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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a new grad starting out in ambulatory surgery-- I'm super excited because I love being hands on in the operating room. I was just wondering if any of the Surgical PAs could give some insights about ambulatory surgery? The site I'm going to be working at has 12 surgical subspecialities (list below). From what I gathered through the interview process, I'll be able to get experience in all of them. That being said I'm worried about being prepared and knowledgeable for cases. Anyone have any tips of how to study up, or even get more comfortable once starting? I have a little over
  2. Hi guys, I hope to see if I can get any guidance about my current situation. I am a new-to-practice PA and started my job in CT surgery in February of this year. I graduated in August of last year. I am working in inpatient cardiac surgery and am currently still on orientation, but I am feeling quite overwhelmed and starting to wonder if this is not the right opportunity for me to have taken on as my first job out of school. To provide some background, the team I work on is 95% NPs, 5% PAs. The team is predominantly comprised of NPs that have had years of experience working on either the
  3. Hi everyone, Someone, somewhere on this forum said this... You can have 2 out of the 3. Dream job(speciality), dream salary and dream location. I am a new grad with an offer in derm, good salary, but the location is rural... I love derm and it’s what I’ve always wanted to go into, but I don’t think I will be happy in a rural area. I also have an offer in family med in a bigger city which I can see myself living in. I love family med as well and I believe it will make me a well-rounded provider. As a new grad, I know it is recommended to start in FM. I don’t know if I am ma
  4. I'm about 3.5 months away from graduation. Recently, an advisor from our school came to talk to our class about finding our first jobs. He recommended going on LinkedIn, looking up former grads from our program who are employed where we'd like to work, and calling them or sending them emails asking for advice on getting hired, even if we don't know them from Adam. I feel a little weird about doing this, and I want to know what the general consensus is on this one.
  5. Hello! I am a recent PA graduate, just got my certification and state licensure in the last month. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with my first child, and am looking for my first job out of PA school. My baby will be due in early February, and I'm barely showing now, to the point where it's not noticeable in most clothing. When in the interviewing/ hiring process should I mention my pregnancy? I know that it is not legal for them to ask me, nor am I obligated to disclose this. I have recently done an interview at a large county hospital, and am waiting to hear back on their decision. M
  6. Hey there, I have been working in an Urgent Care clinic for 2 months now as a PA-C. Just wanted to share my experiences getting started in the field for those interested. Check out my post below: What It's Like to Work as a New Grad PA
  7. I graduated PA school last May and 6 months ago I started "my dream job" - Ortho surgery. I was told it was going to be working 40hrs/week, half clinic half surgery, no call.. it all sounded perfect. Now this is my current reality - I am pushing 6 months at this place, love the field and a couple of coworkers. However the doc that was supposed to be a "super nice teacher" is done with me it seems like. At the current time I am working about 10-12 hours every day and scheduled to start taking calls soon. This amount of time plus the calls arrangement is not what I was told this position would
  8. hi all im a new grad about 3 months into my job at a family medicine/urgent care clinic I missed a diagnosis of cancer on a chest xray twice. we do our own in house xray imaging and if a patient is feeling SOB or has any warning signs we order and personally interpret an Xray in clinic. Monday of this week a patient came in to ask for a copy of his xray because he was now seeing a specialist for lung cancer they had caught in the ER about a month after a visit with me where I treated it as pneumonia and asked him to follow up if he saw no clinical improvement (documented this).
  9. Have moved onto my 3rd job offer a as new grad. The only downfall is no health insurance offered since it's a small privately owned newer urgent care. Maybe I can get some experience and take some time before settling into something that checks ALL the boxes? Everything is ok about it: hours, pay, closed holidays, extra flat rate for each shift beyond the 3-12's a week, CME, PTO, malpractice covered. And it's in the area of Florida we've been hoping to relocate to. I feel like it might not be that big of deal to cover my own health insurance (individual plan) for a couple-few years. Knock on w
  10. I will be starting my first job in Orthopaedics in a few weeks. I have been doing some of my own prep work these last couple of weeks, but do you have any suggestions of what should be sure to know before I start? I will be specializing in sports medicine. So far I have been reviewing anatomy, my Orthopaedic Surgery Pocketbook, some PANCE review book, and case studies.
  11. There are a few related posts for this topic, but none that really match the advice I am looking for. Please help! I'm less than 7 months into my first job as an Outpatient provider in a very specific sub-specialty. The company I work for requires manager approval for internal transfer prior to 1 year's service, and i signed a 2 year sign-on bonus requiring me to stay within the hospital system (which has many hospitals to chose from, this is not really part of the big issue) However, I am already on a level 7 of 10 pain scale of intolerability with this current position. Plain and sim
  12. I am finishing up my last four rotations and will graduate in May 2017. I will graduate from Nebraska but am moving to Maine this summer. I have no connections to anyone in Maine, so I was wondering when would be a good time to start applying for a position that I could start in August/September? I have my resume written and have explored several job opportunities online that I might consider in Maine from websites like indeed.com. Is applying for a job now too soon? If so, when should I apply?
  13. Sorry if this has been asked but I am wondering when I should start applying for my first job out of school. I will be graduating in March 2017 and plan to take my PANCE on week after school. When should I start putting out my resume? Thanks
  14. What field of medicine, and why'd you leave? Any regrets?
  15. I am a student graduating in December and have begun the job search process. Many positions are available, but I'm finding they're either very rural, temp positions, float positions, or in a subspecialty that would be a poor fit for me after school. I am really interested in family practice or a surgical subspecialty. Today I applied for a job (my first time) that said they would consider new grads, but immediately received an email that I did not have enough experience. This is disheartening and I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps my expectations are too high. Granted, I have just begun the se
  16. Hello- I am a new graduate looking for my first job. I recently interviewed at a practice comprised of both chiropractors and DOs, who treat personal injury, MVA injury, and workplace injury patients. Almost all of their pts are referred from lawyers. I felt good about the position during the interview, but after talking with my family, I am concerned that I could end up possibly being involved in a shady operation. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with this? The concern was that pts could work with a lawyer and (possibly falsely or manipulatively) claim an injury, which would be
  17. I am a new graduate who is being offered a per-diem position to conduct complete physical exams on geriatric patients at their homes to confirm existing diagnoses and report any new. Compensation is $80 per assessment, not sure if malpractice insurance is provided, they expect you to provide your own transportation with some compensation. This being my first potential job, I am very nervous about any possible risks/pitfalls? As a new graduate am I being a fool to seek a job with almost no oversight? thx for any advice and comments :)
  18. Hey all, really looking to hear if my feelings are typical for a new grad or I really am just that unprepared. New grad with first job in rural family practice. Been here for about 2 months now with pt load really picking up. SP in practice site but he is busy and really not too welcoming. I feel unprepared and sometimes not trained well enough to take care of come of the elderly patients with a million different chronic problems going on. I'm very uncomfortable and constantly worrying if I did the right thing. I look up everything I can and ask questions when I'm really doubtful but feel
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