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Found 3 results

  1. How much is too much to spend on CME? How does your CME allowance (if you have one) influence the programs you attend, if at all? I've been wondering lately how (if) this affects the medical knowledge of some individual clinicians. For example, does anyone feel that they aren't able to learn what they need to because they don't have room in their budget for a particular CME program/course/etc? I know this will also depend heavily on the program in question (I have no particular one in mind right now). I'll easily spend close to $2k for a good conference because I know it'll be reimbursed either by my employer or come tax time if I itemize. Not to mention I'll return a more intelligent clinician than I left. However, I also try to collect as much "non-CME" (or category 2) free open-access medical education as I can throughout the year because who doesn't love a good bargain!
  2. I was wondering how long it took PAs to find jobs after graduating including the time to sign up for PANCE, get results, apply for work, and actually get their first pay check. I am trying to figure how many months off I will have before I can make payments on my student loans. Do federal student loans continue to be in deferment prior to finding work or do repayments kick in right after graduation? I won't have a job to begin payments right away so I guess I ought to take out extra loans or consider trying to save up to make up for this small period out of school and looking for work. Thank you in advance to everyone for their input!
  3. Hey everyone, So I've only been borrowing enough $$ to cover each semester but I'll be graduating this December and plan to take the PANCE at the end of January. I'm trying to come up with a list of expenses to account for after school so please feel free to share if there's anything that took you by surprise/didn't consider financially aside from cost of exams, licensing, living expenses, and maybe travel. Do any of you have a ballpark estimate of how much you decided to take out extra in loans for after you graduated? I'm hoping to start working by the end of March latest. Thanks in advance for the advice :)
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