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Found 3 results

  1. To PA's, professionals hiring PA's, and PA students: I am a mom of a high school senior, and would appreciate input on the pros and cons of 4 direct entry programs. Our daughter has done her interviews, received her acceptances, and narrowed down her interests to Rochester Institute of Technology, King's College, Duquesne, and Le Moyne (in no particular order). We would really appreciate any insight, based on your experience, as to where she will be best prepared academically and professionally.
  2. Hello, I am a currently a PA student graduating in August and sitting for my boards in September, based out of FL. No prior military experience and history as a licensed Florida EMT-B, ED tech, and over 1000 clinical hours as of now and GPA of 3.4. I am currently applying to the Navy for direct commission (DC) withing 6 months of graduation from school and was wondering if anyone has done DC to the navy (and if so what helped you be a good candidate), life as a navy PA-C, what to expect, specialties I can expect to be able to work in, and just any general info. I have a good recruiter but you never know and I hear a lot of good and bad.
  3. Hi all, I recently graduated with my Bachelor's in Biology last December 2017. PA was not always my only focus, so there are 4 pre-reqs for me to complete before applying (A&P being 2 of them). Upon researching programs, I've come across several dual degree programs but was wondering if they actually consider applicants that already have a degree? Anyone have experience with any of these programs or just any knowledge in general? My thought process is that the time/money I would spend taking pre-reqs/boosting my application for a traditional MS program could just be spent in one of these 5 year programs...or maybe that wouldn't be the best idea? I work as a Physical Therapy Tech, so I've been attaining some PCH. My cum GPA is 3.2, while my sGPA is just over a 3.0, so I know those stats aren't the greatest. I scored a 312 on my GRE but will be trying again to boost my score. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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