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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am currently in my 3rd year of a 5-year BS/MS physician assistant program. I am doing well in my classes (3.882 GPA) and have completed all of my patient care and shadowing hours required to move on to the professional phase of the program. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago I received a disorderly conduct violation (not a misdemeanor, not a felony, just a summary offense). I had a lapse in judgement and was under the influence of marijuana when a friend was pulled over in his car. The officer said that he would let me off with a summary offense for disorderly conduct instead of something worse, and wrote on the ticket that I was creating "a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose". The ticket does not mention anything about marijuana or what specifically I was doing. I know that this does have the possibility of showing up on my criminal record. I am wondering what the impact of something like this would have on my chances of getting through rotations and getting licensed. I was told that a criminal background check may show my charge (disorderly conduct summary offense) but wouldn't show what I did to get charged. If that is the case and I was asked to explain my charge, how would the board or an employer actually know if I was telling the truth about what I did to receive my ticket? Looking for any advice/help! Thanks!
  2. I was arrested a little over a year ago for DUI, but the charges have since been reduced to Reckless Driving after drawn out court proceedings due to insufficient evidence and a field sobriety test that was conducted outside the lawful parameters in place by the NHTSA. In the time since the initial incident, I've come to the part of my applications where I am asked to 'explain' the misdemeanor charge, but having trouble expressing my thoughts and wondering if I'm going about it in an appropriate manner. Do I use this opportunity to discuss what I've learned about myself and the steps I've taken to account for my actions in becoming a more responsible individual? Or is this section of the application simply a function to explain the nature of my arrest. I've done some searching through the forums, but haven't been successful in finding anything exactly helpful to my situation. Any input on how to better navigate this particular part of my application would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Good evening everyone, I have a major concern applying to PA School regarding my criminal record, with the last offense 08/2009 of DUI. This is one among others- all misdemeanors. My record does no justice to the person I really am or the person I have potential to become. I have made immature and adolescent mistakes that I am not proud of. I have been in medicine since the age of 17 first as a Hospital Corpsman and currently as a MA at 28. I am very passionate about medicine and truly want to advance in the field. Having been free from alcohol (the root of my record) for over a year and the birth of my beautiful baby girl my entire attitude and outlook on life has changed completely. I have never had greater demand or desire to provide more substantially for my family and I. Plus I am finally eligible and have applied to my first PA School. Any advice, suggestions, knowledge of, or personal experience in a similar situation is most welcomed and will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all who have read thru and God bless.
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