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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I have been a practicing PA for 3 year in the same job. I am considering a new position, specifically an APP fellowship in Oncology. I have always wanted to transition to oncology but with the current job market, I have found this to be difficult at present. I have applied but go unanswered, even with 3 years of experience. I have made some adjustments on my resume and was wondering if anyone was willing to look it over and make critiques. Is anyone willing to share their own resumes? If so, reply with your email and I would love to be in touch. Thanks!
  2. If you’re willing to look over my PS and give me some feedback, I would appreciate it so much!!!
  3. Hi! I finished a draft of my personal statement and would be very appreciative if someone could critique it.
  4. I am looking to submit by tonight and would appreciate the help. I would prefer if you are a PA, work at the pa school, admissions, or something of this sort but all help is definitely welcome. Please PM me if you can provide some assistance cMore
  5. I spent the day writing my personal statement. I feel like it's not complete but I'm well over the 5000 character mark. It's around 7000, I believe. If anyone would like to see it and possibly critique it/make edits, I'll appreciate any advice. I could have talked more about other things, like taking care of my grandfather for three years after his heart surgery and all, but this seemed more relevant towards approaching healthcare as a team. I've been looking at it too long, though. A fresh pair of eyes would help, thanks. PA personal statement.docx
  6. Help! This is my second time applying and due to family stuff I am applying later than I wanted to. If anyone is willing to edit my personal statement I would greatly appreciate it. Sending good vibes, Tegest :)
  7. I would be willing to exchange statements for editing/critiquing or would like to send mine to someone open to helping me!
  8. First Rounds (FR) — news written by students, for students — is seeking a motivated PA student to serve as the Assistant Editor for 2017-2018. The Assistant Editor position is a 2-year commitment; the student will then become Editor when his/her predecessor graduates. The duties of the Assistant Editor include, but are not limited to: Collaborate with AAPA editorial director and FR editor to develop quarterly themes. Respond to inquires and revise article submissions. Assemble the final selection of articles, photos, and photo release documentation. Edit and prepare a minimum of one article e
  9. I've been getting a fair amount of questions lately. Just to clarify: YES. I will help you with your personal statement. No need to ask! No I wasn't an english major, and nor have I been on an ad comm or anything (hopefully I will be one day in the future). I am simply a PA-S with UNTHSC class of 2018 (woot!), and I have no problem reaching out to PA hopefuls and future colleagues. Plus I'm a total nerd and don't mind doing this type of thing. Please note: I will give honest criticism. It may come across as harsh or brutal, but my intention is not to insult anyone. I will reply fairly
  10. It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child, but the same is true in the case of providing quality patient care and rehabilitation. Although any one person is capable of providing exceptional care to a patient, I have seen patient outcomes to be drastically improved when the healthcare providers work cohesively as a team. From patient care technicians to nurses to physician assistants, each and every person that participates in a person’s medical care serves a vital role that is complemented by the others they are working alongside. This model of collaborative medicine is somethi
  11. First time applying, submitting my application soon... Wish me luck! Don't be gentle, tear it to shreds. Life can be summed into a succession of moments that shape us into the type of person we are today. Some people would have you believe that only the momentous, earth-shattering experiences shape who we are and how we view the world, but I disagree. I believe we are molded more by the strength it takes to face seemingly trivial daily troubles, and the unwavering empathy and support we provide for those in need. The latter is something I have seen from numerous physician assistants, and i
  12. While I put on my isolation gown, I wondered why the Pediatric Department requested me to volunteer a few additional hours for them. My two assigned departments included the Pediatric Diabetes Center and the Emergency Department so this was unusual. A nurse directed me to a patient’s room that seemed to be occupied by a small six-month-old baby girl. “Here is your patient for today. She is a 2-year-old abused and undernourished little girl. She cannot talk yet or stand up on her own. Just keep her company.” I was astounded that a 2-year-old was this small and fragile. As I g
  13. Any and all help will be rewarded with 1000 virutal hugs :) I am a 1st time applicant, so I admittedly have no idea what I'm doing! I know I need to "trim some fat" but I wanted to gauge if I was onto something good, or if I need to make major adjustments. Also, do I have to state anywhere that the names I've used have been changed for HIPAA compliance? THANKS MAJORLY DUDES! ------------ On his better days, Mr. Hughes was one of my favorite patients. He was a middle aged man with a booming voice – I could usually hear him from the elevator before he stepped foot into the office. We
  14. Most third degree burns end in skin grafts, but not my grandfather’s. I spent the entire summer prior to entering college performing skin debridements, cleaning wounds, changing bandages, applying creams, and making sure all medications were taken. I had successfully helped heal my diabetic grandfather in, what the UW-Madison Burn Center doctor said was, “one of the best and fastest recoveries they had ever seen.” Through the blood, gore, and tears, I sadly watched my grandfather suffer, but in the end, it was all worth it—for both of us. The huge rush of relief, reward, and the humbling fe
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