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Found 7 results

  1. I have created a Cardiology Study Guide that exactly follows the PANCE Blueprint of Cardiology Study Disease processes, and Cardio Drugs ... I think it is a great study tool and I am glad to share it with you. Also, It's fine for you to pass it along and share it with anyone that it might help I have tried to post it with this message- unfortunately, it exceeds the attachment size limitation offered by this forum, so I'm unable to attach the document here directly, .. if you will email me, I will be happy to forward it to you. Feel free to email me at chasholloway1211@yahoo.com it's in a WORD document format, and I have reduced the size of the viewing pages ... all you need to do is adjust and increase the "Percentage" viewing size of the document in order to read the pages ... I hope that you find the information helpful. (btw, some people have emailed me and asked me if I am charging for my notes ... definitely not ... I'm just a regular PA. I wrote up some notes, and thought I would share them.)
  2. Hi Everyone. I have created a cheat sheet that I used while preparing for my PANRE. Included is a breakdown of the NCCPA Content Blueprint by main category (i.e cardiology, derm, pulmonary, etc. etc.) and individual subcategories/topics. Each subtopic is hyperlinked for a more in-depth review. You can print this cheat sheet out or download it as an interactive PDF to take notes and track your progress while you study. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. It is easy to get overwhelmed, but your exam will only cover the topics included in this checklist. Know these and you will be golden! http://smartypance.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/PANCE-AND-PANRE-CONTENT-BLUEPRINT-CHECKLIST.pdf PANCE AND PANRE BLUEPRINT CHECKLIST 2017.pdf
  3. If anyone needs a review for their personal statement send me a message.
  4. Here are the details... Ortho spine. Job is with a private practice ortho group (20 docs) about 45 minutes from major midwest city. Base salary: $74,000 Health/Dental/Vision: Eligible after 90 days. High deductible plan ($3,300), paying about $35 out of pocket per pay (individual plan) 401k & Profit Sharing: 1 year waiting period... Will match 100% up to 3%, and 50% match on the next 2% Life Insurance: $20,000 term and accidental CME: $1500 and 5 days Vacation: 2 weeks plus 8-9 major holidays (no other personal sick days were included in info packet) Malpractice with tail/Licensing/DEA: Covered by employer Bonus: The specifics on paper are confusing, but during conversation the physician made a comment that it could be about $4000 extra a year (l was sort of expecting the "bonus" to make up for the low salary, so this was definitely a shock.) They are willing to give me 2 chances to pass my certification exam and are also willing to employ me (if needed) during the 3 month period as an athletic trainer (I've been certified for 10 years) at a rate of $25 an hour... Obviously if I pass my test on the first try this wouldn't make a difference. Odds and ends: Physician takes 10+ weeks of vacation a year and it was discussed that I would end up having a lot of that time off as well without having to use vacation days. I know that there will be a lot of 50-60 hour weeks because I did an elective rotation with this physician, but physician said those hours will equal out with the extra time off and days off here and there if we've been hitting it really hard. The doc knows I have another offer at $84,000, but still came in 10g's lower. The other offer is sports medicine, but I've had several people to tell me to RUN in the other direction from that group. I was really just hoping to use the sports med offer as a negotiating tool. I'm supposed to just call the doc over the weekend if I have any questions or if I want to negotiate. Any thoughts, suggestions, ways to approach a higher salary would be appreciated. I know the value in this position would be the good relationship I've had with the doc since my rotation, plus I know they're willing to train me... But I also know I can't work for pennies. THANKS!
  5. This exam is touch screen ready with 120 questions from the official board review course. It is 100% free and makes a great review for both the PANCE and PANRE. There are in-question answers and hints which provide immediate feedback. It is great for review and studying. Take it for a spin and make sure to share if you like it. I am hoping to convert my 2 other exams to the same format, so any feedback would be great! You can take the exam online for free here: Interactive PANCE and PANRE Exam#3 Best of luck! Stephen
  6. I have put together 3 practice exams for the PANCE and PANRE that are from the UMDNJ certified review course. They are online and meant so simulate the actual PANCE or PANRE that you will be taking. They are free and 120 questions each (for a total of 360 unique questions). I am still making some grammar corrections but wanted to get them posted since many people will be taking their PANCE this month. Here is the link... I hope you get a lot out of them. http://thepalife.com/pance-panre/
  7. My application is already submitted, but I was thinking today about something I wrote and have gotten myself worried! I am currently working as a CNA in surgery services at a nearby hospital. Although my scope of practice as a CNA does not technically include things like wound care and removing staples, I am often permitted to do such tasks (after being trained). I wanted to make the point in my personal statement that I am eager to take on more responsibilities and be able to provide more care for patients, and listed a few of the things that I have been trained to do on my unit. However, I am really worried that I did not make it clear enough that everything is supervised. I don't want admissions to think that I am irresponsible because I did things that are technically outside of my scope of practice! I would really appreciate any opinions... I hope this doesn't ruin my chances for getting into school :-/
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