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Found 9 results

  1. Does any of you regret completing PA school rather than med school? I am on the PA route for the general reasons people choose it over med school: length of education, intensity, less liability..etc. However, I feel that when taking into consideration the period of an entire lifetime, the extra two years of med school and three years residency is less daunting. PA appears to be a wonderful profession, but after a while does it get to you to not be ultimately in charge? I just wanted to hear some thoughts. I know this will vary greatly between people and it is clearly an individual decision. I am a RN and on the route to a PA. I have a young child at home so PA school seems a bit more feasible, although I still understand quite challenging! Thanks for any input :-)
  2. Good Evening All, I have been contemplating this for some time. LECOM has developed a 3 yr PA-->DO program. The pass rates and scores have been above the national average and the matches look pretty good. I am getting out of the Army soon. Ive been in for 8 yrs (only part as a PA) and will be 29-30 at the time of matriculation. The question: I am eligible for 36 months of Post-911 GI bill that will cover about 80-90% of the cost of school plus living expense (about 1300$ monthly) as well as books. This is a veteran right and requires no additional service. My loans after school would be roughly 25K or less (dependent on savings). I have no debt now. I might be eligible for a grant that would cover the rest and essentially get a free doctorate. I never worked in the civilian world as a PA and have been 99% autonomous since day 1 out of school. I deployed within a couple months of arriving to my first PA assignment. I was in a role 1 hours away from the nearest provider. I have only worked an odd mixture of primary care with emergency medicine. Hard to explain this odd niche we fill. Fellow Army PAs can attest. Will I be un-happy as a PA in the civ world? If you were in my shoes, what would you do? I have all the pre-req for the school and got a 4.0 in PA school. I was a human bio major with all the med-school pre-reqs. All I would have to do is submit a packet to the medical school and hopefully get accepted. No MCAT, no classes. The only specialities I would be interested in is E-Med, Anesthesiology or possibly internal medicine with the possibility to do a fellowship later on in critical care or infectious disease. These seem to be a mid-competitive specialty and should be pretty easy to match to. It seems like as a PA working E-Med, you will be doing the same work for a 1/3rd the pay and always having someone trying to critique your work. Also, I wouldnt mind working in academia when Im older and participating in case studies and research with some of the techniques, drugs and procedures I have seen and done by working alongside dozens of different NATO nations. I feel as a PA, my ideas may just get snuffed out. What kind of salary and benefits could one expect with 6yrs experience? Looking for E-Med, Traum Surg, Neruosurg. What will my scope of practice and daily hours look like? If PAs work significant less hours of work, I would be okay with the pay difference. Im assuming most work 40-50 alongside the docs. Thank you all for your time. I appreciate all responses. I enjoy what I do now and absolutely love medicine. I just dont want to roll around to 40 years old and look back at all those years and wished I would have just sucked it up for 3 years.
  3. I recently helped to open a start up wellness clinic. I am the Medical Director of this new location, but not the entire franchise. An online magazine came and did a very brief interview with all of the staff. It was poorly written, and I'm fairly sure I did not say the quote they attributed to me. Besides that, my biggest concern is that they called me Doctor Lucas. I never introduced myself as such and neither did any of my staff. Do I need to reach out to the magazine and have them correct/redact? Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Looking jobs and came across this company. It appears they are based out of Atlanta and growing pretty quickly, but otherwise don't know much else. It appears that they use the provider in triage model for their PAs, but cannot see if that is something they use at all their sites. I don't mind rotating through that at times along with everyone else, but every day would just be a soul killer. Anyone have any first had experience with working as an EM PA for them that they would like to share?
  5. Saw this advertisement in the NYC subway and immediately went to the Apple App Store to get more details on this app (search pager on the App Store, do not believe it is available on android). Also can be viewed from their website. https://pager.com Visits from a physician or nurse (does not mention PAs) to provide medical care, covered by most insurances (per App Store description). Very interesting to see if this healthcare delivery model becomes more popular in high density population areas. Less urgent care and fast track visits?
  6. I've said before that insurance companies need much better education about PAs. Yesterday I had a conversation with a major insurer after they removed my listing from their directory. First they point out that they have removed all PA listings, but have left the NP listings. The reason? Because PAs are not providers. They assist providers. NPs are providers. They consider PT, Massage Therapist as providers too. Their directory is called the "Provider Directory." I've been fighting with these people for three years. This is a nationwide decision. I'm exhausted with these battles and will not take this one on. There needs to be someone bigger than me to educate them. We will soon see NPs paid at 100% of MD rate and PAs paid at 85%. This will greatly de-incentize hiring of PAs over NPs. I find these things very frustrating. It hurts my practice. It hurts patients who can not find me and needs my care. It makes us get paid less because when we bill them, it is harder for them to find me to pay me. I often get this overwhelming feeling that no one really gives a damn about how we are perceived. And also, greetings from Istanbul.
  7. Just wondered what anyone thinks about working in pain management. These positions open up frequently but I am leary as to joining a practice like this. I am in Houston and I just saw one paying $85-$95 per hour. Any words of wisdom on this specialty?
  8. I am the VP of my class so naturally I am going to the AAPA conference this year in Toronto. Does anyone have suggestions on which days are the best for us to go to. I know the website had a list of student related dates, but we will not be participating in the bowl challenge and I'm trying to budget out the trip for the other classmates of mine that are going. The fewer days we go the cheaper, but I also don't wanna miss anything, so I just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations, I have never been to an AAPA conference. Thanks
  9. Hi there everyone. I am from the Philippines and I want to become a physician assistant. Actually I have already a medical degree. I am already a doctor here in my country practicing for almost 4 years. I did the step 1 of MLE and passed it. (score not so high though). I was supposed to take the remaining steps but the first time I applied for visa as tourist, I got denied. Now I saw this Physician assistant thing and I thought that's just easy to apply. Do I still have to enroll? Is there a tuition fee? How much is the tuition fee? What are my advantages since I am already a doctor. Do I still have to go over it again? Please enlighten me because I wanna know how to become one ( for an international student/ doctor like me). Thanks so much
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