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Found 33 results

  1. I had to retake one class my freshman year, and I really do not want to waste a few sentences in my personal statement to speak about it. Although, I also understand it is best to address it somewhere. Is there another place on CASPA to discuss shortcomings on your application? I do not see a place, but I want to make sure I am not missing something.
  2. So I have mostly B's in my prerequisites. I have probably like 4 A's out of all of them but they are mostly Bs. Science GPA comes out to be a 3.52. I'm worries this is seriously hurting me. Anyone else have this problem? I'm also nervous because my GRE was sub par :/ except for my writing which I got a 5. Like I'm literally just 1 or 2 points away from being average on the verbal and quantitative. I currently can't afford to take another GRE though. And I want retake it hopefully before September ends but money has just been so tight lately. What is your experience with mostly B's and sub par GRE? Thank you in advance for answering my questions. I'm getting very anxious over interviews and if I will hear from anyone. I'm wondering if all of this was even worth it.
  3. Some of the schools that i am applying to requires 1 credit of medical terminology. I have my transcripts verified and have met all the other prerequisite courses. I don't know if i am missing something, but how do i input an in progress class into CASPA? I am planning on taking the 1 credit medical terminology course online. Can somebody please help? Each time i call CASPA, i just get the automated message and i don't want the programs to think i'm not planning on taking this course. Thank you so much!! edit: fixing typo
  4. Wondering if anyone else had the unique experience and am in bit of a pickle? So I'm trying to input my grades from my undergrad for CASPA but my issue is that for my senior year of undergrad my school switched from a quarter system to semester system. Now trying to put this in CASPA it only lets me put in one or the other. I've ordered and received my official transcripts for clarity but it doesn't specify or put them under one umbrella. I want to just copy word for word what it says on my transcripts and leave it be but what if I'm wrong and need to convert to semester? I've contacted CASPA directly and told me to convert the units??? What does that mean?? They also told me to call my school. I called my school and they had no idea what I was talking about, I got transferred to an answering machine. I think this is a pretty unique situation. I was considering professional transcript entry to just get it over with but I don't want any mistakes on it. Especially in this kind of situation. Thoughts? Should I just copy everything exactly it says on my transcripts?
  5. Hi all, I'm currently taking a general chemistry class, microbiology, and physiology. Prior to the semester, I had heard from multiple sources not to take micro and physio in the same semester but was a bit overconfident after getting all A's in the previous semester. In any case, I'm currently getting an A in Chem, a low A/high B in micro, and a low B in physio. I feel like I'm operating at 90% capacity already and often don't have enough time to study for all of my classes. If I stick it out, I think I can pull an A and 2 B's. But if I drop physio, I'm confident I'd have enough time to study to get 2 A's in Chem and Micro, with plans to retake Physio in the fall. Further complicating this is the fact that I'm a post-bacc student and have quite a few W's from my first time in college (that was about 8-10 years ago), though I haven't had any since I started my post-bacc studies. Should I drop physiology and retake it in the fall? Thank you all in advance for any advice!
  6. Hey y'all So I'm about 27 credits away from getting my bachelors. Our semester just ended and I'm a little paranoid. I ended up getting a B in O-Chem, an A in O -Chem lab, a B in Genetics, and a B+ in Biostat. How bad will this semester look on my transcript? Thanks, Dom
  7. Hello! If you cant tell, I'm pretty new here to this website. Anyway, I recently discovered the PA profession and after shadowing several PAs (and looking into it more online), I have a very strong interest in the profession. I am a 1st year undergrad Biology major with a Minor in psychology. My first semester was a rocky start. I was recently diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and ADD and have had to learn to manage it by myself, because I'm away from home, along with handling 17 credit hours of work and figuring out how college worked in general. During my first semester, I ended up with a D- in the lecture portion of general chemistry I and a B- in the lab. I also received a D+ in statistics. I ended up with a GPA of 2.2 for the semester because of these low grades, the rest of my classes were a C+ (history), several Bs-B+(philosophy, classical studies), and an A (Choir). This semester (my second semester) I am retaking both classes. General Chemistry I lecture is looking like it will be a C and statistics a B/B+. I am also taking the first half of the General Biology sequence this semester and for Lecture its looking like a C and Lab a B. These grades are a huge step up for me compared to last semester and the beginning of this semester, but I worry that I won't have a chance of getting into a PA school? Maybe it's just my anxiety, but I wanted to ask and see what someone else thinks, other than my pre-health track adviser, who basically just told me to give up and that I wouldn't be cut out for it, although I think that I can because I have a good handle on my anxiety and ADD, I figured out study habits that work for me,and I use my academic resources like tutoring, office hours, and weekly meetings with an academic success advisor. Thanks!
