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Found 2 results

  1. I am a former Physician Assistant Student who was most recently dismissed in May 2020. This was due as a result of my unsuccessful completion in my Pharmacology II course which was 79.07% with a failed remediation exam. The downfall of my academic success started in March shortly after the announcement that all classes would be transitioned to online over Zoom. As for the entire year I had my struggles as a PA student but never to the extent that I had endured being at home in NJ with a multitude of distractions. Having been diagnosed with both Aspergers and ADHD only made my student life ten times harder being at home and not having the appropriate accomodations. I struggled heavily with studying and test-taking as I would no longer be able to utilize my single dorm room due to COVID restrictions at the university. On top of this, I was only days away from starting my clinical year with the 53 other students in my cohort (7 students in total dismissed since the start of the didactic year). Right now I have done two appeals regarding the academic dismissal. I truly feel that the program I was attending had done multiple wrong things to me during the graduate program. It is humiliating and disrespectful to me as a student for the things that they have done. Such things are unfair grading, ADA violations, FERPA violations and even HIPPA violations. This past month I reached out to the appropriate staff member on campus outside of the PA program to make a formal complaint as my complaints were never addressed in my previous appeals from the PA faculty. The corruption of the PA faculty members at my program leaves me disgusted as these very people were my role models. What is the possibility of Reinstatement into my PA program? What consequences should be made for the offending professors? What should my future approach be to my career as a future medical professional? Any information would be helpful to me.
  2. Hi there, I was recently dismissed from my PA program due to failing a course. I know that it is hard, but not impossible to get into another PA program. I just wanted to know if there is anyone on this forum who was personally dismissed from a PA program, reapplied, and successfully got into another program. If so, what did you do to make yourself a stronger applicant, and did you specifically mention the dismissal in your personal statement, or just in CASPA? Oh, Please don't mention trying another career in medicine. I know it's a big red flag once dismissed, but I am aware that acceptance into another PA school does indeed happen. Thank you in advance.
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