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Found 3 results

  1. I am looking to submit by tonight and would appreciate the help. I would prefer if you are a PA, work at the pa school, admissions, or something of this sort but all help is definitely welcome. Please PM me if you can provide some assistance cMore
  2. Hey Everyone, I was hoping for some different perspectives or opinions on a job offer. I am currently in my didactic year of PA school and have received an offer from the US Public Health Service Commisioned Corps (or more accurately, from the Federal Bureau of Prisons) to participate in the SR COSTEP Program. Briefly, the program involves being commissioned as an officer in the USPHS Commissioned Corps during the last 12 months of PA school in return for a 24 month commitment to my sponsoring agency (the BOP). In school, I would recieve all the benefits of being a commissioned officer (pay and bennies equal to an O-1 in the military branches). This year would also count as accrued time towards promotion and retirement. (More details here http://www.usphs.gov/student/ ) Upon graduation, I would be promoted to an O-2 and report for duty at my selected station. (I would have previously spoken to wardens and made a short-list of preferred sites). After two years of service, my obligation would be up, but I could choose to stay with the BOP or transfer to another agency within the USPHS system. For those of you who don't know, the USPHS CC also responds to disasters and public health needs, both foreign and domestic, as well as serving high-need communities such as Indian reservations and prisons. (more details here http://www.usphs.gov/aboutus/questions.aspx#whatis ) So, what do you think? How does a first job in corrections sound? I have read threads about working in corrections, but how about in the context of the rest of the offer? Feel free to compare to civilian new-grad jobs, other military opportunities, or other civil service. Thanks!
  3. After graduating this May with a B.S. in Biology, I am going to get my CNA certification to gain health care experience before applying for PA school. I am wondering how this will work during the application process... I graduate May 10th, if I can find a class to be certified by June, then hopefully find a job relatively quickly, I will just be starting to gain hours by the time I will be starting my application. I understand the advantages of submitting early, but after you submit are you allowed to update at all? This will be my first time applying and the process kind of confuses me but by November or so I (hopefully) will have much more HCE than in July/August when I hope to have my application in, and I would like to be able to account for those hours also. Thanks for any feedback!
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