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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everyone, I am putting together my application for the upcoming cycle. I am at the part where I am inputting my transcript and can't figure out how to classify some courses taken as part of my Health Sciences major which kind of 'umbrellas' subjects under health care. The course in question is: Marketing in Healthcare. My dilemma is classifying this under either: Health Science Marketing Health Science Administration Please help
  2. Has anyone had any interview experience with schools asking applicants questions from subjects they took most recently to that date? Almost like a quiz or comprehension of the recent course? Wondering because I feel like I wouldn't be able to recall any academic material under that much pressure. TIA!
  3. I am looking for study partner for preparing for Pance if any one is interested please reply , we can either do over the phone or on Skype for couple of hrs a day or if your in Houston we can meet up in a library .
  4. Hi, Who typically covers the cost of the malpractice insurance for a PT temp-to-hire or contract position for a Physician Assistant? Is it the facility or is it the PA? I have worked with both scenarios, but not sure which is more common. Thanks! Nan
  5. Hello!! I am torn on whether or not to list my wonderful MPH research experience on CASPA. CASPA clearly states that research done for credit should not be listed... so I am instructed not to list it. However, the grading system that is used for my thesis is S/US, which capsa doesn't recognize as for credit. Oh, bother. I think this question is really about what kind of research has been done outside of the auspices of academics, which this does not fall into. Any thoughts? Many thank yous in advance, and forgive if this question is more straightforward that I perceive it to be! D
  6. Sorry if this question has been answered 1,000 times, I'm not having much luck with search. But- just to be clear we do have to manually enter every single course we've taken- correct? - Also, should I submit my CASPA even with courses like biochem & genetics pending? Most of my deadlines are 9/1. Although I now realize, I'm probably screwed waiting this long anyways.. Argh. thanks!
  7. Hello! I have a question about entering coursework into CASPA. I have taken courses that include lab in the class but do not state it in the name. EX: General Biology 101 (4 cr.)... this class included lecture and lab. My question is, would just enter it just like that or should I put the lab as a separate course (even though it was one class)? Also, if I put the lab course as a separate course how many credits do I put? THANKS
  8. Hello everyone, New to the forum. What an asset! I'm reducing clutter and including two unrelated questions into one post. Anyone have experience with counting high school coursework? 1) AP Credit - Where to put it? Count it? My college granted me credit for AP coursework which opted me out of some general requirements. For example I took Accelerated General Chem in one semester because of an AP Chem 5, but many schools require 2 semesters of general chemistry. So I would include this AP course under my undergrad college? The transcript would be from where? I took a Project
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