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Found 5 results

  1. There was a hiccup with one of my transcripts and unfortunately, I caught it too late and my CASPA wasn't completed until October 13. I had already paid for my schools and had everything completed, so my chances of getting into my schools with deadlines in September and October were shot. I have maybe 3 more schools left with November, December, and January deadlines, and I am freaking out because besides submitting supplementals, I haven't heard back from anyone yet besides one school who's deadline I had passed. Also, if in the unfortunate event that I have to reapply the next cycle, does anyone know if I have to start from scratch on CASPA and get new LORs?
  2. Hello, I am about to graduate in the spring with a B.S. in Biology. I have a 3.8 GPA, research experience, 20 hours PA shadowing, volunteer/ECs however no health care experience and I haven't take the GRE. I am scheduled for a CNA training course and I can be done by June, but so many people say apply early, and I definitely can see the benefit in this. On the current track that I am on though, I would just start acquiring HCE by the time I should have my CASPA submitted... at the same time self-studying for the GRE and taking it at some point (likely July)... would August/September be "too late"?? I don't want to waste all of this money to apply to 10 programs if by the time CASPA is submitted I look like a weak applicant (low HCE and possibly low GRE because of lack of time to study). However I feel conflicted because I know by the time I would matriculate (if I am even accepted the first time) I will have a whole year of HCE. I feel somewhat rushed but I'm having a hard time distinguishing if this is the "nerves" that come with first-time applicants or if I'm really running out of time to get everything completed by a reasonable date. ALSO, one of the most annoying problems of all - my bachelors degree took the typical 4 years to complete; HOWEVER, I took college classes during high school (for example, psychology, sociology, english 101, calculus)... I took some my junior and senior year of high school, which makes those classes 6 years old already... And since I am taking a gap year that would make these classes 7 years old, if I waited another year to feel less rushed it'd be 8 and my top school (Toledo) requires prereqs within 7 years of matriculating. So the expiration date on my prereqs are also a factor in why I want to apply this cycle. I would very much appreciate any feedback.
  3. I heard it takes a long time to put this application together, so I went on CASPA to get a head start for next cycle. I plan on applying May 2014. My question is, are we only aloud to start on our application when the cycle opens? On CASPA it said the current application is for 2013. Thanks!
  4. cblack31

    GRE requirements

    My earliest CASPA deadline does not require the GRE, while other programs that I am interested in with later deadlines do. Am I allowed to submit my application to this first school, then take the GRE's for the programs that require them, and then submit those additional applications? The extra preparation time would be very useful. Thanks
  5. I know it can take up to 4 weeks but I have been waiting for an online university's transcript to show up on CASPA. I didn't expect it to take three weeks for a transcript to be mailed because all my others have been there since the beginning of July. I am getting nervous because some of the deadlines are September 1st for the programs I'm applying to and I was hoping someone knew how long it's been taking CASPA to finish processing after they receive everything.
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