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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! I could use some advice! I am currently accepted to a pa program that starts in June of this year. However, I am really second guessing this program, but hate to turn down my chance at pa school. I know multiple people that go there currently, and I have heard nothing but terrible things about the program. To start, they have already had 9 students drop out or be kicked out of the class that started in 2019 (I feel like this is very unheard of). I have heard countless stories of the staff being very demeaning and unsupportive (telling students they should drop out, will never become a PA, etc). Not to mention, they currently have a lawsuit against them. NOW... I want to be a PA more than anything.. but I am absolutely terrified!! Should I just go, keep my mouth shut, and get it over with?? It is only a 24 month program. Or should I take my chances at reapplying this summer? (Not sure how covid-19 will be affecting this) Also, due to covid-19, the first semester will be online... Not sure if that will work in my favor or not. Thanks for any input!!
  2. Last cycle I applied to 3 schools, interviewed at all of them, and ended up getting rejected at all three. Then one of the schools ended up adding me to their waitlist, but I still didn't plan on getting in. Fast forward to yesterday, they call me and offer me a seat for their program that begins in 3 weeks in a completely new city. However, I am so confused on what to do. I graduate on April 27th and I was so extremely ready and excited to take a year off and work. Especially after this semester, I have been so burned out and in need of a break. I am also in need of money as I have been barely working... I know people might say I'd be an idiot to not accept, but I do not think I would be happy taking it. I feel that a break would be so beneficial to me at this point in my life and starting PA school in three weeks honestly sounds awful. It was my least preferred choice as well. I talked to an advisor at my top school and she said if I just practice my interview more, she thinks I can get in next year for sure. I currently have a 3.98 overall GPA and a 4.0 Science GPA and around 3500 hours. I obviously can't guarantee that I will get in somewhere next year, but I'm hoping that if I practice my interviews (which I didn't prepare for last cycle), I can get a spot somewhere and I will be much more ready to start such a rigorous program. I just need advice on whether it would be completely ridiculous to not accept this seat, or that if taking an honestly needed year off would be a smart idea. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I wanted to ask the opinions of current PA students or practicing PAs as to what I should do once I graduate in May. I am a senior in college applying to PA schools this cycles and I don't know what to do during the time between applying and potentially entering school. This time period would be anywhere from 6-18 months depending on which school I go to if I get in anywhere. My options are: Move back home with my parents (suburban Massachusetts) and try to work at the community hospital that I worked at last summer and save money until I (hopefully) start PA school. Stay in my college town (urban Pennsylvania) and work here where I already have a job offer at a dermatology office and other interviews lined up. Pros of choice 1: No rent/utilities which means I can save so much more money and pay off my undergrad loans ($17K) while trying to save up for PA school Work in the same environment I worked before Support of my parents during the application/interview process In the same state as some of the schools I am applying to (Tufts, Northeastern, MGH) Being close to the beach Cons of choice 1: Less job opportunities in general in my hometown Not guaranteed the same position I had last year (it was a summer position) Lack of social life Long distance relationship with my boyfriend of 3+ years Pros of choice 2: more job opportunities and higher paying roles (clinical research jobs at major hospitals and universities) Proximity to several PA schools I am applying to (Jefferson, Drexel, Arcadia, PCOM, Salus) Several friends in the area Connection to my university resources and events Close to my boyfriend Cons of choice 2: I would be responsible for my rent, utilities, car insurance, food, misc. purchases on top of trying to save money and pay off student loans Distance from family support I don't like the area as much I would really appreciate any insight anyone has on this issue. I know that each option has different benefits and challenges. Thank you for reading please ask about any information I might have forgotten to add!
  4. So I applied to a dual degree program. They rejected me for PA but accepted me into their MPH. I think public health is interesting but I wouldn't say it's a huge passion of mine. I thought a good backup plan if I don't get into PA this cycle is to just do the MPH. Not sure how it will play out as I am still waiting on a ton of schools. It's in a great area, so I know I'll like being at that school, and the opportunities are great in the MPH program. However, I'm also concerned about being in a bucketload of debt with two master's degrees by the time I finish, but at the same time moving out of home and scrambling for a bunch of jobs and volunteer work to afford rent and living expenses seems very stressful(my other backup plan). Would it be better to pursue the master's or just work for another year or two, if worst case scenario I don't get into PA school this cycle?
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