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Found 4 results

  1. Just started doing the prerequisites, so there's no rush. Open to any number of hours with a goal of 50. Open to bribery. Maximum budget is the equivalent of 10 toblerones.
  2. Hello! My name is Piper and I am looking to find a physician assistant to shadow in the Grand Rapids Area or near Detroit. I would be so grateful! I am a senior at GVSU and just applied to PA schools.
  3. I am writing to see if anyone on the forum has any information on the legality of opening a specialty practice as an independent contractor. I am interested in starting a hangover clinic in a metro area... cash only, home/hotel visits, IV's, B12, thiamine, etc... on the sidelines. I currently work ER. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi all! I need some help. I'm in my last year of undergrad finishing my bachelors with a psychology with applied behavior analysis major, human sexuality minor, and women and gender studies minor. I have a heavy social science background as you can see. I recently realized that I would like to change my career option and become a PA. I'm very limited though, it's my last semester and I only have 16 credits left which is just what I could use to complete pre-req's at the University of Detroit Mercy for their program which are: Nutrition Medical Ethics Microbiology Physiology Developmental Psychology Statistics I have developmental psychology down and statistics, so all I would need is 12 credits to complete these pre-reqs. I could honestly take these classes this summer, but some of them are online. I also have to take the GRE, but my GPA is a 3.85 and I do see it going up to a 3.9 at the end of this semester. I am also in the process of looking for direct care hours at a hospital. My questions are: 1. Even without a hard science background would I still stand a chance? 2. I am a Michigan resident and this school is only about 20 minutes away which is great for me, but I am only applying to this program since others have a lot more pre-reqs and I don't have time, should I just let this idea go or just try? 3. Would taking classes online be seen as bad? (Such as physio, microbiology, and medical ethics) 3. Help?!?!?! I need some insight, please be honest with me. The reason for the sudden career change is the fact that while being a mental health provider was my ultimate goal, I also need to make a living to live a comfortable life. School for psychology is expensive, long, and very research oriented. I think being a PA is pretty similar to my goal and would be very rewarding as well. Thanks for your time, I appreciate any help at all. If you're currently in the program I would love to hear from your application process and degree experience. Please do email me at mtran4@emich.edu.
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