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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to start this thread early so we can share our experience! Goodluck!
  2. Hello future classmates! Just thought I’d get this going so we can get familiar and bounce ideas off each other.
  3. Hi PAs as Pre-PAs: I am fortunate enough to say that I have a choice of PA programs to choose from- Emory and Duke. I have visited both schools during the interview, and both are impressive. I’ll be moving with my husband, who will need to find a job wherever we end up, and it seems like Atlanta may have more opportunities for jobs in his field (landscape architecture). I’m thrilled but a bit stumped as to which to choose. I’d sincerely appreciate some insight from those that are familiar with the programs. What would be on your pro and con list? Thank you!
  4. Just starting a thread on the new PA program in Virginia! Anyone heard from this school regarding apps?
  5. Hello everyone! I have the LATEST Emory PANCE/PANRE board review course for sale--this version is completely cloud-based, so you can have instant access. Course materials include: -Downloadable video and audio lectures -PDFs of all lecture slides -PDF of high yield PANCE pearls Asking price: $215 (list price is $390). I also have the hard copy book of all lecture slides and pearls-I did underline and jot brief notes in the ortho and derm sections only; but the rest of the book is untouched. List price is $50 Asking price for both board review + hard copy book: $230. I spent about two weeks watching/listening to board review lectures, reviewing the slides, and answering questions from both the Lange Q&A book and the Comprehensive Review book. I felt well prepared and was very happy with my PANCE scores.
  6. Hello Everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I’m new to the PA Forum, but I desperately need some advice! I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to the dual PA/MPH (Master’s of Public Health) program at Yale and the PA program (MPH is pending) at Emory. However, I’m having a very difficult time deciding between the two so if you have any advice, have gone to either school, or have even been in this position before, I’d love to hear what you have to say! Brief summary: My goal is to be a PA, but my interests are currently in infectious disease and the prevention of such, education of underserved populations, the effects of a booming population on healthcare, and global health. I am extremely interested in working for the CDC or WHO and love international medicine. Eventually, I may get into health policy. I love travel, have lived in a sunny, dry state with lots of things to do outdoors, and enjoy smart, successful, but REAL people. Here are my impressions of the schools (please correct me if I'm mistaken!) Yale (New Haven, CT): THE GOOD • The prestigious name – it’s not everything, but it certainly gives me a sense of pride, make my family proud, and it could unlock a lot of doors for me in my future. • Yale has a “Master’s of Public Health: Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases” program that has a large laboratory component – this is exactly what I want. I love being in the lab and this is my exact interest in public health. • Medical Spanish – Yale offers its students this class as a supplemental learning experience for PAs. Awesome, as I used to be fluent in Spanish and would love to travel internationally. • Global Health Concentration – this is a great bonus and would help me expand my global experience/education. • Amenities – Yale boasts great museums and coffee shops that are sprinkled through New Haven, it’s also a plus that you can walk around the entire town in a matter of hours. • Downs Fellowship – this funds a 6 week international work/research experience over the summer. If I play my cards right, this could count for my thesis and summer practicum. • Networking – it’s Yale, correct me if I’m mistaken by assuming that I would meet some of the best and brightest people in their fields. • Clinical rotations seem limited – I don’t believe you have a say in anywhere you go and I didn’t get the impression that the school affiliations were too wide-spread. I don’t want to do all of my rotations at the same hospital. They do, however, offer an international rotation, which is super cool. THE NOT SO GOOD • Safety – I’ve heard that the area has a decent amount of crime and, being a petite female, this is a big concern on mine. • Campus – while the undergraduate campus is beautiful, the medical campus seems removed and a bit undesirable. To be fair, it was snowing the day that I went for my interview, so I probably didn’t get to see as much as I could’ve. • The atmosphere – the few people I met there (like less than 10) didn’t seem very happy to be there. In fact, I got the feeling that many of them where there for the name. That’s fine and all, but I like to have a supportive community of REAL people who are smart but also care about things other than school. • Cost – It’s about $15,000 more expensive than Emory. • Weather – I hear it’s gloomy and cold up there. I’m not sure how humid it gets though. I have lived my entire life in a sunny, dry place and NEED sunshine. • There aren’t a lot of volunteer/student involvement opportunities there (besides the Free Clinic). Emory (Atlanta, Georgia): THE GOOD: • Close proximity to the CDC – As someone who would really love to work for the CDC, the fact that the CDC Headquarters is on Emory campus is HUGE. Not only would it allow me internship and networking opportunities, but many of my public health classes would be taught by CDC employees. • Farm Worker’s Project – A two week medical trip where students and faculty bring medical care to Southern farm workers. I did a trip to Ecuador like this a few years back and loved it. So rewarding. • The enclosed campus – while the campus itself is open to the public, when you are on campus, you are ON CAMPUS. The buildings are beautiful and the area feel clean and welcoming. • The people – the people I met seemed genuinely happy to be there and were more easy-going. • Opportunities – While Emory is not in downtown Atlanta (another plus), the area boasts great clinical rotations, restaurants, and social activities. • Great hospital affiliations – this makes for great rotation opportunities. THE NOT SO GOOD: • Humidity – I’m not a fan. But it might be just as humid in Connecticut? • It’s not as widely known – Again, the name isn’t the biggest deal, but it certainly makes things easier! • No concentration in infectious disease – I would be going for Global Epidemiology, but would have to use electives (I would probably only have time for 3 or so?) that are based on infectious diseases to make my “concentration”. This is a huge negative for me. Technically, they still haven’t accepted me (although, I’m not too concerned). Yale was willing to expedite review of the public health portion of my application so that I knew whether or not I was accepted to both programs within ONE WEEK. I submitted my public health application to Emory nearly 3 months ago now (and have also known that I was accepted to the PA program for 3 months as well). The Emory lag just makes me feel a bit like they don’t care. **These are just a few of the things that I have considered. I actually looked at 77 total characteristics of each, but the schools ended up being very similar in the end. If I am wrong about ANYTHING I have said above, PLEASE let me know! These are just the impressions I have gotten and would love to hear the opinions of real students or teachers! Thank you so much for reading this all!
