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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to ask the opinions of current PA students or practicing PAs as to what I should do once I graduate in May. I am a senior in college applying to PA schools this cycles and I don't know what to do during the time between applying and potentially entering school. This time period would be anywhere from 6-18 months depending on which school I go to if I get in anywhere. My options are: Move back home with my parents (suburban Massachusetts) and try to work at the community hospital that I worked at last summer and save money until I (hopefully) start PA school. Stay in my college town (urban Pennsylvania) and work here where I already have a job offer at a dermatology office and other interviews lined up. Pros of choice 1: No rent/utilities which means I can save so much more money and pay off my undergrad loans ($17K) while trying to save up for PA school Work in the same environment I worked before Support of my parents during the application/interview process In the same state as some of the schools I am applying to (Tufts, Northeastern, MGH) Being close to the beach Cons of choice 1: Less job opportunities in general in my hometown Not guaranteed the same position I had last year (it was a summer position) Lack of social life Long distance relationship with my boyfriend of 3+ years Pros of choice 2: more job opportunities and higher paying roles (clinical research jobs at major hospitals and universities) Proximity to several PA schools I am applying to (Jefferson, Drexel, Arcadia, PCOM, Salus) Several friends in the area Connection to my university resources and events Close to my boyfriend Cons of choice 2: I would be responsible for my rent, utilities, car insurance, food, misc. purchases on top of trying to save money and pay off student loans Distance from family support I don't like the area as much I would really appreciate any insight anyone has on this issue. I know that each option has different benefits and challenges. Thank you for reading please ask about any information I might have forgotten to add!
  2. I am thinking about relocating to Oregon. This was a topic of another identical post but I have a few questions that were not answered there. 1. Someone wrote that the Medical Board is hostile to PAs? In a way that doesn't refer to specific persons or events, can you generally describe the hostility? 2. NPs outnumber PAs. How does this impact in pay, hiring decisions, promotional decisions, practice scope, autonomy? 3. If anyone works for the Federal government (prisons or VA), is there a better or worse or similar situation as/than those PAs working in other jobs not with Federal government. If anyone doesn't want to post, you are welcome to PM me. Thank you for the advice.
  3. I haven't seen a sticky anywhere on this topic, so please feel free to simply re-direct me if there is a thread with this information already. I am really wanting the best financial advice (or advice otherwise) you guys can offer for someone just entering the work force. It is daunting to go from exceptionally poor to making substantial money in the blink of an eye. Some topics I am hoping you can give advice about or direct me to more knowledge include: Retirement Investment (stocks, bonds, mortgages, property, etc...) Life Insurance / Disability Insurance Money Management (money markets, lifestyle, taxes, etc...) Loan Repayment (managing, re-financing, etc...) Saving Hiring people to help manage (financial advisors, etc...) Anything else you might stop right now and think "Wow, I wish I would had known more about that or I wish I would have started doing that 5-10-15 years ago" I feel like this forum has a lot of tremendous advice and this would be great for a lot of us newbies here if someone wouldn't mind filling in what they might know about any of these topics. Thanks!
  4. I walked out of the ED this morning having written my last paper chart (supposedly); our hospital goes live with EPIC today. I know a lot of folks are using this EMR in their ED's; does anyone have any tips on creating macros, smart phrases, etc? We've been told that setting up our own shortcuts like this will make things significantly more efficient; do any of you have any "must have" smart phrases that make your documentation life easier?
  5. I'm looking at pulling money out of my IRAs to fund part of PA school. Has anyone else done this? What are the downsides, aside from treating the distribution as income? Any advice? Fundamentally, I'm looking at drawing down part of my retirement, vs. paying 8.5+% on private loans...
  6. Hi, I realize when I finish PA school I will be over 90k in debt to student loans. My question(s) for those of you in my boat are: 1) What factors did you take into consideration before taking out the loans & how much was it and/or how did it fraction out? (i.e. __ per month for tuition, ___ per month housing, __/week transportation, __/month groceries, etc) and how did you estimate the costs? are there any good online calculators? 2) who did you speak to, to try and figure out your finances (if anyone)? 3) if you are currently practicing as a PA, are you able to handle the debt? able to buy a house, etc? Also, does school debt look bad on a credit report when or if you do attempt to buy a house during the process of PA school or afterwards? Basically, I want the any dirty details before I make a huge financial commitment. I want to establish a budget now and stick to it before I enter school, and I want to know how much to allot myself.
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