diluted effect on my cumulative and if I don't do well in them a second type I'm basically screwing myself over. However I have good reason to believe I can do better once I am in a different environment if I am given the opportunity to rebuild my foundations/prereqs (long story involving drama and stuff so I'm going to leave it at that). From my calculations I can conceivably bring my cumulative to a 3.0 in approximately a year and my science to a 2.7. I have been looking into formal post-bac programs like at SFSU or Cal State East Bay. But there isn't as much leniency on what I can take. I have also been looking into open university courses where I could just pick courses I need and take them as is. I know that the post-bac's can give you a certification or something at the end but I don't know if that really matters. So... Does it matter if I do a 1-year post bac or 1-year of classes at an open university? What are some other good post-bac programs for a science major who is trying to raise her GPA? I would really like to get certified as an EMT and work as well. I plan on taking up to 2 years "off" (doing post-bac, working for hours, etc). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Coming up on graduation (woohoo!) and could not be more excited. I've been wondering though, is it appropriate to send announcements? I think it's a given for high school and undergrad, but I'm afraid it seems a bit boastful or like asking for money to send them out for a Master's degree. On the other hand, many people don't know exactly what I've been working so hard for all these years and I'd like to announce that I'll be a PA. If I send them out, how far reaching should the list be? Only close family (grandparents, aunts/uncles)? More distant relatives (cousins, brother-in-laws I don't know super well)? Old friends? People that helped me get in? Parent's friends? Thanks for any advice in advance!
  6. Hey all, I won't be graduating for a good six months or so and have several extremely interested potential employers (all of which are speciality practices, particularly neurosurgery with the exception of one). My wife and I are being flown out to several different places and will have a lot of deciding to do. However, I do have several questions, as this would be my first job out of school: 1. Are there any legal implications I need to be aware of going into this? Can I legally sign a contract or agree to employment prior to my commencement? 2. Do I tell the potential employers about other offers? 3. How long is generally standard to be given in order to make a decision on a job? 4. Are there any other tips/tricks that you'd give in the process? MUST haves in a contract, etc.? 5. Obviously I can only take ONE job, what is the best way to inform the others that are interested in hiring me that I have found employment? Phone call, email, formal letter? 6. If you are "hired" prior to graduation, is it standard for them to pay for your licensing/PANCE, etc.? Thanks- BBE
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