  8. Hello there, I am a non-traditional student aspiring to get into the SMU PA program. I'm currently an EMT in Oakland and taking my prereqs at CSUEB. I have a little over 1,000 hours HCE. My GPA is not stellar however the latest 60 units of hardcore science curriculum I have maintained a 3.7 GPA in my Microbiology/ Biomedical Laboratory Science major. I am reaching out to the people who have already gotten accepted to please chime in and tell us some of your achievements leading up to your acceptance into the program. Any help would be truly extraordinary in helping me to hone in on what I need to improve as an applicant and as an individual. Any advice is welcomed and truly appreciated. -Best, Humble Student
  9. Hello! I was wondering what chemistry grades people have received and whether they were able to get into PA school with them. I have currently an A in gen chem 1, a B- in genchem 2 and orgo 1, and a B in orgo 2. Should I retake any classes? Or will I be able to get into a PA school with these grades? (Just a note my overall science gpa is 3.5). Sorry for the annoying question, but any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you! -Maylily7
  10. Hello All, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I looked around and couldn't find an answer to my question: how do admissions view multiple W's on transcript? Obviously it's not favorable, but how bad is it? Background: I'm almost 30 and got my B.A. at 21 from a CC + Uni. At the time, I dropped a few classes I found boring, too time consuming, too difficult, etc. I didn't think much of it as I was able to successfully complete my degree. Fast forward to today, I'm more than 1/2-way done with my pre-reqs for PA school. I had to drop Anatomy last year (taken at local CC) because I got the flu and I missed over 2 weeks of class. However, I retook this class this year, same prof, and got an A. Problem: I'm currently enrolled in Physiology at same CC which is taught in semesters. However, I will not be able to make the application cycle this time around because I still have Microbiology to take and at least 2 other classes. I want to drop my current physiology class and take it in an accredited but accelerated program where I will have the chance (for a much higher tuition) to take multiple classes in the next several months. Should I do it? My current physio class, although interesting, won't end until end of May. Teacher is highly demanding, very poor at lecture, and absolutely condescending and absent during labs. He's also harsh on grading, doesn't curve/round and doesn't offer any extra credit.
  11. Hi guys, I am hoping ya'll could give me some feedback as to where I stand as a PA school applicant. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but plan to 1-2 years from now (depending on the quality of my app). - currently a junior, recently switched majors from bio to healthcare studies - started research first semester of freshman year (have accumulated 2 years work so far but will hopefully have 3-4 yrs upon application to PA school) - rough time in sciences, especially ochem. current cgpa : ~3.6 and sgpa: ~3.2 . Am hopeful that sgpa will increase next year, but where do I currently stand with these stats? - I have quite a bit of hospital volunteering, have done 200 hours thus far and 50 hours shadowing, will probably have these doubled before I apply. - I have worked in a clinical research site as a data coordinator, so i think I could make that seem applicable to healthcare, and am now working as a pharmacy technician trainee (to start accumulating clinical hours). I may take a gap year to maximize clinical experience before I apply - not sure. - Working on leadership; I had a couple minor officer positions last year, and I am extremely involved in campus orgs. Im trying to narrow down my involvement and focus on quality rather than quantity if that makes sense. Right now I am an officer for a pre-health club that is pretty new so I think I have a good chance of contributing a lot through that. I want to be at least a VP in an org I care about before I graduate. So, assuming I improve upon several of these factors, what are my chances? My grades have me worried. I feel like I'm studying and working hard, yet yielding little results where my grades are concerned . I'm trying to stay positive, and continue working towards my goal. Any input you guys have would be greatly appreciate, thank you!!!
  12. I am currently about to finish my undergraduate degree (B.S. General Biology). I have 16 more units left and then Im done. I have a 2.969 cGPA and 3.02 sGPA. I recently decided that I want to become a PA and I am realizing that I will need to retake courses to increase my GPA sadly my 0.03 points if I am lucky. I have a lot of research experience, 1 publication pending (second author) and 1 I am currently in the process of writing (1st author). I am 23 years old and have over 5,000 hours of research experience (medical chemistry and regenerative medicine). Sadly, I know that this probably does not account for much when applying to PA school. I still need to work on my healthcare experience and in the mean time I know that I should probably work on the grades 1st. So normally when you retake courses in your undergrad, the letter grade is replaced therefore helping your GPA. However I have been told that once you graduate and decide to retake courses, the letter grade is not replaced and instead added onto your GPA. Is this true? Please help, I really want to get into a PA program and I want to know the truth about my situation.
