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Found 5 results

  1. I had to retake one class my freshman year, and I really do not want to waste a few sentences in my personal statement to speak about it. Although, I also understand it is best to address it somewhere. Is there another place on CASPA to discuss shortcomings on your application? I do not see a place, but I want to make sure I am not missing something.
  2. Hi I am a pre-pa student and have been looking into schools. I see that there is a medical clearance form of immunizations that must be met. However, I received a kidney transplant awhile ago and have been on immunosuppression for some time of life and therefore I am not fully immune to MMR since I have received the immunization when I was a child. I was wondering if there was medical clearance waiver. If anyone has knowledge please inform me. Thanks
  3. Current Touro students, does the program make you send updated grades after you have been accepted?
  4. I have completed my B.S. in Biochemistry with 2000 hours of HCE and a 3.5 GPA from a very respected state school. However, I received a C- in General Chemistry II class. Will I still be able to get into a school with this C- in gen chem? Some schools' websites do not specify that you need a C or better in Gen Chem to apply, however some obviously do. So could I apply to the ones who do not specify C or better and have a chance of getting in? Thanks
  5. Alright I am curious and want to know if anyone on here have gotten into any physician assistant program with a C in general chemistry. I made a C+ in my general chemistry I and a C in gen chem II. My gpa is at a 3.3-3.4 right now and I am not sure if I should take the time to retake it again. Any thought, comments, suggestions will be helpful. I have an B in anatomy, A in physiology, and I cam currently planning on taking Bio 1, 2, and O.chem.
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