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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great week. I've been a dietitian now for almost 7 years (times FLIES!), however, I've been thinking about perusing PA ever since I was in my dietetic internship. I went even as far as shadowing the top PA at the local hospital during my dietetic internship. The PA plan kind of got pushed to the side due to life, getting full time dietitian jobs, advancing in my career and etc. The PA route has ALWAYS been on the back of my mind, and now more than ever. I am the main dietitian in the neurosurgical ICU at my hospital, and cover several ICU's. It is apparent how much medicine interests me and how I yearn to be able to do more clinically and for the patient. I work directly with PA's, MD's, nurses, therapists, etc. Does any know if this counts as direct patient care? Additionally, I review labs, provide tube feeding and diet/vitamins recommendations, create nutrition diagnoses, educate patients and families, and etc. Also, I am 30 years old, and likely have to retake some science courses, as they are now >10 years old. Need some encouragement that I am NOT too old to do this! Thanks in advanced! Ali
  2. Hello! Are there any RD's out there that decided to become physician assistants. If so, can you please tell me about your transition and how you gained shadowing hours and HCE hours? thank you!
  3. Hi, I have about 6mo left in a coordinated MS program in dietetics, but the more I work in clinical around other medical professions, the more I doubt my chosen field. I love patient interaction and educating patients and I am passionate about nutrition and healing, but I want to do more than DM management, heart healthy diet educations, and tube feeds. My school trained me in in-depth physical assessment skills and I feel I can't use them as a dietitian. I feel restricted in what I can do for patients when it's in my nature to go above and beyond to help. If anyone switched from being an RD to a PA, what made you switch? Do you feel like it was worth it? Thank you!! Erin
  4. I am currently in college, and I am considering studying to become a Registered Dietitian. However, my NUMBER ONE goal is to become a PA. Becoming an RD wouldn't be a short path--I'd graduate with the degree, complete an 8-month internship, and THEN begin paid work. If I continue to pursue this path and then work for a year or two as an RD, will this count as health care experience or will I just be wasting my time? Thanks!
  5. Hi all - I'm currently a dietitian at a nursing home - does anyone know if that will count as health care experience when applying? Have lots of direct patient contact, so hoping it will. I know I can call up and ask each program, just seeing if anyone has any information. Thanks! Best of luck to all :) Ali
  6. Hi everyone. I am a soon-to-be dietitian who is serious about applying to PA school in the near future. Although I have not shadowed a bariatric facility, I am, and have been for quite some time extremely interested in this field. Studying nutrition in undergrad, I have a strong background in obesity, weight loss, and the pathophysiological processes that coincide. I was wondering if any current PA's have any information on the PA's role in the bariatric facility/surgical unit. Also, if anyone knows of any shadowing opportunities in the NYC Metro area, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Ali
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