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Found 9 results

  1. BRAND NEW! Welch Allyn 97200-MS 3.5 V MacroView Diagnostic Set w/Li-Ion Handle # 71900 3.5v Lithium Ion Smart Power Handle with AC charger # 23820 MacroView Otoscope/Throat Illuminator w/ LED Bulb # 24400 Otoscope Specula # 11820 PanOptic Ophthalmoscope with Patient Eyecup (Corneal Viewing Lens not included) w/ LED Bulb # 05258 PanOptic Hard Case Retails for $770!!! Looking to sell for $550. Message me if you're interested, thank you!
  2. Selling medical equipment that I used only during PA school this past year. Condition is basically new. Includes: - Welch Allyn PanOptic Oto/Ophthalmoscope - BP Cuff Kit with child, small adult, adult and large adult reusable sleeves - 512 Tuning Fork - 128 Tuning Fork - Neurological Reflex Hammer PM if you are interested.
  3. Hi, everyone. I'm done with school and am looking to sell the equipment I bought since I no longer need them. I checked the ones that I lightly used to make sure they still work, and they still do. Please let message me if you're interested. Thanks! Welch Allyn Dura Shock Classic Aneroid Blood Pressure Kit (Adult and Child Cuffs) with Case (lightly used) $180 Coaxial Ophthalmoscope, MacroView Otoscope, NiCad Handle, Set Case (used twice) $550 Welch Allyn Insufflator Bulb for pneumatic Otos-copy (brand new in original packaging) $10 Tuning Fork C256 (lightly used) $5 Tuning Fork C128 (brand new in original packaging) $10 Taylor Reflex Hammer (brand new in original packaging) $5 Reflex Hammer w/Monofilament (lightly used) $5 Welch Allyn Student Value Pack: EENT Guide to Ear and Eye Exam, Disposable Otoscope Specula Sleeve, Practice Fundoscopy Eye, Rosenbaum Eye Chart (brand new in original packaging) Included for free in the set Littmann Cardiology IV, navy blue tube (lightly used) $100 Total as a set: $650 (separately $865)
  4. Any fun equipment/devices out there for a hospitalist? I have about $900 of CME funds leftover this year. I have a serviceable stethoscope I bought in April and can’t buy another one til next year (or I would spring for something fancy). I could always find some books, but I’d rather find gadgets. I have pretty wide leeway in using the funds. I can also use the money for iPhone apps, if anyone has favorites.
  5. Has anyone gone from working in the ED to an urgent care position? I would love to hear about anyone's experience with that or other perspectives. Why'd you make the switch? Slower pace? Better hours? Do you get bored? Just curious. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. My school is having us get equipment for our physical diagnosis classes coming up (and rotations later on) and I need some insight into what the best option is. We have to choose from a few different packages instead of buying stuff separately. Pack 1 has a 3.5V diagnostic otoscope and a 3.5V standard ophthalmoscope. Pack 2 has a 3.5V diagnostic set with a coaxial ophthalmoscope and a macroview otoscope. There is a huge price differential and they seem to be telling us that if we are unsure we should get the 2nd, more expensive option. I have obviously never used an otoscope or ophthalmoscope before, but I have heard that the first option is entirely sufficient. Can anyone who has experience with any of these give me some insight into the differences and which are preferred/sufficient?
  7. Like new Welch Allyn panoptic diagnostic set just finished with in PA school. Excellent, lightly used, bought new from rep on campus for $895. Offering $725. More expensive b/c of the Lithium Ion handle (not the nickel - which is, frankly, much harder to use). Will ship ASAP. Send private message. 97800-MS Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope with 3 spot sizes: micro, small and large; split aperture, red-free and cobalt blue filters; with add-on magnifying lens MacroView otoscope with Throat Illuminator (#23820) 3.5 V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Handle -Lithium-Ion (#71960) Battery and compact Wall Charger. Set of 4 permanent (non-disposable) otoscope tips. These were never used as I always had the disposable ones from clinic. Hard Storage Case.
  8. Hi i'm in a horrible situation right now and would like some advice before I go forward. I have 3 C's in general biology 1, general biology 2, and chemistry 1. I took these 3 courses during my first few semesters when I was taking general science courses and had no planned major to motivate me. I obviously was not prepared for these classes and did poorly in them. Eventually I figured out what my major was (physician assistant) and started doing MUCH better in school. The past 2 years i've had straight A's in hard classes such as anatomy and physiology, microbiology, genetics, medical terminology, biochemistry 1&2, and more... and I currently have an A in general chemistry 2. All the PA programs in my state (except for an expensive private school) require all my prerequisites to be a B or higher. The school I was planning to go to used to require 3.0 OVERALL in science but they recently changed it to B or higher in every prerequisite. So these 3 classes have come back to haunt me! I talked to the admissions office as well as an advisor (who also talked to the person in charge of transcripts). All of them told me I cannot retake any courses that I got a C in. I'm pretty sure the other school I was planning to enroll to for my bachelors also told me they do not allow students to retake C courses when I spoke to a counselor last year. So what can I do? Is this reality? If you got a C in one course your first semester you're automatically banned from becoming a physician assistant or going onto any other graduate program that requires a B or higher? I'm lost... edit: Yes i understand these 3 courses are major courses. I am a lot smarter now after taking several other courses though. If i were to retake those I guarantee I could get an A in all of them.
  9. Hi all - any advice on a good student othphalmo/otoscope? I need to buy my first before I start my didactic year in August. My program suggested spending at least $200, but didn't give much guidance beyond that. Any advice on a model that's not over-the-top but that's good enough to do the job? Thanks! Also - if anyone is selling a used o/oscope in good condition please PM me!
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