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Found 1 result

  1. Hello ya'll! I recently decided to become a PA. As I am getting informed about all that is required to be a PA; any extra help is appreciated. Knowledge is power! I know that CASPA is the main application manager but I am little confused on how the application cycle works for PA schools. Little background about me: Currently abroad doing an internship(research) at a Hospital. Coming back to the states August 2017 to resume my last year of undergrad. Graduating May 2018. Currently (3.2GPA - 3.0sGPA) GRE (Pending) Shadowing hours(Pending) What I know: I need to have a decent GPA/sGPA. I need to have shadowing hours. (Expected to start on them when I go back to the states) Suggestion on how many? 3 LOR'S. Good Resume & Personal Statement. What I don't know: - So let's say I graduate May 2018. When are applications due? When do interviews and school start? Mostly likely I will be a year without school - but that's the price I get for studying abroad; which I don't regret :) Can someone explain the cycle please? - I am not familiar of how to get direct patient care hours; if I am still a full-time student? - As stated above I graduate May 2018. I don't think I can turn in application October 2017 since, I won't even have my shadowing hours done nor taken the GRE. What are your suggestions on this scenario? Again, I would deeply appreciate your thoughts/comments/suggestions on this case. Thank you for your time y'all!
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