  13. Hello all, I am like many people I've read from before who find themselves in an awkward place to be applying to PA school. Until rather recently I was ignorant to the fact that CASPA will literally dig up the grave when it comes to old classes. Unfortunately I took basic core classes at a local community college about 9 years ago and performed horribly. The cumulative GPA after repeats was a 2.5 (mind you the repeats count for CASPA). In 2015 I returned to school much more prepared and motivated like many others on this forum to become a PA. I felt so confident for so long because after two years (and taking almost all my science courses strictly here.. e.g. Gen Chem I and II, Physics I and II, A&P I and II, Stat, Org Chem, etc...) I have a science GPA of 3.7 and a cum GPA of 3.6 (about 60 credits and 53 were science). Once these grades merge with the older material you all know the math. It is something like a 2.56 for cum and 3.3 for science. I am summarizing these stats to see what you all think of my situation. I know I am beating a dead horse with this topic so please bear with me if you can. I am looking for any advice as to how to assess my current situation and what to do. I am currently and EMT (actually sitting in the firehouse now fighting back the tears....jk), and I am signed up for the GRE at the end of the month. I appreciate the time from you all and hope you respond. Thanks again. Sincerely, Jeff
  14. I have heard differing opinions and sides as to whether or not to talk about some bad grades throughout undergrad in your personal statement... Is this something you should definitely include? Or would focusing more on patient experiences/more impactful work that led you to the PA profession be more beneficial? Or should you figure out how to include a couple bad grades and good patient experiences all in one? Any and all advice much appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Hi everybody, At my university, I have to take a human/mammalian physiology class as one of the requirements for a Molecular Cell Bio major. Without realizing that I had to take that class (because I was being stupid and not double checking), I enrolled myself into a regular Human Physiology class (for PA school) and am currently getting a C. I know for sure that I would eventually have to take the Human/Mammalian Physiology course that is required. 1. Would PA schools consider the Human/Mammalian Physiology course as a Physiology class? Or is it strictly suppose to be focused on human Physio only? 2. Let's say that I did better in the Human/Mammalian Physio course, would PA schools disregard the C that I had received in the prior course? Thank you so much! :)
  16. Hey everyone, I'm currently preparing for the upcoming application cycle, and have been anxious about my chances due to a couple of lower grades on my transcript. While I have all As in my biology courses, I got a C and C- in Organic Chem 1 and 2 respectively. I didn't retake them because I got an A in Biochem, and I know many programs will take Biochem OR Orgo. But now I'm starting to worry that these grades will stand out and that I may be "weeded out" of the application pool. I plan on applying broadly, but would like any input anyone may have. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hey there! Ok long story short! 6 years ago I began college in NY (living here) and graduated last year. I plan on applying to a PA program (NY based schools) around the 2016-2017 cycle. For the first two years I received nothing but A's in all of my courses. Originally I wanted to be a dental hygienist. I was accepted into the program and my grades dropped. My grades were C (Medical Microbiology), W in Dental Anatomy, B- in Dental Oral Preventative, and a F in clinical. I had a full time job during that semester. After I switched my major to bioscience my grades improved once again (My grades were A's and B's but I did get a D in molecular biology). My overall GPA was a 3.59 :/ Pre requisite grades: Statistics A Calculus A Biological Principles 1 C+ Biological Principals 2 B+ General Chemistry 1 A General Chemistry 2 A Anatomy & Physiology 1 A Anatomy & Physiology 2 A Microbiology A Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry A- Upper Division Courses Intro to Genetics A- Intro to Genetics lab A Cell Biology A- Cell Biology lab B- Intro to Bioinformatics A Along with that I volunteered 200 hours in a hospital and shadowed 100 hours with 2 Physician Assistants. As of right now I'm working in an Optometry office and plan on eventually becoming a Optometry Technician. So my recommendations will be from the 2 Physician Assistants and the Optometrist Doctor I work for. I don't plan on retaking the biology nor molecular biology course because I can't afford it. I'm just scared those dental hygiene grades will hurt my CASPA GPA and chances of getting in. Anyone have any honest opinions or had a similar issue and got accepted?
