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Found 5 results

  1. Starting a post for the 2018-2019 cycle for Cal Baptist University's PA program! Good luck everyone!
  2. What's up guys! I'm confused as to which cycle I should be applying to for CASPA. But before that, here's a little background info on me Cumulative GPA: 3.9 Cumulative sGPA: 3.7 Volunteer Hours: 300 hours PT Technician: 800 hours Research Assistant: 300 hours I'm going to be a 3rd year in undergrad once Fall rolls around of 2018, and I'm hoping to attend PA school in the Fall of 2020. Any thoughts on which cycle I should be applying for?
  3. I'm kind of curious, pertaining my circumstances, which cycle I will be able to apply into. I will graduate in spring 2019. I have prerequisites for PA school that I will be completing my graduating semester. With that being said, I am confused on whether or not I will be able to apply for the 2019 cycle for classes that in the fall, or if I fall into the 2020 cycle. Could someone make it clearer for me, because I feel like I'm confusing myself on something that is quite simple. Thanks
  4. Hey everyone, I'm going into my last year at as a Cell & Developmental Biology major. I recently found out that I'm going to be able to graduate three months early, in March, so I'm thinking about applying in June/July of 2017. I decided last year to make the switch from pre-med to pre-PA, and I'm enjoying this journey so much more than the pre-med route. So far my GPA is a 3.52 and I have 300 hours so far, but will be around ~1500+ by the end of July 2017 if I work full-time as an EMT from March to June. I'm EMT certified and I currently volunteer as an MA. I have a couple of C's from second year orgo but my third year GPA (with a full sequence of biochemistry, genetics, lab research, etc) was a 3.67. I'm taking six courses this summer (2 bio, 2 psych, 1 soc, 1 english) and I've scored straight A's in three classes so far. I currently volunteer 20 hours/week as a MA at a nonprofit neighbourhood clinic (they trained me to do basically everything back office except for billing, so I regularly take vitals, patient intakes, and procedures like EKGs and glucose/hemoglobin/A1C tests.) I'm also a certified EMT and currently volunteering at first aid tents through the county public health department. I'm able to patch patients up and document the care delivered (under RN supervision, of course.) I'm planning to take anatomy & physio with the lab summer session at CC from 5/22-8/13, and/or Fall from 8/22 to 12/10, so I'd have to submit those courses as in-progress. I'm taking the GRE in a few months, and shadowing a PA in family practice a few hours a week. The benefit of waiting another cycle would be that I could accrue more hours, go at a slower pace, spend time with family/friends, and take time to travel. The benefit of applying early would be graduating and working earlier, so that I can stop financially burdening my parents (I'm the eldest, so I feel especially responsible in this regard). I'd really appreciate any insight that you guys could give. I'm looking at prospective schools to apply to out of state, and it's a little overwhelming - I'm not sure what schools I would be a good fit for with my numbers and volunteer experience. If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you all in advance :)
  5. If so, is there something you need to do in order to get them to save the application? I would really rather forgo the headaches of securing all those transcripts and LORs again.
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