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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, I’m a PA in my first year of practice at a family medicine community health center. We are backed by a large hospital system that provides great benefits and a very fair salary, located in the southwest in a relatively low cost of living area. We have an annual review coming up and I was wondering what percentage is fair to ask for a raise or if a raise is even appropriate after 1 year? AAPA salary report is not very helpful in my state, not a ton of PAs are responding so I feel like the numbers are not a great representation of the average. Salary now is just north of $95k for 8-5 5 days per week job and benefits are fantastic. There is a bonus structure but it’s vastly unattainable so I don’t factor that in. We’re also a federally qualified health center that qualifies for 2 loan repayment programs - one through the state and another through the federal government - that I am still in the process of applying for. Thanks for any insight you may have!
  2. School’s Open Robert M. Blumm, MA, PA, DFAAPA, PA-C Emeritus September is a month of new beginnings. For our Jewish colleagues and patients is the celebration of the new year; and for many of our students in the USA, a new year of development and opportunity in school. I was driving to my office on a Wednesday, the first week in September. When I arrived at my main street, I noticed students with bookbags, filled to the brim and ready for a new challenge. Schools’ opening equates to increased traffic during our commutes, more vigilance when driving and an increase in patients in our offices and clinics due to contagious diseases. What are the ramifications for PAs and NPs? We will once again need to become more aware of our patients’ presentations, we need to stock up on diagnostic supplies and become familiar with a greater set of differential diagnosis as infections due to confined spaces and travel will be on the increase. The goal for the students will be to start afresh and to try to excel in their scholastic endeavors. This represents a new opportunity to write a new page in their journey of life. For the healthcare professional, it creates the opportunity for increased conferences and learning new information and skills. What problems will we encounter and what diseases and situations will we need study in order to enhance our knowledge? We will need to recognize the many signs of influenzas and use our diagnostic tests, prescription pads and influence, so that our patients are immunized early. We should be aware of the red flag signs of meningitis, a potential deadly disease. We will be treating hundreds of sore throats, viral illnesses, strep throats, sinusitis and the common cold. It is also a time to expand our examination and to discover those who have psychiatric illnesses such as severe stress as well as those that may have drug or alcohol addiction or who may suffer from sexual abuse. We can also be on the lookout for PTSD in this age group. Yes, these students may have been the victim of a fire, flood, the results of a hurricane, mudslide, rape, and loss of a loved one through violent circumstances. What does the astute PA or NP do in order to perform as expected in this ever-evolving landscape? Here are a few suggestions from a clinician with a long track record of patient care. Stay informed on the current problems and their treatment, as well as the need to refer when indicated. A missed referral can change a prognosis for a patient and create a catastrophe for the provider. Improve your technique of asking questions for your patient history. Perform the proper diagnostic exams and labs and radiological procedures and follow-up on them personally. Start obtaining a pharmaceutical profile on your patients if you have not done this previously. Lastly, consider your exposure to litigation and your options of insurance coverage for a potential medical disaster. This can befall anyone at anytime in their career, when they least expect it. Learn to distrust employer malpractice coverage, which is made to protect them more than you as a provider. Purchase a personal liability insurance policy from your professional organization’s endorsed option as this policy will have the highest rating and exists to protect your interest today and tomorrow.
  3. I hope some of you will help me with this. Thanks already! I have recently received a job offer in rural family medicine clinic that is located 3.5 hours from home. There is a NP and a physician full time at the clinic. This will be my first job since PA school. I went to 1 interview with them and they paid for travel and hotel. I genuinely enjoyed speaking with the staff during my interview and I would be very happy to work there. When I got the phone call for the offer a couple of days ago, they only mentioned salary and he said because I will be full time I will have full benefits. Before the interview, they emailed me a benefits book that included this: Salary: $81,369.60 yearly at $39.12/hour 2016 AAPA salary for family medicine 0-1 year (In the US) 10th: $70,000 with $300 bonus ($40/hr) 25th: $78,250 with $1000 bonus ($43.01/hr) 50th: $85,000 with $5000 bonus($45.00/hr) 75th: $90,000 with $10,000 bonus ($51.00/hr) 90th: $95,111 with $15,600 bonus ($61.00/hr) 0 - 1 year for my state 10th: $25,000 with $2000 bonus 25th: $75,000 with $4000 bonus 50th: $80,000 with $5000 bonus 75th: $90,000 with $6000 bonus 90th: $93,000 with $11,000 bonus I don't know yet if I will get a bonus besides the sign-on bonus. Schedule: No weekends, no on-call, no admissions. Monday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Tuesday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Wednesday: 8am – 11:30am Thursday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Friday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Medical and dental: Coverage effective after 30 days of satisfactory employment. Basic life insurance 1x my annual base earnings up to a maximium of $500,000. Coverage is effective the first day of the month following 90 day of satisfactory employment. PTO (vacation, holidays, personal time, sick time); begin accruing PTO hours on first day of employment. ` Exempt: 0-60 months (up to 5 years) accrued rate per hr: 0.1077 maximum hours accrued annually: 224 Maximum 8 hr days accrued annually: 28 Maximum PTO hours accumulated: 848 What I was told during the interview: They will cover CME, licensure and DEA fees. They will provide relocation allowance and they will provide a sign-on bonus. I will be trained on the job. They have an on site physician and NP to help me as I see patient. I will have 30 mins per patients and at first I will have 8-10 patients per day. All new patients to the practice. On average, the the PAs there see 16-18 patients per day. Questions that I have: As a new grad, do we negotiate from the 50th % and up? Can I negotiate salary before they tell me CME, sign on bonus amount ect? How can I negotiate a better salary considering my state's salary range? The offer was via phone, do I need to accept the offer first for them to put everything they told me on paper? I will ask about malpractice insurance, yearly bonus, number of days of CME and how much, holidays off, annual raise and contract term if any. Any other questions and tips to better my counter offer email? Thank you so much.
  4. Asking for a friend -- Can anyone please comment on new grad salary for family medicine in WA state? A friend has gotten offers around 85K in rural WA. Seems pretty low. Their argument is that there is no state income tax but Nevada doesn't either and I've seen offers there that start in six figures.
  5. We are looking for a candidate that can add to a growing practice in an established office. The office is structured as a cash model practice and does not take insurance. We see patients for wellness and primary care issues. We treat the patients through bloodwork and a combination of medication/supplements. This is a great opportunity for a provider with a few years of experience that would like to have a patient base of people who care for their health and therefore are compliant in their plan of care. We also utilize a direct primary care model where the patients do not have to worry about insurance coverages. For Primary Care and Wellness services, we focus on utilizing a functional medicine approach. An ideal candidate would be someone who is willing to learn and be trained in this field of medicine. For the short term – until the provider has a full load of patients, there will be time that is required in the OR assisting the supervising physician in surgery. More will be discussed during the interview. The Physician Assistant, under the supervision of collaborating Physician, assumes multiple clinical functions involved with the care of patients, which fall under his/her scope of licensure and training. The Physician Assistant will perform detailed histories and physical exams, review patients medical records, order laboratories studies, radiological and diagnostic studies appropriate to patient's complaint, age, sex, race and physical condition. Ordering and implementation of diagnosis and development of treatment plan, prescribing medications and patient follow-ups. The Physician Assistant will need to be proficient in use of a cloud based EMR system. We look forward to speaking with you about a possible fit with our office. We are located in Southeast Houston with work hours between 8am -5pm but could be a little bit before and/or after depending on the caseload for that day. We have a great staff who is committed to the success of the provider and practice. Please send a cover letter and resume in PDF format. bijoy@restorativehwc.com
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