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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to ask the opinions of current PA students or practicing PAs as to what I should do once I graduate in May. I am a senior in college applying to PA schools this cycles and I don't know what to do during the time between applying and potentially entering school. This time period would be anywhere from 6-18 months depending on which school I go to if I get in anywhere. My options are: Move back home with my parents (suburban Massachusetts) and try to work at the community hospital that I worked at last summer and save money until I (hopefully) start PA school. Stay in my college town (urban Pennsylvania) and work here where I already have a job offer at a dermatology office and other interviews lined up. Pros of choice 1: No rent/utilities which means I can save so much more money and pay off my undergrad loans ($17K) while trying to save up for PA school Work in the same environment I worked before Support of my parents during the application/interview process In the same state as some of the schools I am applying to (Tufts, Northeastern, MGH) Being close to the beach Cons of choice 1: Less job opportunities in general in my hometown Not guaranteed the same position I had last year (it was a summer position) Lack of social life Long distance relationship with my boyfriend of 3+ years Pros of choice 2: more job opportunities and higher paying roles (clinical research jobs at major hospitals and universities) Proximity to several PA schools I am applying to (Jefferson, Drexel, Arcadia, PCOM, Salus) Several friends in the area Connection to my university resources and events Close to my boyfriend Cons of choice 2: I would be responsible for my rent, utilities, car insurance, food, misc. purchases on top of trying to save money and pay off student loans Distance from family support I don't like the area as much I would really appreciate any insight anyone has on this issue. I know that each option has different benefits and challenges. Thank you for reading please ask about any information I might have forgotten to add!
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