  18. Hello. I am worried about my grades at the moment and wanted some insight. I have currently a overall GPA of 3.1 (45 total cred) but my biology major GPA is 2.6 (14 cred) I have quite a number of classes to take, I plan to do well in all of them. ---> I am worried about 4W's and 2 WN on my transcript, since PANCE application does not omit any grades at all. Reason why: I have been battling depression since I started college 3 years ago, if it was up to me I would take a year out of college and focus on volunteering and healthcare related work in order to give myself quality time to really recollect myself. I am living with my parents and have expressed that I wished to have treatment for depression, but sadly Asian parents are especially not understanding about mental health and completely disregarded my debilitating mental health. It is not good to have an interview and tell them I have depression. Therefore, my plans as of now: -move out, dorm, apply for student loans -get 2 part times, find a good psychiatrist -take a semester off from school and focus on work, volunteering, and healing Does this plan seem likely? in short, I really hope to God that I get better and have documented proof that I am healing. I hope to turn the W and WN's into better grades and prove that I am truly dedicated to being a PA. Replies are very much appreciated. Thank you :)
  19. I have a question and concern that I want to post to the forum that is unique to my personal situation. I wish to get feedback. I am very close to applying to PA school. My undergrad GPA is horrible. I have a 2.7. I played soccer while in college and worked part time, thus my focus was not entirely on my school work. I have BS in horticulture. I didn’t find out about PA programs until later. I then started knocking out my pre reqs with all A’s. I only need micro and phys left. I have got my hours volunteering in the ER (1000). I am discouraged because of my very LOW GPA. I do not know if I should continue to take MICRO and PHYS for the fear that I will not get in anywhere. I have a full time job now that is good (not in medicine) (county position) with a pension and I am 27 years old. I want to be a PA as I believe it to be my calling. There is no doubt in my mind that if I got into a school I would be an excellent PA. I am an amazing interviewer and have exemplary interpersonal skills, so I am confident if I got an interview I would crush it. I have reached out and done my due diligence to a degree, However, no schools have been informative or taken the time of day to give me an answer about my situation. Thus, I was hoping I could find the answers via this forum. I also have Italian Citizenship and was curious about opportunities abroad if I cannot get in anywhere in America. I would truly appreciate your time and help with my dilemma. Thank you very much.
  20. I went back to school this last school year to take some pre-reqs I needed to apply for PA school. I already have both a bachelor's and master's degree. My question is how to enter the pre-req courses. Should I list them as post-bacc, or as senior grade level?
  21. Hi everyone, I am a prospective PA Student who is planning on applying for the 2016 cycle. I am a non-traditional student due to the fact that when I began my undergrad at age 17, I was extremely immature and unmotivated. I was a straight A student in high school without needing to put forth much of an effort. I was unprepared for the college (academic) experience. This lead to an extremely lousy GPA over the course of 5 semesters, and eventually academic dismissal. I took over a year and one half off to re-asses my life goals, grow up, etc. I basically started from the beginning when I re-enrolled at a community college. I then earned my associates with a GPA north of 3.5 (all general sciences, orgo I/II, calc-based physics I/II, Microbio, A&P I, calculus I/II, 3 non-science/math courses). I am in my second to last semester at SUNY OW and have a GPA north of 3.9 (Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry I/II, Biochemistry I/II, Molecular Bio, Genetics) and my last semester will include Immunology (grad level), Cancer Cell Bio, and Cell Bio. My question is how do I go about inputting this into CASPA? It says on the CASPA website to make sure the courses stay in chronological order (ie. DONT put Sophmore in 2009 and Freshmen in 2011), so I suppose Ill add up the total credits and divide by 4 to determine the cutoffs? Or list all of the classes from my school as "freshman" and then start from "sophmore" with the classes from my second school? If anyone else has ran into this issue or has insight into what I should do, please help. I feel this is the biggest weakness in my resumé, and I want to present all of my grades in the correct way (But that is also most beneficial).
  22. Hey everyone, I have a question about transferring credits from two different schools. I'm applying for PA School at the moment and when I first went to school I didn't do so hot. My GPA was a 3.0 but I have like 6 withdrawals and 4 C's. I stopped going to school, worked for two years aka got my life together and then went back to school. Now I'm graduating with a 3.8. Would it be considered academic dishonesty if I didn't submit the first school's transcripts? I don't need any of those credits, do I have to submit the credits? All types of feed back would be helpful, thank you!
