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Found 8 results

  1. Why do some schools require you to upload a CV/Resume even though CASPA has an Experiences section? What is the difference? Should different info be included?
  2. Is there any specific wording for including the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination on my resume/CV before I sit for the exam in January 2022? I couldn't find anything specific online but found a couple of blog posts that recommended phrasing as: "NCCPA Board Eligible" Put "anticipated" before your examination date if you are registered for the exam but have not taken it yet Put "pending" before your examination date if you have taken the exam and are awaiting results On my current CV, I have: NCCPA Board Eligible (Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination) Anticipated January 2022 Any guidance or advice on this topic is appreciated! I would hate to word incorrectly and have it hurt my job search. Thank you!
  3. Hi Everyone, I have been a practicing PA for 3 year in the same job. I am considering a new position, specifically an APP fellowship in Oncology. I have always wanted to transition to oncology but with the current job market, I have found this to be difficult at present. I have applied but go unanswered, even with 3 years of experience. I have made some adjustments on my resume and was wondering if anyone was willing to look it over and make critiques. Is anyone willing to share their own resumes? If so, reply with your email and I would love to be in touch. Thanks!
  4. solomojo


    Is it better to use either a CV/Resume or is either fine? Does anyone have any information on what a good CV would look like?
  5. daydreamy

    CV vs. Resume?

    Hello All! For those who are applying to programs that require a CV/resume (i.e. Drexel), have you already completed your CV/resume? Are we allowed to choose if we submit a CV or a resume, or do they require a CV? Thank you! :)
  6. I am starting to put together my resume so I can be prepared to start the job search well before graduation day. However, if I start applying to jobs prior to graduation, what do I list as my 'title' after my name? Do I list 'physician assistant' or 'physician assistant student'? The first seems disingenuous (given that I haven't yet graduated), but then listing my title as 'student' in big bold letters seems like a recipe for getting ignored... given that I am not listing PA-C (certified) is it appropriate to use the title 'PA' without the 'certified' qualifier? Thanks for the insight.
  7. Looking for opinions on how you handle certain job application issues... For a little background, I am an experienced PA - worked in my first job for 2.5 years and am currently in my second job for 1.5 years so far. Both are highly specialized - first was pediatric interventional cardiology (i.e. cath lab/EP) and second is pediatric cardiac ICU. I am on the job hunt as my husband and I would like to move back to Philadelphia (location of job#1), and I miss being in a procedural environment. Ok, now onto my questions: 1. When applying to a position, do you typically use a resume or CV? I realize in the physician world it is exclusively CVs but I'm not sure if that translates to the APP world as sometimes I've dealt with nurse recruiters. I don't have much in the way of research, but I did present a poster at a conference, and I worked as a lab assistant before PA school so while my name isn't published on any of that research, I can include the papers in which I helped in the lab/gathering data. 2. In the past, I have always kept positions in chronological order since each subsequent position has been more relevant than the last; however now I am in the situation where I am applying to a position where job #1 is more relevant. Would you still keep it chronological or put the more relevant info first? (I suppose your answer to question 1 might influence this one.) 3. I am applying to a job in a state where I previously held a license but it is no longer active. Do I put my inactive license info on my resume/CV? Do I renew it now, not knowing if I'll get the job just to show I am serious about it? Or do I leave it off completely and just list my current, out-of-state license? 4. This one is a little more specific... When I worked in interventional cardiology (job #1), our hospital was building and interventional radiology program. Adult IR physicians from a neighboring hospital were contracted to come and do cases, utilizing our lab and our staff. While I was not credentialed to work with these physicians, I got a lot of exposure to the field through helping with coordination of cases, helping the physicians with the fluoro equipment, suggested supplies they could utilize during cases, helping with the ultrasound machine, etc. After helping with these sorts of activities for several months, I was told by a new director of APPs that this was not something I should legally be doing, even though I was not involved directly with patient care, so I stopped. About 6 months later, I left for job #2. Now, I am applying for a peds IR job and would like to put this exposure on my resume/CV - should I? Was this director being overly cautious or will it look bad that I am referencing experience in a field in which I was not credentialed? Any and all advice or experience would be greatly appreciated! :]
  8. Hey all, I've been working in the medical field (first as a mental health worker at SEPH for a year, and two years interning prior, then in an emergency room/crisis intervention as a tech for two years) for quite some time, and I have intentions to apply to PA school when CASPA opens up in spring of next year. I have a bachelors in Psychology earned in 2015, and the following are some basic credentials: -3.67 Cumulative Undergrad GPA, Dean's List from Sophomore Year onward -Medical Terminology - A, A&P1 - A, currently taking A&P2, Micro and Biochem but expect to have A's in all 3. -Approximately 3,080 hours PCE (rough estimate) -Experience shadowing a PA in both primary care and emergency care settings -2 letters of recommendation, one from an MD and one from a PA, waiting until I'm finished my sciences to ask a professor for a third to reinforce my academic skill So, not the highest degree of applicant a lot of schools see, but I'm relatively confident in a lot of my abilities. However, I'm just experiencing that pre-application anxiety and wanted to post here to see if anyone had any advice, any thoughts on my experience and likelihood at admission, any recommendations on how to bolster my application? Any and all criticism is appreciated. It's still a while away, but I've wanted to be in the medical field my whole life and want to be as prepared as possible! Regards, Lucien
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