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Found 11 results

  1. Looking for help brainstorming thoughtful questions in order to get application feedback - besides "how can I make my application stronger?". There is always room for improvement, just looking for the right questions to ask.
  2. Undergrad Ed School: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Major (GPA) // Minor (GPA) : Biology (3.58) with 2 minors in Chemistry (2.9) & Psychology (4.0) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.68 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.58 Post Bachelor GPA: N/A Age at application time : 22 1st GRE - V: 141 Q: 150 W: 3.0 // I unfortunately scheduled the GRE after taking 2 summer finals (Physics and Psychology of Individual Differences) so this score is pretty much a baseline for how I would do with minimal / no studying. 2nd GRE - V: 149 Q 161 W: 3.0 // The GRE prep I used was
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bfeXsKdTNp6R4RWsQHyedFQAwqg2kFjt1R-PD5KyZM8/edit?usp=sharing It is still a work in progress. Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I am hoping ya'll could give me some feedback as to where I stand as a PA school applicant. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but plan to 1-2 years from now (depending on the quality of my app). - currently a junior, recently switched majors from bio to healthcare studies - started research first semester of freshman year (have accumulated 2 years work so far but will hopefully have 3-4 yrs upon application to PA school) - rough time in sciences, especially ochem. current cgpa : ~3.6 and sgpa: ~3.2 . Am hopeful that sgpa will increase next year, but where do I currently stand with th
  5. Hello, I have a relatively rough draft that I was hoping someone could take a look over. I feel like I could use some help making it flow and also ordering the topics that I am writing about. Of course, any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated (seriously, if it's terrible please just shred me over it because I'll redo the whole thing if I have to) Thank you so much in advance! This forum has been a massive help with the application process. -Ethan EDIT: I don't want to post it publicly just since I've heard stories about anti-plagiarism software catching stuff from this websit
  6. Hi guys. I was hoping I could get some good critical feedback regarding my PS. I would appreciate it if you were harsh and picky with your criticism. I know it is a little long and I am planning on cutting back "fluff" and trying to get to the point I really do appreciate the help, you guys are the best and I love all the help this forum has provided. I remember the day like it was yesterday. The alarm is sounding and I am rushing through endless corridors until I reach the Emergency Department at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. This was my second year as a volunteer at the hospital
  7. Hello, I am a pre-PA student currently approaching the "finish line" with regards to the pre-requisite courses I have been needing to complete for the PA programs I dream of applying to and one day attending for 2016. I will be applying this upcoming April or a couple months after depending on the amount of hours I am able to acquire by that time, but have been wondering like so many other students, what my "odds" are in terms of not only having my application looked at, but also being offered an interview. I do have transcripts available for viewing, along with several hours of shado
  8. Exhausted, I looked up to see the 17th mile marker of the Twin Cities Marathon. I could barely place on foot in front of the other, let along pick up the pace, as I could tell I was slowing down. I rounded the corner to cross over the Missisippi River and thought "there's no way I can keep running up this hill to get over the bridge....I've got to stop". My legs felt like I had 20 pound weights on them and I began to sink my chin down into my chest. At that moment, I caught a glimpse of a picture of my dad that I had pinned to my jersey....It was then that I began to cry as I realized how
  9. I just finished my first draft. Are the ideas in my personal statement too general? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks! Feel free to message me feedback or post it on this thread, anything you can offer would be great. Here it is: I work in a psychiatric hospital. When I mention this to those outside the always locked double doors, it often conjures up the widely adopted vision of sterile, concrete hallways and shackled beds. They think of needles, caretakers reminiscent of Nurse Ratched and some kind of indefinite, twisted eternal fate reserved only for the “insane.” We hear ab
  10. If anyone can please give me some helpful feedback it would be much appreciated! My friend that just got into PA school said I should focus more on aspects of why I want to be a PA vs. just medicine in general so I may change it a little but I would love any feedback! My passion for medicine arose from one of my other greatest passions: surfing. One day while I was surfing I looked back and saw a large wave about to crash on me, as it did I felt a horrific pop in my knee. When I reached the surface I immediately noticed a deformity of my patella. I floated helplessly in e
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