  7. Hello everyone! I'm currently a rising sophomore student at Emory in Atlanta and my dream job is to become a PA. Ideally, I would like to start PA school after I finish my undergrad, but I am having a hard time finding a way to obtain paid healthcare experience/hours. I would want to become a CNA or phlebotomist and work during my undergrad, but its hard to get and pay for certification for those jobs while I'm in college. So for those who got into PA school straight from undergrad, how were you able to get sufficient healthcare experience hours? Does anyone know of any short healthcare programs in the Atlanta/Decatur/Emory area that are covered by HOPE Scholarship?
  8. Hey guys! Just starting a thread for this cycle. Anyone else applying? Good luck to everyone! :}
  9. I have the newest edition Emory PANCE review course for sale. This is a great in depth review course for DVD and PDA formats. I just passed and did well thanks to this DVD. Asking 120$ OBO. PM me if interested or have questions. Thanks!
  10. Just passed the PANCE, and now looking to sell the Emory DVD and PDA review. It's the 2013-2016 Edition. It's a good in-depth review course. Asking $100 obo. Please email pmarlow83@yahoo.com if you have any questions Thanks.
  11. Hi, I'm selling the Emory PANCE/PANRE review DVD set. I used the lectures and materials on the disc to study for PANCE (I just found out I passed). Very helpful. Asking $200 or best offer - just message me if you're interested. Good luck to all those studying for PANCE/PANRE right now!
  12. Brand new, unopened, and never used. Emory University PA Program 22nd Annual Certification/Recertification Board Review Course 2013-2016 Edition. Windows PC DVD Split Screen Video. MP3 Audio for iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and Android MV4 Video. I just completed the course through my school, and I have the DVD that is still in the shrinkwrap. It also includes printable PDF notes and 2 weeks of ExamMaster FREE. This is for a Windows PC. Follows the NCCPA Blueprints. Retail is for $390. I am asking $300. Will use PayPal for transaction.
  13. I've been accepted at Emory and George Washington University. I already put a deposit down on Emory and the $1000 deposit for GWU (and decision) is due on Friday. I'm having a hard time deciding which school to choose. Both are ranked #4 by US News & World Report and are older, well-established programs. I'm running out of time to make my decision! Emory: - 29 months, starting in August - slightly cheaper tuition than GWU - all classes taught separately from med students - had a wonderful interview experience, very impressed with faculty, students, and support staff - located in Atlanta (lower cost of living) GWU: - 24 months, starting in May - have heard rumblings of problems within the program (professor fired after a semester of absenteeism) - some classes taught in conjunction with med students (but PA students given different exams) - used MMI, interview experience felt very impersonal - located in DC, a city that I know and love, also have several friends in DC - would graduate/become a PA 8 months sooner (due to program start date and shorter program length Any advice would be much appreciated. I am leaning towards Emory, based on my interview experience and information from Emory PA alumni.
  14. Emory is my first choice school and I'm willing to wait an extra year to get more experience if needed. Age at application: 25 Bachelor's in Environmental studies and Religious Studies from Guilford College: 3.83 GPA undergraduate science pre-reqs completed post-graduation: 3.5 GPA Direct patient care exp: volunteer and paid EMT-intermediate- 2500 hrs; about 200 hours shadowing a PA, and 2000 hours as a home aid with the elderly (personal care, memory loss care, ...should I even include this?) GRE: not yet taken, I don't tend to be great at standardized tests though (not terrible either) Other: mostly fluent in Spanish, vice president of Guilford Peace Society during undergrad & active w/other non-medical clubs at school. What are my chances? What could I spend a year doing to make my application "pop"? Thanks!
  15. I'm wondering if anyone knows the specific answer to this in regards to the pre-reqs for SJVC...I'm a previous applicant from Bakersfield who has been working to improve my grades for the last couple years, and I'm hoping to apply again to this program for next cycle...but I've been having difficulties getting a spot in our local CC's anatomy and physio class... I've taken one half here at our CC, and due to there only being a few sections offered, I resorted to taking the other half at another community college out of town during a summer session, just to try and get it done before the application cycle... I know some schools don't accept this without permission, but I was wondering if anyone knew if this was acceptable for the pre-req requirements at San Joaquin.. if that's the case, I'm so afraid that it will take me forever to get into the other half of the A&P here in Bakersfield...I'm having trouble trying to take the complete one year series in succession... Thanks in advance to anyone who knows anything.
  16. PM me for details! Will only take secured PayPal, have pics on request! Using only these materials I scored in the 600s, well above passing the PANCE. Will ship all the following for $215: (Will not sell individually!) CME Resources Binder (Includes 2 tests/explanations) - from January 2012 Stony Brook PANRE/PANCE review binder - from 2011 Drexel University PANCE/PANRE review binder - from 2010 Also, will ship the following for $100: Emory Certification/Recertification 2011-2014 Edition (Mac DVD/MP3/iPad/iPhone edition)
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