  23. Watch AAPA President, John McGinnity talk about the PA profession and how PAs are helping increase access to healthcare. Watch here: http://bit.ly/CSPANInterview Danielle Di Silvestro Director, Applicant & Student Services, PAEA, CASPA danielle@PAEAonline.org
  24. I will graduate from UofA In May. I have taken a few classes here and there at two different community colleges that will have contributed to earning my bachelors degree. However, I have also taken classes at those community colleges that have nothing to do with my degree or pre reqs for PA school. Do I have to list every course I've ever taken or only the classes that I have taken at the UofA and those that matter for transfer credit? For example: I took an intro algebra class my senior year of high school at a community college and got an F because I stopped going. Stupid, I know. Do those classes have to go into CASPA too?!? If so, my GPA will obviously suffer tremendously. Someone please help.
  25. At the age of 20, I left everything behind in China to start a new life by myself in the United States. Since then, I have experienced the most challenging, exciting, and unforgettable time of my life. I have improved my English; I have adapted to the foreign culture; I have experienced the American college life; and the most important thing is—I have figured out what I want to do with my life: become a Physician Assistant. Before moving to the US, I had completed two years of pre-Med courses. Having always been interested in medicine, I thought becoming a medical doctor was the only logical choice for me. However, I changed my mind after learning about the PA profession through my volunteering experience in an Urgent care facility. I was drawn to PA’s flexibility to work in different fields of medicine and to make decisions on treatments autonomously while also work as a team with physicians to provide patient care. After graduating from University of Pittsburgh, I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the Orthopedic Center of Halifax Health hospital in Daytona Beach, Florida. In this capacity, I had the opportunity to see how PAs work in a hospital setting on a regular basis and the roles that PAs play in providing patient care. Once, I had a patient who was brought in from a motorcycle accident with multiple fractured bones. After surgery, she was very anxious and scared. A PA came in to see her. He was very comforting and took time to explain her diagnostic test results, surgery, medications, physical therapy and recovery. Learning about her condition and knowing that she is in good hands, the patient gradually calmed down. The PA’s professional manner, knowledge and compassion were so inspiring that further ignited my passion to become a PA. The presence of PA allows patients to be seen promptly, gives patients the attention that they deserve, and helps the ones who are truly in need. I believe that patient care is more than treating diseases. Working as a CNA, my biggest satisfaction is gaining trust from my patients, who can then open up to me, allowing me to help them both physically and mentally. However, my scope of practice limits how much I can help and I wish I could do more. I want to perform diagnosis, develop treatment plans, consult patients, and follow up with them until they are healthy enough to go back to their normal lives. Moving from China to the US, I have encountered a wide range of people who have different cultures and social backgrounds from me. My experience of absorbing the foreign cultures and growing from the diversity has made me very adaptable when interacting with people. I have realized that many patients in the hospital are under various degrees of emotional stress, and it is very important that healthcare professionals relate to them, communicate effectively, work as a team, and have a positive attitude and gentle demeanor. I have learned a few techniques to improve my ability to interact with my patients. I always memorize their names at the beginning of my shift, and throughout the day, I practice their names and get to know everyone as a person. This has helped increase the comfort level of my patients and improved our communications. In my spare time, I’ve read articles and watch videos about some common diseases or surgeries, like knee or hip replacement, which has helped me relate to my patients. Throughout college, I have learned from my experiences and matured building upon my potential to become a successful PA. As a receptionist in the Urgent Care facility, I registered patients’ information in the computer. This experience taught me the importance of collecting medical history before making any decision, which is a critical skill transferable to practicing as a PA. I also explored the relationship between biomedical research and clinical medicine by working in a pathology lab, an In-vitro fertilization lab, and a lung cancer research lab. These experiences not only gave me an eye for detail, but also generated my interest in reading scientific articles. In the future, I hope to contribute to some research that would have practical values in patient care. Furthermore, I shadowed an orthopedic PA and a neurosurgical PA, who not only showed me how they treat patients in clinic settings, but also gave me the first-hand opportunities to watch them assist in surgeries. I also shadowed a Nurse Practitioner in a Rehabilitation facility, where she has similar responsibility as a primary care PA. This experience reinforced my confidence to truly enjoy the profession where I can actively get involved in the care of patients. I have always dreamed of having a career that is fulfilling and meaningful. After exploring, learning, and working in the medical field, I am positive that PA is what I want to be. Its autonomy, teamwork, and treating patients on a personal level are all the reasons why I’m passionate about this profession. I believe that my academic background and working experiences have prepared me for the demanding, yet rewarding career. I am dedicated, determined, and excited to fulfill this dream.
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