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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I'm planning on taking a 3 month EMT course this summer. I am already looking into different jobs that EMTs are capable of applying for just in case there are no EMT job opportunities near me when I am finished with the program. I had no idea how many different healthcare jobs people with an EMT certification could do. My question is this: which healthcare profession would look better on my PA application? 1. EMT 2. Patient Care Tech (there are awesome PCT jobs in different hospitals in oncology, etc. that I personally seem more interested in), 3. ER tech 4. Medical Assistant (Some clinics allow some EMT certification to work as a MA) I have read that a job in the hospital can be better because of the interactions with MDs, DOs, PAs, etc but I also know that some schools hold an EMT to a higher standard sometimes. Thanks in advance! :)
  2. My original plan was/is to get an EMT certification this summer term and try to hop on with a hospital as an ER/ED Tech afterwards. I figured that'd be the ideal way to not only rack up the hours of HCE, but also be surrounded by loads of docs and PAs that I could potentially shadow and get letters of recommendation from. I also thought it'd be best since at the moment I prefer the idea of working in emergency medicine when I'm a PA. However, I've recently noticed that a dermatology medical surgical assistant position has become available at a local dermatology group near me with no prior experience or credentials required. The job listing claims they'll train you on the job. Should I continue with my original plan to get CPR + EMT certified and hop on with a hospital, or should I try my luck at that derm position?
  3. So I noticed that there is an ED Tech position available at a rural hospital about an hour away from where I currently live. I've also noticed that it's a position they've been unable to fill for quite some time, as the job posting has consistently expired and been reposted for the last two months or more. I assume they don't have anyone willing to take it since it's a 7PM-7AM graveyard shift. However, this position would be perfect for someone like me with no certifications. My original plan was to do a summer long EMT program after this spring semester of classes is over and to work for a year as an ER/ED Tech in a hospital somewhere so I could gain useful experience on top of building relationships with doctors and possibly a PA that could write a letter of recommendation for me, as well as a source of shadowing hours. Even though I won't be done with classes for another two months, should I email or reach out to this rural hospital and express my interest in this position that seems to have been recycle and unfilled for several weeks now? I wouldn't be able to accept it until I'm done with classes in early May due to the distance and scheduling conflict. I just didn't know if it would be worth it to inquire if they'd be willing to wait and hire me in two months time. I'd be someone who would be there for two years so they'd be getting someone that would stick around for a while since it'll be until April 2018 until I apply, and even later until I hear back on an acceptance/rejection from the schools I apply to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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