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Found 7 results

  1. I have written a blog post that may be of use to you. It describes, in detail, the steps I took to get credentialed/ready to work after graduating from PA school. Steps to Take After Graduating from PA School
  2. I started my practice in an ED at a level one trauma center and was informally trained in bedside ultrasound on the job. Over my 3.5 years with the group, PAs were brought into the same rigorous training standards as the EM residents with the goal of securing credentialing for all PAs. I ultimately completed the requisite exams and was technically credentialed at that point. I left that position shortly after and began working with another area organization in EM. Bedside ultrasound is culturally used less as the average practitioner with my current group has less experience, however many
  3. Hello everyone, I am going through the onboarding process for the first time after finishing residency and I had a question about how procedure credentialing / privileges works. I will be working in EM. They gave me several pages of procedures / privileges I could apply for and next to it I had to put how many times I had performed that procedure. They then came back to me and said they couldn't give me privileges for the procedures that I hadn't performed before, like "paracentesis on a child" (yes they got as specific as dividing most procedures into adults vs child vs neonate). So
  4. As the title says, I'm in the process of credentialing for a locums gig, and one of the forms asks for my personal medical history including past surgeries, illnesses, medications and current medications. This is in addition to being asked to check a box attesting that I do not have any illness or disability that would prevent me from doing the job and in addition to getting my personal doctor to sign a form attesting to the same. This certainly seems pretty invasive, and I'm not sure if I'm going to answer it on principal. I don't have anything in my medical record or any medical problems
  5. I just heard from my new employer - a large hospital corporation - that HR thinks that it will take up to 90 days for me to be added to insurance payors after my credentialing paperwork is sent to them. I figured that as a new PA there would be fewer issues as far as the insurance was concerned because there are no disputes or claims, etc, against me. Also, the workplace does not accept Medicaid patients. How long does it take? Or how long did it take for you? I am concerned about being without a job over the holidays. I expected to start in November, but the doctor went on vacati
  6. So I will start by saying I have not been sued and having nothing in the works. I was talking to some MA's about having to do things that cover your butt so you don't get sued. Or if you do get sued you win for doing the right thing. So my question if people are willing to answer. Does getting sued whether you did everything right or maybe a little wrong really ruin your PA career? I have seen in every credentialing packet the question on litigation, I can say NO so I don't know what happens if you have to say YES. I am not talking about crazy malicious stuff that you get sued
  7. Recently accepted a per diem position in Northeast area and was provided an application for "Allied Health" credentialing. There is a requirement for a $250 fee; I will speak to the department to see if this can be waived or negotiated. I have had more than a dozen jobs (in medicine and non-medical and never had to pay a fee to work anywhere (other than Union). Did a quick search of this forum did not see any previous posts regarding this. Comments appreciated.
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