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Found 5 results

  1. Hi gang, I'm hoping you all can help me. I have been working with a solo practice physician for 3 years now. We make an excellent team and he is very easy to work for. Regardless, I feel like I am being shorted financially and I am trying to work with him to improve my compensation/benefits package. Here is what I get now: $109,000 base salary, includes stipend to buy own health insurance policy bonuses - basically quarterly, generally always $1,000 pre-tax, amorphously tied to my production/performance 2 Fridays off per month + 4 weeks of PTO (vacation, sick, and CME leave) CME allowa
  2. Hello! I found this forum and I think it is a wonderful help. I have been working on my narrative and have had several people review it but I could use the suggestions of someone who does not know me. Thank you! I am 34 years old, I have a good job and a wonderful family. Many people might wonder why I would decide to go back to school at this time in my life. The answer is simple. There is a need for health care providers in my area and I can help fill it. I work with patients on a daily basis as a certified ophthalmic technician (COT) who share with me the frustrations that they have whe
  3. My first clinical rotation is in the ED and I'm looking for decent books for both reference during clinicals and to brush-up on my knowledge prior to starting. Suggestions?
  4. Hello, I am currently an ortho PA and I'm considering switching specialties. I did run across a job in rehabilitation medicine. Does anyone know what is PAs role in rehab medicine? thanks
  5. Hi, so I'm new to the forum and I am really interested in becoming a PA. I know that Trauma PAs and ER PAs are different but I am interested in the "duties" of the ER PA. Is it true that the ER PA will see the more minor cases while the Physician will run the code or stabilize the trauma pt? I have many doctors and nurses in my family and they all give me different answers. I understand that the duties vary but in general what are the primary duties? Personal examples are good too! Basically, I don't want to become an ER PA if it means I will be treating the lacerations and stuff, I would r
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